How to Afford Rehab without Paying Cash for it

How to Afford Rehab without Paying Cash for it


Many people who are struggling to get clean and sober want to know how to afford rehab.  There are a couple of ideas here that might help you out if you are in this situation.

People who are asking this question generally do not have health insurance.  But some people who do have insurance are in such a position that they do not have the cash necessary to cover a huge copay.  Not everyone has a large copay for their insurance but some people do and I have seen them turn away from rehab before because they could not cover it.  So even with insurance, some people are short on cash.

Now of course you can pay cash to go to any treatment center in the world but most addicts do not have piles of extra money laying around.  Rehab is expensive and so are drugs.  Not a good combination.  Many addicts are flat out broke and are just scraping by every day to try and get high again.

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Perhaps the best way to afford rehab is to have the government pay for it. This can happen in the form of Medicaid if you have that level of coverage, and you can definitely find a treatment center that accepts Medicaid if you look around.  This is really one of the ideal situations so if you think you might qualify for Medicaid but you just have not applied yet, then you should do so now because it is actually one of the better ways to afford treatment.

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Now in addition to the federal government paying for rehab, you might be able to get the state you are living in to pay for your treatment as well. This will of course depend on the state or country you live in, and also on whether or not they are handing out money in this fashion.  For many years, the state I live in (Michigan) has had money set aside every year to send addicts and alcoholics to rehab who did not have insurance, Medicaid, or another way to pay for it.  This was grant money and it accounted for quite a bit of the business to treatment centers.  Now recently, a lot of that money has dried up and it is not clear yet if they will continue to provide this service in the future or if there will be funding to do so.  As such, it might just pay to call local treatment centers and ask around.  See what is available and what your options are.

There are some rehabs that are set up for homeless people and are completely free.  You might call around and inquire to see if there are any such rehabs in your area.

The key is to make a decision that you are going to stop at nothing until you get clean and sober.  If you truly surrender and are dedicated to recovery, then no cost is too great in terms of getting clean.  You will save millions of dollars over a lifetime and so you should do whatever it takes to afford treatment.  No cost is too great because the reward is nearly infinite.

Be persistent, call around and find a way to make it work!

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