Help For Crystal Meth Addiction

Help For Crystal Meth Addiction


Crystal meth addiction is a very hard addiction for many people to overcome. This highly addictive drug is illegally made in laboratories. Meth is a very powerful stimulate that affects the body’s central nervous system. This drugs affects a bodies neurochemical mechanisms. This mechanisms control many different body functions including appetite, blood pressure, heart rate, and mood.

Methamphetamines are so popular, because they produce a high that last from eight to twenty-four hours. This high is caused by the large amounts of dopamine that are released to the brain. Methamphetamines are also known as speed, crystal, and ice. This drug can be smoked, snorted, injected, or swallowed. Smoking and injecting the drug leads to a stronger and fasters addiction to the drug.

There are many physical risks that come with the use of this drug. Increased blood pressure and heart rate are two of the most common affects of this drug. Using this drug can also cause damage to some of the blood vessels in the brain which cause a user to have a stroke.

There are also many psychological affects associated with the use of this drug. Paranoia, anxiety, confusion, and violent behavior are just a few psychological affects that can happen to people who use this type of drug. When a person comes of the high of a methamphetamine they often feel depressed and even suicidal. Even after stopping the use of the drug many meth addicts can feel the psychological side effects for months or even years.

Besides the physical and psychological affects, people, who use this drug intravenously are also exposed to other health problems. Using the drug intravenously increases the risk of HIV, hepatitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and kidney disease.

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While methamphetamine addiction is very powerful , there is meth addiction help available. One of the most popular ways to treat this addiction is with cognitive behavior therapy. This therapy can be done on an individual basis or in a group setting. This type of therapy works by changing the way an addict thinks about themselves and their addiction. The thought behind cognitive behavior therapy is that if an addict can change the way they think about themselves and their addiction than they can also change their addictive behaviors. During this therapy an addict is encouraged to write down their old negative thoughts. These thoughts can then be analyzed and replaced with new and positive thoughts. A good therapist can help an addict figure out which thoughts are most likely to cause them to relapse. Addicts, who go to this type of therapy are also taught how to recognize high risks situations that might cause them to want to use methamphetamines. Once an addict is able to recognize these types of situation they will be able to avoid them easier. Cognitive behavior therapy will also teach an addict coping skills. This is essential for an addict who wants to live a drug free life.

Another way for meth addiction recovery is through a twelve step program. Crystal Meth Anonymous also known as CMA is one of these programs. These meetings are available throughout the United States. This programs helps addicts in the recovery process and helps clean addicts to remain clean. These meetings are held at different locations including churches and parks. Even though there is not a set number of meetings that an addict is required to attend addicts in the beginning of their recovery process are encouraged to attend ninety meetings in ninety days. During the meetings addicts are encouraged to share their experiences. Newcomers to Crystal Meth Anonymous can be given a sponsor to help them with their recovery process.

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