Getting Back In The Workforce- Can You Build A Career After You...

Getting Back In The Workforce- Can You Build A Career After You Get Sober?


If thereís one thing I always tell those who are recovering from alcohol addiction, it is that sobriety is all about freedom and new opportunities. Although you decided to seek help because you’ve hit rock bottom and then sunk even further, remember that you have the strength and power to stand up and rebuild your life. As it happened in my case, once you settle in your newfound sobriety, you will be able to greatly improve your own situation. And what better place to start than by focusing your attention on your career.

Itís Perfectly OK to Change your Career Path

The volatile markets, economic crisis, and financial insecurity are three of the factors that determine job placement. Truth be told, unless you inherit millions of dollars from an eccentric aunt or uncle, thereís no other way to get the cash to pay the bills and afford a decent lifestyle. However accurate this may be for our current troubled times, you donít have to get a job just to make money.

Instead, you should focus your efforts on finding a job that brings you satisfaction. As I see it, a career should be viewed as progress through life. Some of the people I met in my support groups were lucky enough to have a career they were satisfied with. Because fulfillment in this case is a key component, I urge recovering alcoholics who are not content with their current profession to try something else.

Before I decided to follow the straight and narrow path, I used to work as a financial analyst. Although the profession itself implies resistance to high levels of stress, things took a turn for the worst in 2008 when the economic crisis hit the US and European markets pretty hard. My stress levels were through the roof and instead of gratification, I felt I wasn’t rewarded for my efforts. Itís no wonder I ended up addicted.

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As you can see, the job that could have been considered suitable in the midst of addiction may not be as wonderful when you are sober. Once you dedicate yourself to recovery, you will come to realize that you might need more than employment.

Building a Career in Sobriety

I must confess that the career path Iím currently considering revolves around one of my hobbies: woodworking. The more I think about it, the more I realize that from the smell of timber and lacquer to the satisfaction of building something with my own two hands and the sweat of my brow, I actually enjoy every aspect of working with wood. Building a career once you feel comfortable in your newfound sobriety means taking the time to identify what you want to achieve in this life.

In the event youíre considering changing your career, then please make sure that youíre ready for it. This is not a decision you should rush into and should be completely avoided during early recovery. Irrespective of whether you decide to start fresh or find something in your previous line of work, make sure you have various coping strategies ready to handle the additional stress.

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