When do You Need Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Services?

When do You Need Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Services?

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So when does a person need residential substance abuse treatment services in order to get help for a problem?  When is it really time to throw in the towel, and what level of treatment do you need?

There are several warning signs that can tell you if you need to seek help.  For example, if you:

1) Are using more drugs or alcohol than you intend to lately.

2) Are using drugs and alcohol lately that you were not planning on using at all.

3) Are experimenting with new drugs that you thought you would never try.

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4) Are using more and more of a drug in order to get the same effect, and it is spiraling out of control.

5) Are doing things to get money for drugs or alcohol that you never thought you would do, or that you consider “wrong.”

6) Are suffering consequences due to your drug or alcohol use, such as missing work, school, or family functions.

7) Are experiencing relationship problems or getting into arguments over your drug or alcohol use.

And so on.  At some point, you have to entertain the idea that maybe your drug or alcohol use is actually the problem, and that the world is not out to get you.

Most people stay in denial for at least some period of time.  Of course some people eventually die from drug or alcohol addiction, and they never get past their denial and therefore they never seek any sort of addiction treatment services at all.

If you can get past your denial and realize that you need help for your problem, then you are ready to do something about your problem.  The key at this point is to ask for help.  I would suggest that you start your search for treatment by going to a local rehab center.  This may take some arranging so do not expect just to drive over to one and check yourself in the same day.  Call them up on the phone and find out what it takes to get in and how it will be funded.

Treatment is not free so you will have to have a way to pay for services.  If you have private insurance then they treatment center will probably figure out what that covers and what it would cost for you to receive services there.

If you have Medicaid or Medicare, then you are probably going to have to go to certain treatment centers that accept those forms of insurance.  They are out there and so you just have to make the calls and figure out where you need to go to get help.

If you do not have any form of insurance at all, then you might still qualify to get help, but you might have to apply for that funding through a special agency.  Again, use the phone.  Call up treatment centers in your area and find out what the deal is.

There is a rare case for some people that they will not have any form of insurance at all, and they also will not qualify for any sort of help or funding to go to treatment.  In this case, their only option is to pay cash or not to get professional treatment services.

Most people will not have the cash at this point so there is one final option to get clean and sober and that is to base your recovery out of 12 step meetings.  Now if you need detox then simply going to meetings may not help you much, because you have to get off the drugs physically at some point.  But ultimately it is possible for most anyone to actually get clean and sober by attending meetings alone.  Almost every addict and alcoholic has gone through brief periods of sobriety where they ran out of their drug, ended up in jail, had to detox cold turkey for some reason, or whatever.  At those times, if the person throws themselves into 12 step recovery and they really dedicate their life to it, it is possible for them to build their recovery up based on that alone.  It is a tough path but many have taken it….many who could not afford or qualify for treatment services.

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