Should you Perform a Drug and Alcohol Intervention with Your Friend or...

Should you Perform a Drug and Alcohol Intervention with Your Friend or Loved One?


If someone in your life is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction then you might want to know more about a drug and alcohol intervention.  The first question you really need to ask yourself before going any further though is this:

Should you even do an intervention?

That is a good question to ask because in some cases, organizing a massive intervention and springing it on someone may have a negative effect overall.  In fact it might isolate the person and cause them to withdrawal further away from you and deeper into addiction.

So this is a risk.  I am not saying you should not do an intervention.  I am just saying that there is some risk involved.  It could make things worse.

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Now the way to gauge this properly is to ask yourself a few questions:

1) What type of personality are you dealing with? Is the addict in question likely to respond well to a large intervention?  Are they normally avoiding groups and avoiding confrontation and likely to freak out if you overwhelm them with a full scale intervention?  Or will they take it in stride and not be bothered by having all their friends and family confronting them at the same time?  Realize too that you can limit who you have at the intervention.  You don’t necessarily have to have every single person in the addict’s life showing  up for it.  Sometimes smaller is better.

2) Do the potential benefits outweigh the risks? If the person is really out of control and becoming a danger to themselves and to others, then it might not matter much if you are worried about the intervention backfiring on you.  You might decide to risk it anyway because you are so worried about the addict really getting hurt.

3) Is the addict ready to change?  Are they even close? If they are not even close to being ready to surrender their life and go to rehab then you are probably just wasting your time altogether.  Of course part of the process of getting clean and sober for that person might be seeing the intervention happen and realizing slowly over time that people really do care about them.  In this sense, they might not get clean and sober that day and then live happily ever after, but the intervention might still be an important part of their journey toward recovery.

So ask yourself these questions and weigh out the risks.  Then you can decide if an intervention is the right path to take.


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