What is the Best Treatment for Cocaine Addiction?

What is the Best Treatment for Cocaine Addiction?


People who want treatment for cocaine addiction probably do not realize the nature of the battle they are fighting.  Cocaine addiction is not really so much about the physical addiction to the drug as it is about the lifestyle involved.  It is a psychological addiction because people get caught up in the glamor and the lifestyle of using cocaine.

What is the best treatment for coke addiction?  In most cases it is going to be residential treatment or long term rehab.  For the most part, cocaine addicts do not really need detox at all, as they can basically stop using the drug cold turkey and not suffer any major physical withdrawal symptoms.

Medications used to treat cocaine addiction – there are currently some experiments going on in order to try to get medications approved to help control cravings for cocaine.  I am not positive but I believe there is a study going on that uses Modafinil, which is sold under the name of Provigil, in order to treat cocaine cravings.  If this sounds like something that might help you then you should ask an addictionologist about it.  Those are doctors that specialize in treating addiction…you might have to call around a bit to find one.

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Residential cocaine addiction treatment – this is where you would typically go and stay for 28 days in an inpatient treatment center.  You would likely attend group therapy and watch videos about addiction and recovery and probably speak with a counselor or therapist.  You would also probably attend 12 step meetings such as AA or NA.  These program used to last for 28 days but most of them nowadays are much shorter due to all of the funding cuts when it comes to treatment.  Most insurance companies will not pay for 28 day programs any more so the programs are much shorter now.

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Long term rehab for cocaine addiction– long term treatment is really the best option for anyone who is addicted to cocaine and continues to relapse over and over again.  The reason that long term treatment works well for this drug is because it is a lifestyle drug.  Living in long term treatment gives the addict an opportunity to break away from those old habits that draw them back into the partying lifestyle.  It is more about the new environment and changing our daily habits then it is about controlling cravings and such.  In order to overcome this addiction you need to create a new life in recovery that can replace the passion and excitement that you once had about cocaine use.  Long term treatment will give you the stability to be able to do that over a longer period of time.

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