Michigan Drug Treatment

Michigan Drug Treatment

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If you are struggling with chemical addiction then you might need Michigan drug treatment at a treatment center or a drug rehab.  There are treatment centers located everywhere but one of the main points I want to make to you today is this:

Your choice of treatment center is irrelevant.

Nobody really believes that at first, especially if they have never been through the process of getting clean in recovery.  Everyone thinks that there must be a magic formula for getting clean.  Or they believe that there are probably certain rehab programs out there that are more effective than others.  Maybe if they paid enough money then they would get really high quality rehab and this would insure that they stay clean and sober.

These beliefs–these notions, are all false.

It is a bit like choosing a hospital.  Sure there are slight variations out there but basically you are going to get the same level of care most anywhere you go.  Drug treatment in Michigan or anywhere else is really no different.  You are going to be dealing with the same basic setup for rehab.

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What is critical for success in drug rehab is not so much the program that you select or the treatment model that you are following.  Believe it or not, those are minor details.  Those are small points that do not really sway a person from being clean to relapsing.  What really makes or break the success in recovery is the passion and conviction with which the addict pursues their recovery.  What really determines whether or not a person stays clean and sober depends on the amount of desperation with which they cling to a recovery solution.  The solution itself does not matter.  It is irrelevant.  Anything will work.

Think about this for a moment.  Is addiction really that hard to solve?  No it is not.  I am an addict and I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for years.  Finally I made a decision to ask for help and I surrendered and I sort of gave up the struggle.  The struggle to control my drug use and my drinking.  I let it all go and agreed to go to rehab.

Now at that point it did not matter much which rehab or what treatment program or any of the details. I did go to a rehab and their program was abstinence based.  Meaning that the idea was that you stay clean and sober and start a new life in recovery.  Any abstinence based program would have worked just fine.  There is no great secret in this stuff.  Get the addict dried out and show them a new way to live that does not involve drugs and alcohol.  Really that is all that is required.  If you can follow basic directions then you can stay clean.  But of course, you have to want it.  You have to cling to recovery like it is your dying hope…..

With that said, there is one excellent treatment center that I can recommend first hand in Michigan, and that is the Gilmore CHC.  You can contact them at (269) 382-9820.  Good luck.

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