Tips for Success While Visiting Treatment Centers for Drug Abuse Help

Tips for Success While Visiting Treatment Centers for Drug Abuse Help


If you happen to be struggling with drug abuse or addiction, you may eventually find yourself asking for help, and it is likely that someone will point you to treatment at that point.

If this is the case you may be reluctant to go.  This is normal.  No one wants to admit to themselves and to others that they are out of control and that they need to check themselves in somewhere in order to get their life straightened out.  This is a humbling admission in itself.  So do not be surprised at your feeling about this, do not be disturbed just because you resist the idea of surrender.  That is normal.  Just go with it and surrender anyway and let yourself be taken along for a ride.  Let go completely.  You are going to rehab, it will be an adventure, treat it as such.

If you can get this first part down then you will be in very good shape for your trip to treatment.  Letting go is not easy to do but if you can do it then it will allow you to get into the right mindset for success in rehab, and that is a mindset of willingness.  If you go into rehab but you have your defenses up and you are not open to new ideas then you are not going to do well.

Why is that the case?

Because rehab is about new ideas.  Your old ideas don’t work.  So you need new ones.  Period.  If you don’t find a new way to live your life then you will keep doing the old cycle of addiction.  It is an either/or situation.  Either you take some suggestions and you try some new ideas (that are not yours to begin with), or you go back to your old way of doing things that involves you self medicating with drugs or alcohol all the time.

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The choice is yours.  You can either do it your way, or you can take suggestions.  In order to relinquish your pride and take suggestions you will probably have to embrace a new level of willingness that you have never experienced before.  This is a tough step to take but it is one that you must take.  Let go of everything and just go along for the ride.  That is the best attitude with which you can enter rehab.

Once you are there, stay open, stay willing, and absorb everything that you can like a sponge.  Chances are strong that you will be in a 12 step based facility.  Attend the meetings and get what you can out of them.

In addition, you may want to:

* Follow all the rules of the treatment center.

* Take suggestions from your counselor or therapist, rather than from the other clients.

* Seek aftercare aggressively and try to get more of it lined up if you can.  More is generally better when it comes to aftercare.

* Participate in the groups and the discussions and the meetings as best you can.

* Be honest with people and try not to hide anything.

* Get your family involved if they have a family program as part of the treatment.

Most people who are attending rehab for the first time ever do not take it seriously enough.  This is because they believe that they can probably stay clean and sober fairly easily once they are detoxed.  It is understandable that people think this way because most things in life are pretty easy and straightforward if you put forth a little effort.

But recovery from alcoholism or drug abuse is not like that, in that a modest amount of effort on your part will only end in relapse.  You cannot stay sober by just making a normal effort at it.  You have to all out and really try hard in order to make recovery work for you.

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