Addiction Treatment Information

Addiction Treatment Information


Do you need addiction treatment information?  Here is some general information about treating addiction that you might find helpful:

There are several different forms of treatment for addiction. Perhaps the most popular is the traditional treatment center where an addict or alcoholic would go and stay for 28 days.  Usually the length of stay is a bit shorter now and most will only stay for a week or two.  Most rehabs will also include a detox unit which is medically supervised.  This is necessary because detoxing from certain drugs is actually dangerous.  Alcohol is one such drug.

Now there is also the option in some cases of going to long term addiction treatment. This is where an addict or alcoholic would actually live somewhere and attend long term treatment while living there.  Usually there is a balance between recovery activities and actually transitioning back to a normal life while living in long term rehab.

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Most recovery programs and treatment centers are 12 step based.  This means that they use the 12 step program of AA or NA in order to treat their clients and give them a new design for living.  There are advantages and disadvantages to the 12 step program.  One advantage is that the meetings are widespread and essentially free.  So there is a lot of support to be had for after a person leaves rehab.

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One of the most crucial things to understand about addiction treatment is that it is not an event. It does not happen.  People are not cured of addiction. Treatment is a process.  It is an ongoing thing.  Many people believe that they can go to treatment and then they will stop doing drugs and then they will leave and things will be different.  This is not how treatment works at all.  In order for addiction treatment to be effective, it must be an ongoing process in the life of the recovering addict.  Treatment must remain the focal point of a person’s life for a long time if they are to stay clean.

In early recovery from addiction, networking with others in recovery is very important.  The support is crucial in early recovery.  Later on, if the person stays clean and sober, the need for networking diminishes over time and the importance of personal growth becomes a bigger issue.  Fighting complacency is a big key to achieving long term recovery.  It is important to keep pushing for this type of growth as a person grows in their recovery so that they can maintain sobriety.

If you are considering going to treatment then your first issue is one of funding: how will the treatment be paid for?  Rehab is not cheap and so the first hurdle you must overcome is to find a way to pay for it.

If you have Medicare then you need to find a hospital based rehab to attend.  If you have private insurance then you should just start calling rehabs and see what they cover and what the copay is.

If you don’t have private insurance, but you have Medicaid, then you should start calling up rehab centers and see what their procedure is.  You will most likely have to go through a Coordinating Agency to get into rehab.

It sounds like a mess, but it is not so bad.  Get on the phone and see what your options are.  Recovery is worth it!


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