Veterans Get Second Chance Using VA Drug Rehab

Veterans Get Second Chance Using VA Drug Rehab


Va drug rehab is one of the many medical benefits extended to veterans to help give them a second chance when drug addiction causes medical, legal and domestic problems in their lives.

Many veterans returning from service experience depression, anger management issues, post traumatic stress disorders and a deterioration of physical health that often leads to dependence upon prescription medication and other drugs. This dependence upon drugs, unfortunately, often makes the veteran’s life worse rather than better, with increasing financial problems, domestic arguments and work related troubles. Some veterans find themselves in legal troubles after having been arrested for drug-related offenses.

Once a veteran decides he or she needs help regarding a drug related problem, the veteran should get an evaulation at a local veteran’s administration hospital to determine the best course of treatment. Programs offered by the Veterans Administration have as their goal the rehabilitation of the veteran through inpatient or outpatient treatment and counseling. A mentor is assigned each veteran to deal with other issues such as employment and housing which can be affected by the veteran’s ongoing use of drugs.

A veteran entering a drug rehab program administered by the VA does so completely voluntarily. An inpatient treatment facility features no locks on the doors because participation is totally voluntary and any participating veteran is free to stop treatment at any point in time. Of course, it is to the veteran’s physical and emotional benefit to persevere through the rehab program in order to quit drug addiction and eliminate other troubled areas of their life being negatively influenced by drug addicition.

Some rehabilitation centers help the veteran go through detox, a process in which the patient is closely monitored as they experience the emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms after stopping drug usage. Other rehabilitation centers require that the veteran already have finished with the detox procedure.

Each rehab program differs from the next in terms of physical appearance and the level of comfort afforded participants. But all programs have one goal in common: to get the addict to admit to the seriousness of their drug addiction problem, to look at the attitudes and actions that have caused their drug addiction problem, and to commit to getting sober and quitting drug addiction once and for all.

Counseling and group therapy are as important a part of the drug rehab process as the initial detox period lasting 7 to 10 days. That’s because without a clear understanding of the psychological factors that caused the addiction, the veteran is likely to revert to the same behavior once the drug rehab program is finished and become a drug user or drug addict once again. This results in a vicious cycle of continued problems as the veteran tries to reassimilate into society following his military service.

It is to the veteran’s benefit to take advantage of a drug rehab program administered by the VA in order to stop sabotaging their life and their potential through continued drug use and abuse. Most drug rehab programs last a minimum of 28 days, followed by several months of monitored behavior requiring either solo or group therapy sessions in order to avoid relapsing into old behaviors.

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