Why Drug Treatment Facilities Over Other Forms of Therapy?

Why Drug Treatment Facilities Over Other Forms of Therapy?


There are several advantages to the addict who seeks out drug treatment facilities to try to conquer their addiction to drugs and alcohol.  There are other methods of treatment available to addicts and alcoholics, but most of them do not stack up to the quality of care that you can get from a dedicated treatment facility.  Let’s take a look at what makes inpatient rehab a better choice for those seeking recovery:

1) High impact

Other forms of addiction treatment do not have the same level of impact that inpatient rehab has on a person.  Obviously, if an addict checks into a rehab center and stays there for 28 days or so, all the while being fully immersed in recovery practices such as group therapy and 12 step meetings, this will have a huge impact on their chances for success.  Nothing else even comes close to making this same level of impact on a person in early recovery.  Consider the weaker options such as outpatient treatment, where the addict returns home to a potentially dangerous environment each day, or counseling, where the addict is hardly removed from their original environment at all, and might be in therapy for only an hour or two each week.  In this sense, outpatient treatment and other low-impact solutions can hardly be useful for the struggling addict who may not even see success after a full 28, full-immersion recovery stint.

2) Flexibility

All other forms of drug treatment basically fall underneath inpatient rehab, and can be used accordingly if a client has a specific preference.  For example, say a client seems to do well in group therapy while attending a drug treatment facility, and wants to continue it.  In this case, the therapist can arrange this by suggesting outpatient group therapy as part of the clients aftercare plan.  Or say that a client has extreme fear of groups, but responds well to individual counseling.  Again, inpatient rehab is flexible enough to accommodate this and direct the client to the aftercare that they need.  It is flexible because there are many different treatment strategies all under one roof, with all the options available for aftercare when clients are leaving treatment.

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3) Safest

Especially when it comes to detoxing from alcohol or other drugs, inpatient rehab is by far the safest method of treatment for addicts.  Some drugs (including alcohol) can be dangerous when you stop using them cold turkey, and only inpatient rehab has the medical staff on hand to watch over this sometimes dangerous process.  Other forms of treatment cannot possibly be as safe, because the client has to rely on their own devices to get their bodies free from chemicals, without relying on medical help.

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