State Funded Drug Rehab

State Funded Drug Rehab


What does it take to find a state funded drug rehab?  Your best bet if you are in the United States (or anywhere for that matter) is to get out your local phone book and get on the phone and start calling up local drug rehab centers.

You should be asking them at least the following few questions:

1) Do you know of any other local drug rehabs or alcohol treatment centers in this area or in surrounding areas?  Do you have their phone number handy?  This will allow you to lengthen your list of calls to make and allow you to get more information and more options eventually.

2) Do you have a state funding agency number that I could call in order to get funded for your drug rehab?  What do I have to do in order to secure funding for treatment there?  What are my other payment options based on my insurance, Medicaid or Medicare status, and so on?

3) What are my options for getting into your treatment center if I cannot secure State funding?  What are my alternatives?

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If you call up all of the local rehabs in your area and also make sure to pick their brains to pick up other rehab centers that are around then you should be able to quickly learn what it is going to take to get you into rehab.

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Now obviously this will vary quite a bit from state to state.  In some states they may have plenty of funding available, whereas in other places they may not have any, or what they had might have been all used up by now.

Another variable is that some funding agencies cannot fund you due to special circumstances.  Most cannot if you have some type of insurance or make a certain amount of money each year.  It also may depend on whether you need detox or not, or if you are just looking for inpatient care, or may just counseling, and so on.

Another thing they may look at is how many times you have already been funded for rehab in the past.  Sometimes they will put their foot down and say “no more,” basically.  Other times they will have plenty available and let you use more funding anyway.

So the bottom line is that you need to get on the phone and do your research.  Call the rehabs up and ask lots of questions. If you are persistent then hopefully you can get the help that you need.

Many people have some preconceived notions about rehab that are not necessarily true.  For example, they think that:

* Everyone is entitled to free drug or alcohol rehabilitation, regardless of whether or not they have insurance.

* Everyone who is in need of rehabilitation should be able to walk into any treatment center and check in immediately.

I work at a drug rehab center and I hear these two ideas over and over again.  The problem is that neither of them are true.  What this means for you is that you need to get a clear understanding about both of them right now, and use that baseline of knowledge to help you get into a facility.

Treatment is not free; it is actually quite expensive.

Walk-ins to rehab are not the norm, in fact, most schedule people well in advance and still have a constant influx of new clients.

Keep both of these facts in mind when you are calling up treatment centers and trying to secure funding.  Be realistic and keep your emotions in check.  The people at the treatment centers do want to help you.   Work with them as best you can and they will help you to find a path that will change your life.

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