Drug Rehab Centers in Florida

Drug Rehab Centers in Florida


Anyone who is serious about getting clean and sober, but who has failed several times in the past, should consider drug rehab centers in Florida.  In particular, I would suggest taking a good look at long term treatment in particular.

One in particular that I know is reputable is called Unity Rehab.  They are genuinely trying to help addicts and alcoholics to recover so if you are curious as to which one you might investigate, that is not a bad starting place.

My theory is that there are several different levels of treatment for addiction that can all be classified as a different level of intervention. For example, someone might want to stop using drugs so they might go see a therapist once a week for an hour.  This is not a very intense level of intervention in their life or in their daily habits and probably will not have a great deal of impact on them.

On the other hand, say someone makes the commitment to start attending a 12 step meeting every single day for 90 days straight.  This is another step up the ladder in the intervention system.  It is more intensive than the 1 hour of therapy per week and will probably result in better results for most addicts.

Now you could go a step further and have an addict or an alcoholic check into a residential treatment center. The typical length of stay at these lately is less than 28 days…usually it is more like 2 weeks or so.  Again, this is more intense, and the addict will be checked into rehab for the entire 2 weeks and attending groups almost continuously.

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Finally, you could take the intervention to the maximum level and check into long term drug treatment.  This is where you go live in rehab for a period of several months or even a year or two.  Most people who are not really ready to surrender to the disease of addiction will not even consider this as an option, because it seems so extreme to them.  As an addict spirals further out of control, however, this option starts to sound more and more realistic.  Long term rehab starts to look pretty decent when you are knocking on death’s door from abusing yourself so badly with chemicals.

Notice that you can always incorporate previous levels of treatment with whatever path you choose.  Say you do end up in long term rehab.  There is no reason why you cannot also attend therapy every week, or do daily meetings, or whatever.  In fact, as you move up through these different levels of treatment, chances are that they will incorporate previous levels naturally.

The point is, if  you have tried to get clean and sober in the past, but continue to relapse and use drugs and alcohol, then you should consider going up a level next time.  Make a commitment.  Make a decision.  Go one step further and really commit to change this time.  For some people, that will mean agreeing to give long term treatment a chance.

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