Does Attending a Luxury Rehab Give You an Advantage Over Cheaper Forms...

Does Attending a Luxury Rehab Give You an Advantage Over Cheaper Forms of Addiction Treatment?

Luxury rehab

Short answer:


No, attending luxury rehab does not give you any sort of advantage over cheaper forms of addiction treatment.

But why not?  the frustrated parent wonders.  Why can’t we just buy our child’s sobriety?  Why can’t we simply spend more money, and get better results?

Because it doesn’t work that way.

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Luxury rehab is luxurious because it has personal chefs, because it has nicer furniture, because they pay their therapists more, and yes, maybe even because they have the best drug rehab staff in the entire world.  Maybe that is true too.

But you know what?

It doesn’t matter.  It does not matter one bit if you have the best therapists in the world all gathered under one roof.  It does not matter if you have cutting edge treatment and your rehab is using new ideas and concepts that have not even been published yet in clinical trials.  It does not matter if you think you have a magic trick up your sleeve that gives  you this big edge over cheaper rehabs.

It just doesn’t matter.  Think of the addict who is near suicidal with depression due to their drug or alcohol use….they are at the end of their rope, they don’t care about themselves, they don’t care about you, they don’t care about anything.  They have lost the ability to care.

What do you think a luxury rehab means to them?  What do they care if they are eating gourmet meals or TV dinners?  They don’t even care if they eat at all. They don’t even care if they live, at this point.

Now if you are not an addict or alcoholic yourself, you might say “well, that sounds like an extreme example.  Most people don’t necessarily get that bad with their addiction, or that desperate.”

Ah, but they do. Every addict or alcoholic finds that point of total despair and desperation if they continue to self medicate.  Unless something stops them first (like jail or death) then they will reach that “jumping off point.”  It is not quite suicidal.  Rather, it is not caring about life or death or suicide.  It is complete apathy, driven by the madness and the continuous cycle of addiction.

And luxury rehab does not have an answer for that.  They do not have a special protocol for “tough cases” like this (they are all like this though!).   They do not have a magic wand that can make people more willing to try recovery.

Our impression of how the world works is that if we just put up enough money, maybe we could get sort of treatment.  But it does not exist.  Willingness is not for sale; it cannot be manipulated out of someone.

So luxury rehab really has no advantages over cheaper solutions.  This is not to say that rehab in general does not have any value, because clearly it does.  But understand that there is a basic level of treatment, a baseline of help that you can give an addict, and after that, no “extra help” is going to make a difference.

So what is that baseline of help?  In my opinion, if you go to just about any treatment center in the United States you can see an example.  Even the homeless shelters that have a detox program built into them can suffice.  People do get clean and sober in them and they do manage to turn their life around, maybe following up their treatment with free 12 step meetings, or possibly they get involved in a church community.  But rest assured, people do get clean and sober every day without spending a dime…..and hundreds of people spend mega-bucks every day in luxury rehabs and go on to relapse.

If you look at the hard data then you will see that recovery rates are generally pretty low across the board at all rehabs, and that the more expensive ones do not have any sort of edge over the cheaper ones.  This is just the reality of the situation.  There is not magic bullet.

When the addict has become willing then pretty much any treatment center will do.  To think that only a “good enough” rehab can get someone clean is to completely misunderstand the nature of addiction and recovery.  Once you are truly ready to change your life, the actual mechanism is almost an afterthought.

And the corollary to that is:

If the rehab center that you attend has to be just so in order to meet your approval, then you are not going to make it anyway.  You are not ready for a whole new life and a new way of living and taking direction from others and getting some humility.  Not even close.

No, the willing addict who actually has a shot at recovery should be pretty much willing to just about anything when they finally surrender.  They certainly will not be demanding any sort of special treatment if they are in the mindset for real change in their life.

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