Why a Drug Rehab Detox is Helpful for Success in Addiction Recovery

Why a Drug Rehab Detox is Helpful for Success in Addiction Recovery


A drug rehab detox is the starting point, and anyone who wants to be successful in addiction recovery should consider starting in rehab for their journey.

Why start with detox?

There are several reasons that you should seek detox as a natural starting point for recovery:

1) Safety first – if you are coming off of alcohol, Benzos, methadone, or certain other barbiturate drugs, then you NEED a medical detox as a matter of safety.  Did you know that you can actually die from NOT taking a drink if you are seriously dependent on alcohol?  The detox process can be tricky, and should be medically supervised in most cases.  Nothing to mess around with, you should just go ahead and seek out a rehab center with a detox unit, even if you are not sure that you need it.  Most rehabs will not keep you in a medical detox area unnecessarily anyway, they will quickly move you to residential treatment once you are well.

2) Avoid temptation – if you have ever tried to detox yourself from drugs or alcohol, then you probably know what the real problem is at home: temptation.  You are constantly dealing with the option of instant relapse.  When you check into a detox center, that temptation is removed, at least from the immediate short term.  Sure, you could get up, walk out of the treatment center, and go get your drug of choice.  And maybe you could even do this fairly quickly.  But it will not seem like an option while you are in a medical detox unit.  You will be there, and have the safe environment and the support that you need to stay put for a moment.  Medical staff will give you medicine to help you through withdrawal.  There will be no immediate need to run out and self medicate.  Detox provides you with the shelter that you need to avoid an instant relapse.

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3) Treatment – what happens when you leave detox?  Most people go directly into residential treatment, where they just might learn how to deal with life without having to self medicate.  If you include the idea of residential treatment services then the balance really tips in favor of going to rehab.  Compared to detoxing on the couch at home cold turkey style, going to a 28 day program is infinitely better no matter how you slice it.  The support that you can get from being in short term rehab is huge.  They will likely introduce you to 12 step meetings and also recommend aftercare for when you leave rehab.  So you are getting the full range of help that is available, it does not stop with a simple detox.  They will give you every advantage in overcoming your addiction.

Is it possible to get clean and sober without a detox at drug rehab?

Sure it is possible but the fact is that it is very unlikely.  For example, every addict and alcoholic has gone through brief periods where they stopped using their drug of choice.  Maybe they went to jail, or maybe they ran out of money, or whatever.  We have all been there.  We have all stopped for brief periods.  The problem is that we always start back up again.

So consider the idea that any addict or alcoholic could use one of those brief periods of sobriety as a springboard into recovery.  If they had no money and no resources then they could still probably go to AA or NA meetings every day and get at least some form of help and support.  Certainly, this has been done by thousands of people before, without any formal treatment at all.  They just stop using and go to AA or NA.  And this is enough for them to scrape by and get started on a new life in recovery.  Just barely.

But you don’t have to make it that hard on yourself if you do not want too.  Seek treatment.  Seek professional help.  Ask for help.  Call rehabs up and ask them what you need to do in order to come in for treatment.  You might have to get the funding straightened out first, but that can be dealt with.

The time is gonna pass anyway, you may as well get started on fixing your problem.  Ask for help.

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