Custom Designed Substance Abuse Programs Would Increase Effectiveness Over Traditional Methods

Custom Designed Substance Abuse Programs Would Increase Effectiveness Over Traditional Methods


What do people envision when they think of substance abuse programs?  Most of them probably think of lectures about addiction, and maybe some vague notion of convincing people to avoid drugs and alcohol.  People imagine that there are some secret tactics that are used to help people recover from addiction.

The reality is that there are no secret tactics.  The most popular program we have today seeks to change the personality of the addict from that of a selfish person to that of a God-seeking person.  This would be the 12 step programs of AA and NA.  The main thrust of their program is a spiritual experience, one that produces a personality change that can allow the person to overcome addiction.

Now whether or not this idea of spiritual conversion works for you is somewhat besides the point.  What needs to happen is that any addict or alcoholic needs to find a program of recovery that works for them.  Or rather, they need to find a path through recovery that keeps them clean and sober.  There is a difference.

Recovery programs are designed to help everybody.  They are not custom designed for you specifically.  But what if a program was designed specifically for you?  Would that increase its effectiveness?

You bet it would.  This is evidenced by the fact that different people find success in recovery from drug addiction by doing completely different things.  Not only are there different programs out there that have been used to great effect, there are also individuals who find their own path in recovery.

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For example, consider a program for substance abuse that is based almost entirely on fitness.  There are such programs, and one of them is called “Racing for Recovery.”  The founder uses fitness as a means of overcoming drug and alcohol addiction.  He encourages others to do the same.  The program works by using fitness as a means of staying clean and sober.  Surprisingly enough, it actually works for some people.  And this is similar to 12 step programs and their alternatives.

You see, no one has a lock on recovery success.  The rate of success in any recovery program is dismally low.  This includes 12 step programs.  So if someone suggests an alternative, do not just dismiss it as being “less than.”  Any program that produces success for even one person is worth considering.  The reason for this is because most drug abuse programs have really high rates of failure.  So stay open to alternative solutions, and you might just find a program that works for you.

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