Rehab Centers in Georgia

Rehab Centers in Georgia

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There are many rehab centers in Georgia and if you want to change your life and start living healthy and without addiction then you should look into them.  It really does not make a huge difference where you choose to go because all of the rehab centers will have the same basic principles to help you with.  Most rehab centers are based on the 12 step program and those that are not are still abstinence based programs that teach you how to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

If you are like the average person then you probably believe that some treatment centers are better than others and that certain rehab facilities probably produce a higher rate of success than others.  In reality this is not really true, at least not to the extent that people believe it is.  In fact, you would probably think that people who lived in a long term treatment center would have a higher rate of success than those who only went to a much shorter residential rehab, but even this can be very misleading.  When you look at success rates across the board, a very small percentage stay clean and sober for any considerable length of time, and it does not seem to matter much where they went to rehab or for how long.

Most rehab centers are 12 step based and teach a program based on complete abstinence from all mood and mind altering drugs.  If you follow their suggestions then you have the same basic chance at success as those people who are at other rehab centers.  So what is the determining factor when it comes to those who stay sober and those who relapse?  The difference is in the passion with which people embrace recovery.

Passion is measured in action.  If you take massive action every day in getting involved with recovery and with living a new life without drugs and alcohol, then you have a strong passion for recovery and you will do well.  If you do not take massive action every day, but perhaps only take some small suggestions and do not really follow through with them in a consistent manner, then  you will not get the same results as what other people are getting and you will probably end up using drugs again.

The key is not in which program you follow or even in what suggestions you take and try to implement in your life.  The key is in how passionately you follow those suggestions and how much positive action you take every day.

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