Resources Found at Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities

Resources Found at Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities

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Struggling alcoholics might go to one of several different alcohol rehabilitation facilities for help with their problem.  The fact is that many people who struggle with alcohol addiction get their start in recovery by going to a treatment center, though this is of course not a requirement for sobriety.  Some people do quit on their own or with the help of a 12 step program.  But going in to treatment can offer several advantages, such as:

1) Giving you a safe and protected environment – how many alcoholics have tried to stop drinking, only to find themselves drunk again after being tempted by environmental factors?  Too many.  Most alcoholics have triggers all around them, and trying to quit drinking “on the outside” proves to be far too difficult.  Being in a safe environment removes temptation.

2) Connecting you with the peer support that you need in early recovery – this is a huge factor for so many alcoholics in early sobriety.  The fact is that we need help in order to stay sober, and you get this help from others who are in the same struggle that you are in.  We help each other to stay sober.  You will meet these peers in rehab that can help you to maintain sobriety when you leave rehab.

3) Access to professional help – counselors and therapists who specialize in helping alcoholics will be there to help you in rehab.  They can also help you to plan out how you will stay sober after you leave rehab, and what your aftercare plan will consist of.  Some alcoholics need more help than others when leaving rehab.  For example, some might simply leave rehab and go to meetings every day.  Others might go to outpatient therapy on a regular basis.  And still others might check into long term rehab and live there for several months or even years.  It all depends on your unique situation and the level of care that you need in order to stay sober.  One key here is that if you have failed in the past, you might try something more intensive the next time (like going to long term rehab if nothing else has worked, etc.).

4) Access to medical help – detoxing from alcohol can be life threatening, so there is definitely a benefit to going to a rehab if you are physically dependent on alcohol.  There is also the benefit of having doctors and nurses care for you, and in some cases can possibly guide you towards medications that could help your condition (such as pills that help with alcohol cravings, etc.).

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