Choosing Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Should be Simple

Choosing Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Should be Simple


Most people underestimate the role that drug addiction treatment centers play in getting someone clean and sober.  This is because the success rates of such places are notoriously low, and there seems to be no easy answer when it comes to building or designing better and more effective programs for helping addicts and alcoholics.  Modern medicine has failed us in the search for a magic cure to treat addiction with.  There are a number of promising drugs on the horizon, but ultimately each one that is tested seems to produce only mediocre results at best, and are outright terrible at worst.  Nothing is easy when it comes to treating the substance abuse population.

The best drug addiction treatment center is the one that can inspire the addict to take serious action and make drastic changes quickly.  This is very, very hard to do and it becomes downright impossible when the person is not self motivated.  Anyone who is even the slightest bit resistant to treatment is going to end up relapsing in a very short period of time.  Only the most dedicated individuals will experience success in recovery, regardless of what rehab they go to or what strategies they use to stay clean.  The bottom line is that it is very difficult to make such drastic changes in our lives, and all addicts will struggle with it to some degree.  There is no free ride.  Those who are successful in sobriety can almost always look back and cite a long, hard road filled with lots of experience.

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Without a magic formula for success, the best option for most people is to bounce around try everything. If 12 step programs continuously fail an addict, why on earth would they continue to go back to them?  The secret is not in the program or the formula, but in the conviction and the effort and the willingness.  Standing on your head can keep you sober but only if you are dedicated enough.  The same is true of almost any recovery program that contains some common sense and an outline of positive actions.  There is no magic cure to be had or secret wisdom that needs to be uncovered, only that recovery is a whole mess of hard work if you want to get good long term results.

Choose a treatment center that is close to your home and reasonably affordable.  If you cannot find such a rehab, go to anything that will take you.  Your success is not determined by the number of therapists they have on staff, or on the specific strategies they employ there.

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