The Process of Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

The Process of Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment


The process of methamphetamine addiction treatment is actually pretty simple.  There is not much to be done from a physical standpoint and anyone who is detoxing from methamphetamine can basically do it cold turkey.  If you are in an addiction treatment center then they can give you some basic medications to help with headaches or other minor problems, but basically there is no real treatment for the detox portion, and there is no real danger involved with the withdrawal symptoms.  Detoxing from meth is actually pretty straightforward.  There is no real danger in coming off of this drug, so most rehabs tend to skip this part of your treatment, which is perfectly fine.  The help that you really need comes from groups, therapies, lectures, and learning how to live in recovery.

The next part of meth treatment is generally going to be residential treatment.  There you will probably be introduced to the 12 step program of either AA or NA and also go to some groups and lectures and so on.  At most residential treatment centers they will spend maybe hour every week with a quick group about meth as an educational thing for the clients.  From a recovery perspective the discussion of the drug itself is not necessarily that important, as the solution is really designed to apply to any drug, not just meth.  However, it can be important for some addicts who are new in recovery to relate with others who are struggling with the same issues as they are, one of which might be a craving for a specific drug.

Is the 12 step program really suited for meth addiction?  Yes and no.  The 12 step program will work for any addiction really, but in many cases it does not have the greatest rate of success.  It will work if you work it, as they say.

Now that statement actually has a huge truth in it that can show you the ideal path in recovery.  What you need to do is to take massive action in early recovery.  That means that you need to do things every day in order to work on your recovery.  If you go to a 12 step program you will notice that they suggest that you do 90 meetings in the first 90 days of your recovery.  That might sound like a lot but in reality it is way below the bar we are shooting for.  You want to go way above and beyond that level of action and go straight up to “massive” action.  Now does that mean you need 2 or 3 meetings per day?  It might.  Actually, you don’t have to do any meetings if that is not your thing, but you still need to take a ridiculous amount of action if you want to stay clean and sober.

What actions you take and what you do in order to stay clean will vary from person to person.  I actually do not attend 12 step meetings but I still do a lot of stuff to work on my recovery every day, including reaching out and helping other addicts in a number of different ways.

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