Do You Really Need Traditional Recovery from a Substance Abuse Center?

Do You Really Need Traditional Recovery from a Substance Abuse Center?


A good substance abuse center will take addicts and alcoholics and inspire them to take real action in order to recover. This is not easy to do because the individual will always have the choice to leave the substance abuse treatment center and not follow through on the recommendations and recovery strategies that are designed to help them. In fact, most people are somewhat lazy and therefore they will not take the necessary action in order to find a new way of life. Therefore, the biggest challenge of substance abuse treatment centers is to convince people to take massive action in early recovery.

What is massive action, and what does it consist of?  It is an attitude, really, of being willing to do whatever is necessary in order to recover.  Someone who is taking massive action will not say “no” to a good suggestion of how they can succeed in recovery.  For example, aftercare recommendations from a substance abuse rehab center cannot be ignored if the person is serious about their recovery.  They will want to follow through with things like outpatient therapy groups, counseling, and so on.

But massive action is more than just going through the motions.  Real recovery does not even start until you have left the rehab center and walked back into the real world.  For example, who do you think will do better in early recovery: the person who shows up for a few meetings each week, or the person who:

* Attends meetings every day or almost every day, and participates heavily in them.

* Gets a sponsor and works through the 12 steps with them in a prompt fashion.

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* Starts immediately working with other addicts and alcoholics in order to help them to recover.

* Starts studying recovery literature and actively writing in the steps.  Possibly keeps a recovery journal as well.

And so on.  You get the idea.  Massive action is an overall approach to early recovery that is all about going way above and beyond what the “average” person will do to try and stay clean.  Remember that the average person in recovery will relapse.  If you give an average effort at staying clean, then you can expect to relapse as well.  It is only those who go above and beyond what is necessary that will reap the benefits of recovery.

You want results, you have to put in the work.  And it is hard.  That’s the deal.


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