The Advantage of Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

The Advantage of Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers


Dual diagnosis treatment centers are specially equipped to handle addicts and alcoholics who also suffer from mental illness.  Essentially if you want to receive these types of services then you will need to find a place that can treat you for both conditions.  Most places do not do this and the ones that do usually focus more heavily on either the addiction end of things, or the mental health aspect.  It would be very difficult to find a treatment center that places equal emphasis on treating both conditions.

The main idea behind this is that you are going to have to treat both conditions in order to recover. Without treating both conditions you are always going to have at least one major problem in your life, and that problem is so severe that it will sabotage any efforts at dealing with the other problem.  In other words, untreated mental illness will eventually drive you back to drug use, and untreated addiction will continue to complicate your mental illness condition.  Therefore the only real solution is to treat both at the same time.

The quality of the treatment services that you receive does not really depend much on where you go for rehab, at least when it comes to treating addiction.  All treatment centers pretty much follow the same philosophy and have the same strategies for treatment.  If you have seen one you have seen them all.  Pretty much all of them abstinence based programs, and the majority follow the 12 step philosophy and use groups.  There is not much out there in the substance abuse community right now that deviates from this model.  There are a few treatment centers here and there that strike out and do their own thing, but they are few and far between, and their approach to addiction recovery does not really deviate much from traditional treatment centers.

Therefore, you might be asking yourself: should I go to a place that specialized in mental illness, with addiction services as an afterthought, or should I go to a place that specializes in addiction, with mental health as an afterthought?  In my opinion, you should focus on a place that is primarily set up to deal with the mental health aspect of things.  The reason for this is not because the addiction part is unimportant, but only because the addiction part is fairly well standardized these days and is largely outsourced to the 12 step fellowships anyway. In other words, there is not such thing as “super high quality addiction recovery services.”  It all boils down to group therapy and AA meetings.  Therefore, you should seek out quality mental health services instead, and let the addiction part take care of itself.

I am sure there are plenty of people out there who will disagree with this in a major way, stating that I am over generalizing things and that quality treatment does exist, and so on.  But the reality is that success in this field depends 90 percent or more on the willingness of the client, not on the treatment modality or the quality of the services.

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