How Statistics from a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Get Skewed

How Statistics from a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Get Skewed


What are the key characteristics at a drug and alcohol rehab center?† Is it worth it to try and find just the right place to go in order to get clean and sober?

Actually it is not.† You would think that certain rehabs have better success rates than others.† You would think that some have better programs than others.† You would think that some are more expensive, hire better therapists, demand better outcomes through their guidelines, and so on.† You would think that if someone spent three thousand dollars on a 10 day program, then going elsewhere and spending ten thousand on a ten day program must surely produce better results.

Certainly they should be able to measure different success rates at the various alcohol and drug rehab centers, and show that some are more effective than others, right?

I would have thought this to be true myself, but I have experienced otherwise in the real world. In addition to my own experiences, I have observed the same inconsistencies when it comes to other people and their recovery.† The bottom line is that no drug rehab center has a clear advantage in getting addicts and alcoholics to sober up.

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Now this can be a bit deceptive, because some of the treatment programs out there make special claims about their rate of success.† These claims are all false and manufactured, for the most part.† Anyone who is claiming to have a decent success rate is simply skewing the numbers.† This is very easy to do in fact.† All you do is you set the bar impossibly high for the addicts and alcoholics who leave your program, and for any of them who do not follow through completely, you discard them from your survey results.

So in effect, anyone who does not follow up their 10 day program with long term rehab, intensive outpatient sessions, and daily meetings….is simply discarded from the statistics.† Only those who fully complete every recommendation from the rehab center are figured into the success statistics.

So you can see how obviously skewed the results can become.

Now I am not saying that rehab does not work, or that no one should go because it is a scam or anything.† What I am saying is that you are wasting your time if you are searching around to find the “highest quality” rehab centers. They do not offer any different results than “lessor rehabs.”

The key is in the addict’s willingness beforehand.† The rest is just details.† If they are truly ready, any rehab will work.† If not, none will.† Simple as that.


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