The Benefits of Quitting Drinking

The Benefits of Quitting Drinking

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What are some benefits of quitting drinking?  Is it worth it to stop drinking?

Well of course it all depends on how much you are drinking and what the consequences of that are.  Also, you might have to decide who to believe when it comes to some of this stuff.  For example, some research claims that there are benefits to having one or two drinks per day.  But of course, if you are an alcoholic or struggling with alcohol abuse, then you don’t want to follow this advice.

If you are addicted to alcohol then there are some huge benefits to quitting drinking.  For alcoholics, the benefits of quitting include:

1) Longer lifespan – you will generally die about 10 to 20 years early if you are an alcoholic and continue to drink right up until you die.  Also, many recovering alcoholics will also quit smoking eventually, which is the largest killer of recovering alcoholics.  If you continue to drink your chances of quitting smoking are slim to none.  The fact that most alcoholics are also heavy smokers is a double whammy when it comes to mortality rates.  Heavy drinking and heavy smoking kills people faster than you think.

2) Improved quality of life – if you quit drinking then your life will generally improve in just about every way.  Not only your health, but also your ability to work, get a better job, advance in your career, improve your relationships, and so on.  If you continue to abuse alcohol all of that stuff can only get steadily worse over time.  You may get lucky every once in a while and make some progress, but for the most part you will go steadily downward.

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3) Improve your relationships – this is huge.  If you quit drinking then the benefit to all of your relationships in your life will be tremendous.  Not only will communicate more honestly and openly with everyone, but you will be about a thousand times more helpful and useful, and the people in your life will reciprocate that back to you.  Everything will be much smoother if and when you stop drinking.

4) Spiritual growth – if you considered yourself “spiritual” in the past, then quitting drinking will open the door on this wide open, and your life will probably be transformed from a spiritual standpoint.  Even if you do not work a religious or spiritual program of recovery, the basic mechanics of recovery and of not drinking are spiritual in nature anyway.  You can’t help but make progress in this area when you are sober, whether you acknowledge that growth or not.

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