The Perfect Addiction Program Does not Exist

The Perfect Addiction Program Does not Exist


The best addiction program is a holistic one that incorporates several different recovery strategies into it.  If you talk with people who have found success in recovery you will find many different stories and many different methods of staying clean and sober.  Would it not make sense then to take different strategies that have worked for other people and try them out yourself?  That is essentially what they are suggesting when they say “take what you need and leave the rest.”  Try different things in your recovery and take the stuff that works for you and use it.  Ignore the stuff that does not seem to help.  This is a decent formula for success.

Many people get tripped up when discussing recovery philosophy because they are under the impression that certain addiction programs are better or more effective than others.  This is almost always a myth that people tell themselves based on their own experience and perceptions. For example, say someone got clean and sober by using group therapy and a program based on affirmations.  Say it worked great for them.  There are such examples we could find out in the world that are similar to this (if not exact).  So these people will naturally think that everyone should follow their method of recovery, because it worked for them, right?

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There are different programs out there for addiction that are completely unique.  Women for Sobriety is one such example.  Another popular example is the 12 step program of AA.  None of these are “right” or more effective necessarily.  In fact, the only one that has been measured with any kind of consistency is the 12 step program because most of the other programs are far too small.  And of course, they have found that success rates are not great with any program, period.  It is all about the action that the individual takes and the passion with which they pursue the solution.

So understand and realize that there is no perfect program for treating addiction.  Some will work better than others depending on the addict and their needs.  For the most part, none of them work great unless the individual is highly motivated.

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Want to stay clean and sober working a program of recovery?  It really is quite simple.  Throw yourself into that program with 100 percent of your energy and focus. That is the only real key to success and if you push yourself to use overwhelming force in working a daily program of recovery then you will succeed.  It does not matter which recovery program you choose.  Any of them will keep you clean and sober.  The only thing that matters is how intensely you apply that program in your life.


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