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The Benefits of Quitting Drinking

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What are some benefits of quitting drinking?  Is it worth it to stop drinking?

Well of course it all depends on how much you are drinking and what the consequences of that are.  Also, you might have to decide who to believe when it comes to some of this stuff.  For example, some research claims that there are benefits to having one or two drinks per day.  But of course, if you are an alcoholic or struggling with alcohol abuse, then you don’t want to follow this advice.

If you are addicted to alcohol then there are some huge benefits to quitting drinking.  For alcoholics, the benefits of quitting include:

1) Longer lifespan – you will generally die about 10 to 20 years early if you are an alcoholic and continue to drink right up until you die.  Also, many recovering alcoholics will also quit smoking eventually, which is the largest killer of recovering alcoholics.  If you continue to drink your chances of quitting smoking are slim to none.  The fact that most alcoholics are also heavy smokers is a double whammy when it comes to mortality rates.  Heavy drinking and heavy smoking kills people faster than you think.

2) Improved quality of life - if you quit drinking then your life will generally improve in just about every way.  Not only your health, but also your ability to work, get a better job, advance in your career, improve your relationships, and so on.  If you continue to abuse alcohol all of that stuff can only get steadily worse over time.  You may get lucky every once in a while and make some progress, but for the most part you will go steadily downward.

3) Improve your relationships - this is huge.  If you quit drinking then the benefit to all of your relationships in your life will be tremendous.  Not only will communicate more honestly and openly with everyone, but you will be about a thousand times more helpful and useful, and the people in your life will reciprocate that back to you.  Everything will be much smoother if and when you stop drinking.

4) Spiritual growth - if you considered yourself “spiritual” in the past, then quitting drinking will open the door on this wide open, and your life will probably be transformed from a spiritual standpoint.  Even if you do not work a religious or spiritual program of recovery, the basic mechanics of recovery and of not drinking are spiritual in nature anyway.  You can’t help but make progress in this area when you are sober, whether you acknowledge that growth or not.

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  • Anonymous

    This is very good. Thank you. I needed this to help me with my coursework. I am so grateful. <33333 Love you.

  • Anonymous

    hey loveeee this, helped with my work!!! loveeeeeeee you!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <333333333

  • lyman

    I agree with everything you said, except the relationships. Sure, now I’m sober, but it cost me most of my friends. Then again, I’m told I’m an asshole when I’m sober.

  • Augustine

    I quit drinking about a year ago. I must say I agree with all that you’ve mentioned in your write up.

  • Damage

    I REALLY WANT TO QUIT. When I am clean I want to have a heart to heart talk with all the so called friends. They are not able to tell me that I am different when drunk and they dont even stop me from getting into my car to drive a long distance.They want me dead. I think they are very bad and I am deciding to let them go. There is one other person who should go but I am keeping her because she is my wife and mother of my kids. She was just as bad. When I smell of booze, she would tell me to have my blood sugar tested. The best and most honest person ever is my life friend and colleague who actually came out point blank and told me I smelled of liquor. I thank her for that honesty and I see she still cares about me. I will put her in my will or invite her to a very special occassion where she will be a guest of honour.
    I have been drinking since May2001 while my wife was exp our first born. Did it mainly out of boredom but got worse over time. I had 2 car accidents and 2 really bad shouting episodes where people did not seem to have any respect for me. I now realize that they did not have the guts to tell me the truth. All these things happened after I ingested large amounts of liquor. I still feel quite wealthy. mainly because I am not an expensive dresser and eat cheaply. I am quiting liquor forever for myself and not for my family or to become religious. I think religion is a fake way of defrauding people. When I am clean for a month, I will decide whether I need religion or not. I believe in God but I dont think the people I worship with, worship God wholeheartedly else their God would have guided them to tell me the honest truth about my situation.
    So at the end of the day, we are all here for ourself. It is just a coincidence that two people can mate and have children and continue the human breed. But we are just separate. When each of us breath, no matter how in love you are, you cant take the other person,s oxygen into your system. It is just not possible.
    I can only take care of myself and where my kids are not capable of coping with this evil world, take care of them until they abandon me when I am old and ready to die.
    Basically, there is no such thing called love for ever, just pretence for life.

  • Mike

    Damage, how drunk were you when you wrote that?

  • Melissa

    I decided to quit drinking 3 months ago during therapy. To sum up my drinking habit I will use an anonymous quote I read recently: “I didn’t get into trouble every time I drank, but every time I got into trouble I had drank.” I hope that makes sense. I can say almost every aspect of my life has improved drastically in just these 90 days. The pros 1) I respect my body more and others respect me for making such a life-changing decision, I have lost 10lbs almost effortlessly, I am more alert at work, I save about $100 of my disposable income I was spending on bar tabs, I can drive myself home anytime, I stopped doing really embarrassing things in public…etc etc etc. Con’s 1.)you can sometimes feel left out in a situation where friends are partying and drinking 2) You will miss the taste of those drinks you enjoyed drinking ( for me I like IPA beers ) 3)You will usually be the DD and you have to deal with drunk people antics in a very real light. All I have to say is quitting drinking has been the best thing I have done in my adult life.

  • mickey

    i quit drinking 2 years ago. i used to be a bar guy, maybe 4 -5 nights a week, about 10 beers an 4 shots each time. aside form feeling better and dropping weight, i save about $25,000 that used to go to the bartenders. not too shabby

  • mickey

    the amazing thing is its just so easy to quit. just do it for a week and see how you feel. you realize how much of life you have been missing.

  • Tommy

    I also am quitting. I don’t know if I am alcoholic or a heavy drinker. But, I want to quit, and I can’t do it on my own. I have quit for almost a week and want to thank you for this write up. It sounds great! I am looking forward to seeing how it feels to live without alchohol in my life!!!! It’s scary, but exciting too!!! And, unlike the other writer, I do believe in God and Jesus and that is who is helping me quit! Love does exist for sure!!

  • Curious

    Hopefully not too drunk. It was posted at 10:20am.

  • Aaditya Sawant

    Hi friends i can surely tell you’ll that i have never been so happy. I used to spend a lot of money on buying beer for myself and my friends and end up spending a way lot than what i had planned. I used do a lot of embarrasing thing’s in public which i regret a lot. Now that i have quitted drinking i save a lot of money and have started building good relationship’s. I thank myself for quitting alcohol, i think it’s the best decision i had taken…..Peace out.

  • Ruben

    I have quit alcohol for about 4 months now and its really hard cause it was like the source of my confidence ,it made me the life of the parties ,,had thousands of friends,,, Lots and lots of sexy girls,,,, but i would only talk to them while i was intoxicaded,,,, wich it was about 24/7 it sedated me and made me feel soooo unstopable,,, and extremely confident,,,…. Now that i quit i barely get out of my house i have so much anxiety its really hard been around people…. or even talking to themm,,,i feel so weird, like even with family or people i kn0w for years,,i havent been laid since either,,,, idk what to do i really want to be a better person ,,, the plus sides are that i have a job, money, i go to the gym everyday….quit smoking,,, i eat healthier…. but still i would love to get my confidence back and the ladies…. is it worth it? i need help

  • Robert

    I’ve been struggling with alcohol for years’s hard not to drink especially on weekends.i really would like to quit because alcohol is doing me more harm than good in my question is;does the envronment that surround us affect our drinking pattens or are the people we associate with have much more to do whth ht’

  • Roxxi

    Heyy i stopped drinkin for 10 months am i alcohol free or does alcohol remain in my blood?

  • Patrick

    No the alcohol leaves your system pretty quickly really.

    You may be “in a fog” for a few days due to withdrawal, but your body is alcohol-free usually within less than 72 hours…..

  • http://TONY8SLY

    Thanx alot for the information.I stopped drinking a week ago,hope I make it.

  • robertyakobe

    i curse myself every weekday about binge drinking over the the same time i tell myself that come weekend i won’t do it again,but it eventually becomes difficult to avoid drinking again due to the fact that the people i work and hang out with do it every weekend,and i end up joining them despite my conviction to can i handle situations like these and quit drinking compketely’

  • Booze-a-lot

    This weekend i spent R800 rands with booze and nothing else. I embarrased myself infront of people who i think respect me. And now its a sunday am hurting and am all alone with no 1 to 2k to, thinking about my foolish behaviour i made wen i was drunk. 2moro its monday and i am going 2 skul, and i dont no how iam gone behave infront of those ppl… Any way afta reading u posts guy i realise dat beer destroys lives and iam ready to face life on a clean state of soberness, again… And see what life will offer me without drinking….

  • Sam Lawton

    This was very hepful, if you get stuck with any other additional imformation please text Liam at 07972159149

  • http://yahoo ISHMAEL

    i started drinking at a tender age of eleven i am now 31 and drinks heavily every evening. i have tried to quit but seems very difficult because i always fail my target to quit. is there any medicine to help me quit outright? pls help me, i really need you.

  • Jonathan

    Ishmael, I know how you feel. I have been struggling to quit myself for awhile. What you should try doing is force yourself to not drink for an entire week and see how much better you feel. The longer you haven’t had a drink in my experience the easier it gets. The first few days and week is very tough, second week is tough but easier and when you start feeling healthier due to not drinking, it’s a snowball affect. There is no drug that will fix this for you, it’s your personal choice and usually it comes down to hitting rock bottom in your life before you realize you have to make changes, which is how it happened for me. find your inspiration. For me it’s my Grandfather who I admired greatly. When I was 18 years old I visited him for the last time not knowing it at the time. He was 92 years old had Parkinson’s disease and could barely speak or walk. The last thing he ever said to me was “be a winner”. That probably sounds pretty cheesy to you but it’s one of the most inspiring memories I keep close to my heart when going through something tough. Also I’ve never believed in God in my life. I thought people use it as a crutch but Jesus is real and he has helped me and proven his existence to me by answering my prayers. Ask him to show himself to you and he will, I promise. People say that if you believe something is real than you make it real in your own mind “placebo”. But if you don’t have an open mind then there is no way you will ever discover something real. I believe in Jesus because I feel him in my heart not because I need him to be real or to use him as a crutch. Finish strong my friend.

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  • ram sangha

    hi guys i quit 6 months ago. change my habbits. i dont overeat after drinks at all now. i lost 52 lbs in 7 months just by quiting two things alcohal and pizza.

  • Schnoofty

    Great writings people. After almost 30 yrs of sobriety I made a decision to drink again. Now finding it really difficult to quit. Really need to, so reading diff websites to gain whatever I can to help me. I pray for everyone here. Many of us will simply die from this if we cant find a way out. According to the AMA, most alcoholics die in the second stage of alchoholism before ever reaching the third chronic stage. We die from odd things like falls, car accidents, suicide, overdoses, etc. So we need all the help we can get. I really feel alot of love towards you all as I read your stories. This is such a struggle, but well worth the efforts. Today I know I would have died before the age of 30 had I not stopped drinking from the age of 24 to 52. I am 54 now and really have to quit regardless of how I feel or think. Please pray for me just one time. As I will do the same for you. I dont understand God, but I understand that I do need His help! That’s all I need to know. Love everyone and hope everyone gets straightened out. Schnoof

  • jerry dickinson

    drank over 40 yrs, at 58yrs old i looked at my gut in the mirror one morning and said THATS IT, no booze till i lose 20 lbs. 2 months later i lost 8 lbs. super high blood pressure is normal every day, even after a stroke. never missed beer, even from th ist day. even if i lose 30lbs i wont go back to it, thanks to the low blood pressure. guess its the age and common sense how easy it is to get a few more years in life. PS he doctor told me this for years and didnt bother me. Thank god im a vain person looking at the mirror of my life