Why a Luxury Drug Rehab is Not Going to Make or Break...

Why a Luxury Drug Rehab is Not Going to Make or Break Your Recovery from Addiction


The allure of a luxury drug rehab is very powerful, and it would seem that going to a fancy treatment center where money is no object would give you every advantage in your addiction recovery journey.

Think about it: Take the best drug rehab center in the world.  Staff it with plenty of expert therapists, doctors, and nurses.  Adorn it with luxuries like a spa, delicious and healthy foods, and massage therapists.

Build the best rehab center that money can buy.  Spare no expense.  Create luxurious meditation rooms and create tranquil settings for the clients.

Pick a location that lends itself to reflection and contemplation, somewhere that is impressive and natural.

Charge high prices but spare no expense when it comes to delivering quality treatment.  Would this not produce the best success rates in the world?

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Sit the experts down and come up with a plan.  Get the world’s best addiction doctors to outline the perfect treatment center, given that money was no object.  What would they come up with?

This has actually been done several times over.  You would think that throwing enough money at a problem such as addiction treatment would have revealed the best solution for it, even if that solution was outrageously expensive.

It turns out that no such luxury solution really exists.  Sure, there are luxury drug rehabs all over the world.  There are several of them just in Malibu alone.  But going to any of them is not going to drastically increase your chances of success in addiction recovery.  In fact, going to a luxury rehab over a regular rehab is not going to make any measurable difference in your success rate.  It just does not seem to matter.

This seems like we are being cheated when we are told that money will not help solve the problem.

Our experience in other things tells us that throwing big money at a problem will usually fix it.  So we are disturbed when we learn that money cannot make much difference when treating addictions.  But it is the truth.  You cannot buy recovery, at any cost.

No matter how much money you throw at the problem, no matter if you get the leading addiction experts in the world, the best doctors, the best therapists, the best rehab center with the finest location and all the holistic amenities–none of it matters one bit.

None of it makes a difference to the addict or alcoholic who is just not ready to stop using.

And that is the bottom line right there.  You cannot buy someone’s willingness.  You cannot bribe them to become willing to surrender to their disease.  Luxury accommodations will not hasten this process.

And the truth is, that if you have an addict or an alcoholic who has finally surrendered to their disease, and they are finally ready to stop using drugs and alcohol, then guess what?  It doesn’t matter where they go for help.  Any old crusty rehab will work just fine.

No, once the person has fully surrendered, then it does not matter where you take them.  At that point, you could take them to a makeshift homeless shelter that has a recovery class and it would work just fine.

It is not the quality of the treatment that makes or breaks your recovery–it is the level of willingness that you have going into it.  If you are not fully surrendered, then it does not matter how “world class” the rehab is.  It is not going to work.

Focus on true surrender and a real desire to change.  After that is achieved, the choice of rehab means very little.

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