Secrets to Success While Attending a Substance Abuse Rehab

Secrets to Success While Attending a Substance Abuse Rehab


There are several key factors in substance abuse rehab that all need to come together for the individual if they are to find success and stay clean and sober.  There are a number of different models for recovery, strategies, and programs that may be used, and any of them may or may not work for a person.  The key is really not so much in a specific program or rehab that is chosen, but more in the following factors that seem to ultimately determine success:

1) Willingness – if the addict in question is not willing to take action and make huge changes in their life, then they are not going to have success in staying clean and sober.  This is due to the nature of denial and the need to maintain control in the face of massive change.  Anyone who is still struggling to maintain control, on any level, is not in a position to find success in recovery.

The level of willingness that a person has to embrace new recovery concepts is directly proportional to their level of surrender.  If the person is completely beat down and feels crushed by their addiction and feels totally defeated, then they are in a good position to recover.  If, on the other hand, they are still trying to manipulate the situation in any way, then they are probably not at the level of willingness that is required to stay clean.

You will also find that willingness is directly linked with honesty and open mindedness.  The three concepts are inseparable.  If the person is genuinely willing, then they will also be honest and open to new ideas.  If any of these 3 concepts becomes a block for the addict, then all of them become a block.  They are intertwined.  A package deal.

2) Action – we measure our progress in recovery by the results we are getting (staying clean and sober) and by the level of action we take.  By “action” we are talking about positive actions taken on a daily basis in order to further our growth and potential in recovery.  Going to meetings, attending counseling, working with others in recovery, physical fitness–these are all potential action steps in recovery.  Of course the exact formula is a path that only the individual can find in their own recovery, but taking any positive suggestions and applying them with enthusiasm is a great way to start.

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3) Continuous growth – many addicts start out strong in recovery but fall by the wayside as complacency sets in.  The best substance abuse rehab pushes them to continue on with constant growth throughout their life.  Those who stay active in learning new things and exploring holistic growth will tend to do better than those who get stuck in a boring pattern of recovery.


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