What are Some Cocaine Addiction Symptoms?

What are Some Cocaine Addiction Symptoms?


Cocaine is a highly addictive drug. There are not a lot of physical withdrawal symptoms with cocaine like there are with alcohol or heroine but it is strongly addictive psychologically. There are many symptoms that will show that someone is addicted to cocaine. Once a person becomes addicted to cocaine it is a very hard habit to break.

Cocaine effects the brains central nervous system and in the rest of the body. The route that the cocaine takes depends on the purity, added ingredients and amount of the drug. The emotional state of the user also has an effect on how the drug affects the individual. Being aware of signs of addiction can help identify if someone is using the drug so that intervention is possible.

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Before a person is severely addicted to cocaine there are symptoms to look for. It is important to act on the symptoms as soon as possible because it does not take long for a person to become severely addicted to cocaine.

The first symptoms of cocaine addiction are constant sniffing. If a person snorts cocaine it will result in the need to sniff a lot because the addictís nose will run all of the time. Sometimes he or she will even get a bloody nose.
The cocaine addict will be anxious, irritable, restless and speak fast. The symptoms are much like a person who is taking speed.

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One symptom of addiction is when a personís emotions and thoughts are completely centered on cocaine. The person plans his life around the times that he or she can use the drug. He or she plans parties and events around the drug use. If he has plans for the evening he makes sure that a time is set aside for using the drug.

The feeling that a person cannot function without cocaine is another symptom of addiction. A person might feel like he or she needs the drug to feel good, happy and sometimes even normal. The addict is obsessed with taking the drug and feels highly stressed if he or she is in a situation where the drug is not available.

When the addiction escalates a person begins missing work. The addict cannot make it in to work because using the drug takes over his or her thoughts all the time. A person who is addicted to cocaine begins only spending time with family and friends who use cocaine too so that he or she can use it more often.

If a person starts stealing to buy the drug then there is no doubt they are addicted. Many times people will harm other people to get money for the drug. They will also steal from loved ones and begin lying about everything they do so that they can buy the drug. Cocaine is their main focus in life and nothing else or no one else matters.

Once the addiction has reached this point the physical symptoms become to take over. The symptoms include paranoia, mood swings, restlessness, insomnia, weight loss, lack of sexual desire and psychotic episodes. Sometimes the psychotic episodes can result in the addict becoming violent.

The symptoms of cocaine addiction can mimic paranoid schizophrenia. Many times a person who is addicted to cocaine will see things that are not there and hear voices that are not talking. Many times addicts have said that they see white snakes.

It is important for the addictís family members to intervene if he or she does not seek help. Knowing the symptoms can help loved ones to be aware of what to do for the loved one who is addicted.

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