Drug Rehab Florida

Drug Rehab Florida


If you are looking for drug rehab Florida then you are in the right place.  There are actually over a hundred drug rehabs in Florida to choose from and many of them are quite luxurious.  Now I am not talking about luxury in the form of having a personal chef while you are there, but simply a good solid program with comfortable surroundings and a professional staff.

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There is a balance that needs to be achieved when dealing with drug rehab…..on the one hand, you want to keep the clients comfortable, and on the other hand, you want to actually help them to make some real changes in their lives.

And that is the crux of the matter right there: many times, making big changes is uncomfortable.

One such drug rehab in Florida that has struck a good balance between comfort and change is the Florida Center for Recovery. They are extremely welcoming and professional when dealing with new clients, but at the same time, they have a specific program of recovery outlined that is designed to get real results.  They are a 12 step based facility and this is in line with other leading treatment centers around the world.

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It is usually good to go with a treatment center that is 12 step based, even if you do not particularly subscribe to the 12 step philosophy.  One reason for this is because of all the added support that you can get from your peers that you connect with through the meetings.  It is not so much about the steps themselves as it is about the connections that you make with others in recovery.  Most drug rehabs that use a 12 step model have people come in from the outside to put on 12 step meetings, and these can be very powerful tools for anyone who is taking their first steps towards recovery.

There is also group therapy at a drug rehab such as the Florida Center for Recovery, as well as one-on-one counseling with an addictions therapist.  These 2 things can be a powerful supplement to 12 step meetings, in that they can both allow you to work on individual issues that you might have in relation to your drug or alcohol problem.  Our disease of addiction did not exist in a vacuum and we all have issues that surround us in our quest for sobriety.  Having group therapy sessions are a great way to talk about these core issues and get them out on the surface.  In other cases, we might have private issues that are not suitable for group therapy, and we can use our therapist to work through those problems specifically.

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