Helpful Resources Regarding Low Cost Drug Rehab

Helpful Resources Regarding Low Cost Drug Rehab

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Is there really such a thing as low cost drug rehab?  Actually there is, though in the end, someone is always paying for quality treatment from addiction or alcoholism.  Let’s take a closer look at this issue, and also point out some ideas for people who may not have any money or insurance who need to get some help in overcoming addiction.

First of all, there are some treatment centers out there that are basically set up for homeless people who have nothing. One example of this is a long term treatment program that is actually set up as subsidized housing, but can take in homeless people and then later on put them to work, taking a cut of their paycheck as rent.  If people cannot work, they might still be able to live there, and simply end up being supported by others.  Another example might be shelters that have some of the basics in terms of substance abuse treatment on hand, though in most places the economics of such situations will not make this possible.  In other words, finding free drug rehab or free alcoholism treatment is not going to be a piece of cake in every city and town in America.

Second of all, many people who do not even realize it may qualify for special funding to go to treatment. For example, most people who have Medicaid can get into a rehab somewhere.  Most who have Medicare can do the same thing, though their options might be a bit more limited (seems to usually require a hospital based rehab facility, rather than a freestanding rehab).

Depending on where you live and what your exact economic situation is, you may qualify for a special grant through state funding for treatment.  This will of course vary from state to state and in different countries, but help is available like this in many places.  So even if you have no money, no insurance, and no Medicaid, you still might be able to get some help, simply by asking and inquiring.

And that is the whole key right there: you have to ask.  Get on the phone and get out some pencil and paper and be prepared to do some legwork.  If you are serious about getting help and you are persistent in exploring your options, almost anyone can qualify for some form of funding.  Ultimately, someone will help you to get the professional treatment services you need if you are sincere and persistent enough.

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How can you go about doing this?  Get out the phone book and call the closest drug rehab.  Call them up and be nice and talk with them, ask them what your options are, and when you run out of possible solutions, ask them to point you in a new direction.  “Are there other treatment centers that may have different funding options for me?  Can you direct me towards those?”

“Are there other ways to get into rehab through special types of funding?  How do I apply for this special funding?  What do I have to do in order to qualify?”

And so on.  If you are polite while being persistent you will likely find a solution by using this strategy.  Understand that you may not be able to walk into rehab the same day, and you might have to be on a waiting list or jump through some hoops.  Be grateful for the opportunity to do so.  Anyone can walk into rehab and pay cash, right now.  If you do not have that luxury, then be patient enough to find a solution that works for you in your situation.

Good luck!

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