If you Need Drug Rehab No Insurance

If you Need Drug Rehab No Insurance


Is it possible to go to drug rehab with no insurance?  Yes it is, but that does not mean that the option to go to treatment will be available to anyone and everyone.  Let’s take a look at some options.

First of all, you could pay cash.  This is always an option.  Of course most struggling drug addicts and alcoholics do not have piles of extra money laying around.  In fact one of the biggest problems with treating substance abuse in general is that the majority of the population is suffering from financial problems along with their drug addiction.

The cash option for rehab sound prohibitive at first but also realize that most treatment centers will accept partial payment and will work with as far as a payment plan goes.  Particularly in a down economy they have become more and more willing to do this.

Depending on your state of surrender the idea of paying cash for drug rehab might not be a problem at all.  Even if it is really expensive this is probably much, much cheaper than continuing to use drugs.  If you actually sit down and calculate our the cost of your addiction the numbers are staggering.  You can’t just figure in the money that you shell out for the drugs themselves, but have to figure in all of the extra hidden costs that come along with the lifestyle of using drugs every day.  This is hard to get a real handle on and if you happen to actually stop using drugs and stay clean for a year you will be able to look back and see the ridiculous amount of money you saved from being in recovery.  Ultimately there are many other costs involved with addiction as well, from how it affects your family and other relationships, all the way to the kind of life you live and the job you do and the places you frequent.  Sobriety changes everything and if you manage to quit using drugs then your entire life experience will be so much richer as a result of that.

In other words, paying cash for rehab is a great deal if you can stay clean as a result.

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Now if you have no insurance and no money, just get on the phone and call up treatment centers in your area. Talk to them and be extra polite.  Find out if there are avenues of help that you might pursue in order to get funding for rehab.  There are usually options but if you go in there demanding a free ride you probably will not get real far.  Be desperate and act hopeless if you are serious about getting help.  People will help you if they realize that you are serious.  Doors will open for you if you are persistent in seeking help.

The other option is to find a rehab that is set up to help homeless people. There are such places and believe it or not most of them are long term rehabs.  Getting in to such a place might not be easy as most of them have a waiting list.  Some of these long term places are also religious based, which can be a turn off for some but if you keep an open mind this could still be a very beneficial experience, even if you are not a religious person.

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