Michigan Rehab Centers

Michigan Rehab Centers

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There are several different Michigan rehab centers but one of them that can offer detox, residential, and long term treatment is the Jim Gilmore Jr. Community Healing Center.  There they have a number of resources that can help you in different ways with a drug or alcohol problem.

Now in reality you could go to virtually any treatment center but I would challenge you to investigate this one because they have a solid program that has helped many people over the years.  So many people who are seeking treatment do not realize what is really required to stay clean and sober and that is massive action.

It is massive action that will help you to stay sober after you leave rehab and unless you get serious about your recovery and make strides every day to do something positive you will probably end up relapsing.  That is what you will learn at a decent rehab center and they will try to instill in you the importance of taking daily action.  That is why most rehab centers will encourage daily meeting attendance at 12 step programs.  The magic is not in the meetings themselves or even in the 12 step philosophy, but more in the fact that you are taking positive action every single day.  If you just leave rehab and go home and sit on your couch all day then you can not expect to get good results in your recovery.

The success rates at most rehab centers are not great and the reason is because most people do not follow through with the suggestions.  They are told that they should attend 90 meetings in 90 days and not use drugs or drink in between those meetings.  Probably less than 5 percent of the people who leave treatment will actually follow through with that suggestion, so what kind of results can we really expect?  It is hard work to stay clean and sober and most people are looking for an easier, softer way.  Well regardless of what treatment program you choose or where you go to rehab, there is going to be a lot of hard work in your future if you are going to achieve long term sobriety.  In fact, the program you choose to follow matters very little.  What matters is the passion and enthusiasm with which you follow it.  This is the real secret of success in recovery and this should be the core message of any treatment facility.

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