Is One Rehab Clinic Better at Beating Addiction than the Others?

Is One Rehab Clinic Better at Beating Addiction than the Others?


Finding a good rehab clinic in order to overcome drug and alcohol addiction is less critical than you think.  Rather, the important thing is that you just go to a rehab facility, and not so much that you find just the right place.  In fact, there is no right place, and they are all pretty much going to give you an equal shot at recovery.  The reason for this is because the deciding factor in determining your success in early recovery is all about willingness and surrender.  In other words, your desire to stay clean and sober is about a thousand times more important than where you decide to go to treatment.

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Now don’t get me wrong….I am not suggesting that rehab clinics are altogether useless in achieving sobriety.  What I am saying is that they are all pretty much equal, even though they will claim to be different and offer unique advantages.  This is simply not the case, and I would even argue that it matters very little if you go to an expensive rehab that charges over $2,000 per day, versus going to a mission type place that is set up for homeless people.  Going to one or the other is not going to make or break your recovery.  If you are truly ready to get clean and sober, then either place will produce the same results.

Why is this the case?  Because there is no magic bullet; no secret shortcut to sobriety.  There is no way to pay extra money to a special rehab and have it somehow make it easier for you to stay clean and sober. There is no added luxury that can help improve your chances of avoiding a relapse.  The best rehabs in the world are not necessarily the ones that cost the most. The best rehabs in the world are the ones that inspire clients to take action.  This is really, really hard to do.  Do you yell at the clients like they are at boot camp?  Do you force them to study the bible and instill them with discipline?  Do you pamper them with a dedicated chef that will create custom meals for them?  What is the magic path of success?

Note that yelling at some addicts like they are at boot camp might work for some, but certainly will not work for all. So even if you think you have a magic solution, chances are good that it only works for a very small population.

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