4 Reasons to Consider Going to Local Addiction Clinics

4 Reasons to Consider Going to Local Addiction Clinics


Can addiction clinics help a struggling addict to turn their life around?  How do they go about doing so?  What are the success rates like?

First of all, there are a couple different kinds of drug rehab clinics.  You have your standard 28 day programs that are usually started out with detox in a medical area, and then followed up with lots of groups, therapy, meetings, and so on.  This is a traditional addiction rehab clinic and it is what most people are referring to when they talk about rehab.

A second kind of clinic though would be a methadone clinic.  These are places where heroin or opiate addicts would go in order to receive a replacement drug.  Instead of using their drug of choice, they are given Methadone instead and use it on a daily basis.  There are strong opinions out there both for and against Methadone maintenance, but it has certainly helped some addicts to recover.  On the other hand, it has definitely hurt some addict’s chances as well, and even caused lethal overdoses.  So this type of clinic can be highly controversial.  There are a few new medications out now that are not as powerful as methadone but still do the same basic thing, such as Suboxone.  This pill can keep an opiate addict from relapsing and it also contains an opiate blocker within the pill that lowers the overall abuse potential of the drug.  Still, it is expensive, and most people see it as being a “less than ideal” solution for drug addiction.

If you are not sure what you need in order to get clean and sober, then I would recommend that you start your search by calling up local drug rehabs and asking some questions.  This will quickly lead you in a positive direction in most cases.  A local drug rehab clinic makes sense because:

1) They want your business, and will do whatever they can to help fund you for treatment or help you to get funding.

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2) They are close and easy to get to.

3) They are close and thus make family involvement easier.

4) They are close to home and thus make aftercare more accessible.

So if you are on the edge about what to do about a drug or alcohol problem, start with the local rehab centers and call them up and ask them what needs to happen for you to get help.  This will start your process of recovery and have you well on your way to turning your life around.

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