The Challenges Start When Leaving Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

The Challenges Start When Leaving Drug Rehab Treatment Centers


Drug rehab treatment centers can help an addict to find the recovery that they are seeking when they are struggling to break free from addiction and make a change in their life.  But rehabs are not necessarily a magic bullet, and in fact they will fail more often than they will succeed in helping to change a person.  In reality, it is all up to the individual addict and what they choose to do when they are at treatment and after they leave treatment that will determine their level of success.  So let us take a look at the details concerning people who leave treatment centers and what they need to do in order to succeed.

First of all, if the addict is in a drug rehab treatment center, then they will want to cooperate to the fullest and be completely reasonable in terms of letting people help them.  If they are the slightest bit resistant at this point, then this is a very bad sign that they are still stuck in denial and they are not ready for real change.   You have to at least be open to the people who are trying to help you….this is a bare minimum.  If you are arguing or uncooperative in rehab, then you may as well go back to your drug of choice for a while.  You are not yet ready.

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Second of all, after you walk out of treatment is where the real test begins.  Many people are under the false impression that their recovery is mostly happening while they are still in rehab.  This is a twisted viewpoint.  Their recovery has not even started while they are in the treatment center.  Recovery begins when you are back in the real world and faced with the proposition of having to stay clean under your own power.  That is the real test of recovery.

Let us say for example, that you have just left a Christian drug rehab center.  If that is the case then you should follow up with the recovery strategies that you learned while in rehab.  This is not to say that the religious path is better or worse than any other treatment strategy.  But the whole secret of recovery is that you do something; that you take action, that you make recovery happen.  What you do is not so important, so long as it is positive action.  The real key to recovery is simply showing up and doing the work.  Put in the effort and you will get the results you want.

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You can best prepare for success after leaving treatment by:

* Following through with any aftercare recommendations that are made for you.

* Connecting with your peer group that you meet in treatment and following up with them in recovery, using their phone numbers, and so on.

* Hitting 12 step meetings every single day after you leave treatment.

Doing the actual footwork is where most people fall short when they leave rehab.  In order to avoid the fate of relapse that so many newcomers fall victim to, you have to put forth a massive amount of effort.

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