Crack Addiction

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Crack is one of the most evil drugs because of the speed at which people can consume it.

If you have a thousand bottles of booze in your possession, it really doesn’t matter, as you can only drink so much at one time. The human body will limit your consumption for you. The same is true if you have unlimited quantities of most other drugs. You can’t just keep consuming them on a non stop basis.

This is not really true of crack cocaine. The drug disappears fast. For example, a crack addict might buy several hundred dollars worth of the stuff, thinking that it should last him for several days. In a case like this they will usually smoke it all up within the first few hours, and actually go out again that same night to purchase more. That is how evil it can be.

Because of this tendency with crack, the drug seems to push people to do things they would not normally do, because there is such an urgency to smoke it quickly and then get more of it. The big problem, of course, is money. Crack addicts need cash, and will sometimes do desperate things to get it.

Psychological addiction

One of the good things about crack addiction (imagine that, something good!) is that there really is no physical detox from the drug. If crack is your drug of choice and you decide to go to a drug rehab, they will not even need to put you in detox for withdrawal, because there really is none. Sometimes a crack user will have been awake for several days, so they might be in need of sleep, but as far as withdrawal symptoms and physical discomfort from stopping the drug, there really is no major problem with it.

This means that you can actually deal with crack addiction much on your own if you want to, simply by finding support and possibly making some major changes in your life. At least you do not have to go through an expensive detox process like you have to with some other drugs (which is good, of course, because you have likely spent all of your money at this point!).

One thing you might try to do is to just start hitting some NA meetings (Narcotics Anonymous) in your area. There you can start getting some support from other people who are living a drug free life, and also learn about a way to live without drugs yourself. If you can’t find any NA meetings you can always just substitute AA meetings instead, the basic message is the same. Of course there are other ways to live a drug free life, but starting out with 12 step meetings can give you a good foundation for your recovery in terms of exposing you to a good network of people.

Do not underestimate crack addiction

Even though crack does not produce a physical withdrawal, this does not mean that it is an easy addiction to overcome, or that crack addicts never relapse. Just like with any drug, there is always going to be a danger of relapse, regardless of how long a person has been clean.

In fact, there might be an added danger with crack because the withdrawal process is so easy compared to other drugs, that it becomes much easier to justify relapse. The person knows in the back of their mind that they will stop smoking crack when the money runs out, and that will be that. They don’t have to go to rehab or detox or anything, they will simply stop cold turkey. Because it is relatively easy to stop smoking crack, it becomes that much easier to justify starting up again.

Do not underestimate the drug. I have seen crack addicts in recovery who had several years clean who ended up going back out again. In a lot of cases, it is the lifestyle that pulls people back into addiction. It is not just the drug itself, nor is it the high from the drug….but it is all the things that go along with it. It’s the people, the dealers, the late nights, the parties, and so on. In a lot of cases that is what pulls people back into a life of drug addiction. As such, any good solution for recovery will need to focus on creating a new life for yourself that is stimulating enough to replace the old lifestyle of addiction. Being bored is not a good place to be for a recovering addict. Luckily, we can take control of this and do things in order to find real passion and purpose in our lives.

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  • natasha hamilton

    i don’t know what to do my brother is 22 i saw a violent part of him he has been up for 3 days in and out of jail he was doing good when he got out and relaspe in two months help me someone

  • Patrick

    Hi there Natasha

    I don’t think there is much you can do other than to offer your brother help by getting him into rehab. He will probably not agree to go unless he is ready to do so on his own. Maybe hit him up and try to convince him to go when you know he is out of money.

    Good luck…

  • cathy

    Hello Natasha,
    You cannot control your brother. You can try getting him in rehab (again?) Try a support group for yourself while you are dealing with him, even if he will not go to one for himself. Remove yourself from dangerous situations if they happen. I tried for 10 years to help my ex – he was addicted to whatever he could get. Twenty years later he still is off and on the crack. I am not saying your brother will be – I hope not. I am just saying you need to take care of yourself and not blame yourself or put yourself in dangerous situations to help him. God bless you both. I had to leave with the kids – no choice because he had our lives threatened a couple times by the people he ripped off.

  • Christie

    Although you can not “control” your brother, never give up on him. Let him know that he has someone to love him and a reason to live a better life. Encourage him, build him up. Don’t put him down and fill him with guilt or he may fill like he has no reason to be any better because he has dug his hole too deep and give up. Don’t let him control YOU and your emotions and manipulate you in any way. Be strong and I wish the best for you and your brother. I have one just like him.

  • Fiona Atkinson UK

    I have a partner of 19 years we have four children together. He has been a crack addict through all of our relationship. I did not know until 7 years ago. I have tried to help him, but he is still on it. We never seem to have any money he works 6 days a week. But is always tired. Are family never seems to progress anywhere… we split up for two years due to this all. Lies, life style, stealing from us, people who use him that he calls his friends. It is all to much and I keep standing by him and covering up for him. Most people just think he is a hard working guy who looks after his family. But the truth is he never really pays his way, he is cold to the hardship he causes this family, and he works just to feed his habbit. He is 37 and has been doing crack sinse he was 16.

  • Patrick

    Hi there, Fiona.

    I would suggest that you seek out help for yourself first, preferably in the form of Al-anon meetings.

    You cannot change another person but you might learn a bit better how to draw the line and where to set your boundaries if you go to Al-anon.

    You might also encourage treatment. He might not be ready for that yet, but I would at least put it out there on the table.

  • she-was-my-friend

    How do I let go? The CH in my life had been my best friend for 19 years….We met when we were 12, she started smoking crack at 17, we are both 31 now and she hasnt quit.
    I love her so much, but I know there is nothing I can do. I scroll the internet looking for an answer on how to deal with the pain.
    She’s resorted to prostitution and living in various crack houses….Im still in contact with her mother and siblings, they have given up on her. 3 stints in re-hab have done nothing to change her. The family has “given up”.
    I know it sounds horrible, but I would rather her dead then have to worry about her, have dreams about her, and cry when I realize she’ll never be my maid of honor at my wedding…I wish she would die and her soul would be set free, to come back in another life, healthy, and happy.
    How do I let go?

  • Patrick

    @ She-was-my-friend – deep down any addict still has that good person underneath all the chaos and misery.

    I would keep the faith, keep hope alive. I know it is painful to do so but someone kept faith in me while I continued to try to destroy my body for 10 plus years.

    I do not know how to let go. I think it is a grieving process at best….

  • Donna

    I was married to a crack addict for 5 years. 5 years of Hell!! My health was almost gone, we had no money, he couldn’t keep a job because he would walk out and disappear for 3 day binges. He was extremely immature, aggressive, irritable and paranoid. Finally, I quit covering for him, started focusing on my own needs and health. He became angry because I was no longer “enabling” him, so I left him and divorced him. He has been through numerous rehabs and treatment centers. I have full custody of our only son, who is now 17. He has failed him as a father and has never consistently paid child support. Everything in his life is about him and his addiction. Everyone else comes last. The last occurence happened while my son was visiting him and that was it for both me and my son. We have not given up on him, but we realize that the only one that can help him is God and there is nothing anyone else can do. Sometimes you have to use tough love and not give in to the self-centeredness, manipulation and games they play. He can stay clean for a few months or even a year, but when he gets a paycheck, he’s gone. We have completely cut ourselves off from him. Your must guard your heart and guard your children’s emotional’physical state when they are involved. It is his choice how he wants to live his life. I hope he can recover, but I have serious doubts. I have remarried now and am extremely happy with my new life. There was much pain and trust issues that I had to work through in my new marraige because of the trauma from my first. I am glad that I moved on.

  • Patrick

    Yeah that is a tough one Donna when they are addicted to Crack like that….it is so perpetuated by money and cash. A terrible cycle to be caught up in, I am sorry your family had to suffer for it.

    Maybe at some point he will “see the light” and get some help. That is what we can pray for… you said, the rest is up to God. No human power can reach the guy, he is off in his own world….

  • Bob

    My son is 36, divorced with two small beautiful children. He is taking suboxone, that I have purchased and dispense daily…because when I got the first three Rxs, he ended up “selling or trading” some for Crack. I have found the glass tubes, BIC pen barrels, lighters, etc. in his room. My wife and I are in Al-anon. We are trying to detach. My wife can detach with love, I am detaching with “hate/anger” because of his behavior – stealing from me for the last year, pawing my garage tools (personal garage where I work at home – retired). We are still to a degree enabling. Letting him live with us, have a vehicle available…(he buys most of his gas – I put some in the vehicle when he says he is going to AA mtgs)providing him food, clothing, etc. We are spending some time with a wonderful Rehab Counselor, who is also seeing our son. I am slowly reducing my enabling, trying to change my hate and anger to more of tough love…I am continuing to work on it…THANKS… to God for being guided to a wonderful site…bob

  • Patrick

    @ Bob – that is a tough situation indeed. It sounds to me like you are becoming better and better at dealing with his behavior in the right way, so as not to enable him.

    I know it is tough to kick someone out of your home. Some day, that might be the answer for you. Maybe not though. Always good to talk with others, get second opinions from counselors, etc.

    Anyway good luck with him. Keep your sanity first.

  • Lee

    My boyfriend was addicted to crack heavily. He quit for 5yrs and then went away to work on the oil rigs, and I started to notice large amounts of money disappearing. I heard all kinds of unbelievable excuses, but I never thought it would be crack. I truly believed he quit, or did he really. He came home from working away, and left me. He blamed me for reacting to what I saw was different about him. Anger, paranoia, staying up all night, running to the basement every 10 minutes. I was the problem. I just found hidden in the rafters in the basement 4 crack pipes and packages of viagra. He had to cover up his impotency as well. That’s being hooked. And when I confronted him after he left me, he said it was none of my business. But he left me for the drugs, and no more questioning. I’m really hurt that I was the one to seek counselling because I thought it was me. A crack addict finds anyway they can to blame others. I never thought it could happen, but it did. He ruined everything for his addiction. Be positive and know it’s a disease, and it’s not you. :)

  • Ex of C

    Crack addiction is a monster….I have recently detached from my CH after 2 years…2 years of ups and downs, starting and stopping, quitting and relapsing, etc…He is SO good for 2- months, but when he relapses, NOTHING matters, NOTHING, except that pipe…..How could I have gotten mixed up in someothing like this and why did it take me so long to get the hell out? I thought I was “helping” and being supportive, but my feelings for him only made me a bigger target to his addiction……his addiction saw everything that I was trying to do and twisted it and turned it and used it against me…..It is hard to face the fact that you are enabling instead of helping and that you have become co-dependent….I am on my way of re-finding myself and letting go of this…It is not easy…it is a grieving process that comes along with any type of loss……God bless all of you, addicts and loved ones of addicts…..after all, we are all one…no one better, no one worse, only different…

  • Anonymous

    Crack addiction is a vicious cycle of lies betrayal loss of money loss of sanity…how does one get their life back…is there much success for a person who has used heavily for 10 years

  • Gotta Let Go

    Today I reclaim who I am and what I am and that is not a person in a relationship with a crack addict. Will this be an easy process? Probably not, but I feel good about my decision. I have been struggling about whether or not to disconnect with him. Would this leave him with no one? Will he feel completely abandoned? Will he feel there is no need to get sober and remain that way? The guilt has kept me in this game for far too long? What about me? What about how I feel? When is my life important? I am the only one who can make these decisions about “MY” life. It is not up to him or anyone else. I am important and I do matter, maybe not to him, but to me. His recent arrest had made this easier because he has no way to contact me and that is good. I do not plan on contacting him while in jail or if he is released. The time has come!!!!!!!! I welcome any advise from others dealing with this. Perhaps the addict is who he really is and this other person that I think I know is just a temporary step-in

  • SilverFox

    I too, became involed with a recovering addict. We met in February 2010, he relapsed November 2010. We were going to get married this year – that’s not going to happen. I told him the only thing I can do for him is pray he recovers and stay clean. God is his only answer. I can’t live my life wondering if you’re going to stay clean or relapse – that’s just way to much stress. I’ll just stay single the rest of my life. This relationship stuff is way too much pressure, especially with and addict!!

  • Gotta Let Go

    To SilverFox,
    Stay true to yourself…I know that you have been neglecting yourself for too long…it’s crazy isn’t it? God bless you all!

  • Danae

    I am suffering from the same thing. I have a boyfriend that is addicted terribly. He just recieved a settlement from him being hurt in a car accident and he has already took the money and disappeared. He spent 4,000$ in less than a week and came back and wanted more. I just found out he had this problem… I found evidence that he was doing it, and even seen him high a few times but wasnt sure because I wasnt use to seeing anyone like that. I do love him, but this isnt easy for me. When he is sober, he prays, he studies the bible, he is a good dad, but when he gets out there he is out there. I know that he can only help himself as he has been this way for about 10 years from what I heard from others that know him. He always says he wants help but never follows through. When he came back for more money I just prayed with him, and he accepted the prayer, but left with money anyway. I wish I knew what else to do.

  • Evann

    Danae, I have a question for you? When you state, ” I wish I knew what else to do”, do you mean for HIM or for YOURSELF? There is nothing you can do for him. This is all his!!! You can pray for him, but there is nothing that you can actually “DO” for him. Now, for you, I would suggest an Al-Anon or Narc-Anon meeting and/or maybe someone to pray with you. Please, do not forget about yourself. Remember that you matter, you are important and you are responsible for you. You can control you and no one else. You must figure out if you can live with this in your life. Girl, I know this is hard!!!!!!!!!! I can feel your pain, believe me. HELP YOURSELF and maybe by doing so, he will see this and help himself. Saying a prayer for both of you!

  • Samantha

    I keep checking this site for “answers” and tonight I finally decided to post. I am glad to see some new postings, however, I truly wish that there were no need for a site like this. I cannot believe how widespread crack addiction is. Every story is the same. It;s almost like there is a rule book for crack addicts and “they” follow those rules to a tee. I became involved with a CH when he was in one of his recovery periods. Then when he relapsed, boy was I in for a nightmare. I changed and I was not even aware of how his addiction was affecting me. I became a person that I did not even recognize because I was consumed with trying to save him and cover for him and protect him and trying to keep other people from knowing that I was involved with an addict. Why did I not run away right off the bat? Why did I stay and subject myself to this? Why, because I believed him every time and I thought if I was supportive of him then he would quit. Then one day, I woke up and when I recalled all of these past events, it sickened me! I was so disappointed in myself, but now that I have left the situation and as each day passes, I feel better about myself. I guess there was a lesson in all of this for me to learn. I hope others will continue to share. Would really like to hear from some addicts who have recovered and have a substantial amount of clean time. Maybe they could give me the rest of the answers that I am lookng for.

  • http://Spititual Jennifer

    Hello….. I am sitting at a rehab RIGHT now while my new husband of 2 months is trying to make this right!!!
    I knew of his problem before we got married ( i still married him after2 episodes on our wedding/honeymoon ) in Jamaica…. I love him from the second i laid eyes on him at work…as scary as it seems, i have stopped at nothing to get him clean… I have called the dealers (yes, i found the phone #s), i have gone to the projects and continually beeped the horn, i gave my jewelry to get him out of there, etc…. I have given my life as i knew it….
    My sole purpose is to get him well… Does ANYONE out there have a good story to tell me??? Is there any hope at ALLLLLLL !!!???? :(

    Thank you….

  • Evan

    Hi Jennifer,
    So sorry this is happening. HOPE, there is always HOPE. For whom, well that is up to each individual. He must be the one that tackles HIS addiction. There is nothing you can do to get him sober and/or keep him sober. The question is how much are you willing to endure, how much are you willing to loose, of material things and of yourself? I am not on here to be negative. I am only here to tell you this. YOU did not create this and YOU cannot cure this. Do you know the difference between helping and enabling? Take it from a person who thought that she was helping, only to find out that she was a huge enabler. I am referring to myself. I have covered up for him, I have lied for him, I have paid thousands of dollars to correct the consequences of his choices/actions. I have done everything to keep him from suffering, all because I thought it was helping. I accepted responsibility for everything that he would not. He has stolen from me on numerous occasions and I continued to let him get away with it. I changed who I was and how I was because of this addiction. I withdrew from my family and friends because I was so afraid that someone might find out….Well, guess what? They found out anyway…when he stole from my family. Talk about humiliation and guilt. I invited him in and he did this them, but yet I continued to “protect” him and continued my relationship wiht him and then One day I just had enough. After he had ANOTHER $2500 binge (6 days), I looked at myself and did not recognize the person whom I had become. I decided to take MY life back because I have no control over him or his life. I can only control myself. Your sole purpose should be to save yourself, whether you stay or go, you must take care of yourself. I am not suggesting you leave him. I am urging you to get help for yourself. Believe me, you need help too. This has already affected you in more ways than you realize. Contact an Al-Anon or Nar-Anon group, counseling center, etc. Saying a prayer for healing of all parties involved!

  • kurt

    you are putting yourself in danger for a crack head!!! i read this page every day. it is my therapy and i have never commented, but today your story made me worry for your safety and i just had to say something.
    why would you cruise the hood and try and stop this? it is amazing how the addiction of one person makes the “unaddicted” person go to desperate lengths. good grief, get out before something happens to you. read all the previous posts. they pretty much all state the same. crack addiction is horrible for everyone involved. you will not save your new husband. that is something he has to do and if he has been using for a long time and is a heavy user, he will probably never recover. crack changes brain chemistry. that is clinically proven. i do not mean to sound insensative to your situation. i am being very real with you because i know. i have lost 2 brothers and 1 friend to crack. they have not died, but none of them has any sort of normal life. it is all about the crack. and i cannot say that death would not be better. they have been shot, beaten and have lived in pathetic conditions, going weeks without bathing. each one of these individuals made several trips to rehab,lived in half way houses,stayed sober for a few months and then relapsed, time and time and time again. since they started smoking crack none of them have held a long term job, lived on their own where they were responsible for the bills (they can always get a woman to do that…for a while), kept a vehicle, or kept anything for that matter. they did not start out this way. at one time they all had good jobs, were married or involved with someone for a long time and then they started smoking crack and it all went down hill from there. they have all stolen, cheated, lied, slept with men and women for crack, been in and out of jail and prison and still they smoke that stuff. this roller coaster ride has been going on for years. my parents used their retirement saveings to get good lawyers and pay fees, only to have the arrests repeated many times. now they sttruggle to make it and their sons are still using. i love each of them to this day but i learned a long time ago that i was powerless in helping them and i am grateful every day that i never tried the devil’s candy. returning to this site and reading and re-reading these posts helps me to remember that i can do nothing for them, no matter how bad i want to and i do but i know that it will hurt me in the long run. stay safe, please!

  • Samantha

    For Jennifer;
    I wish I knew a good story to tell you, but I do not. My story is far from good. It is actually a very sad and humilitating story as are most stories regarding crack. Please consider getting some help for yourself. It took me along time to get help and now I wish I had done it much sooner. People in the meetings will not judge you..they understand what you are going through. I am better with each day that passes.

    Best of luck to you.

  • Nikki

    I am married to a crack cocaine addict, these stories all are what I have endured with him over the past 5 years. We will be married for going on 10 and I am not sure when this starte…we now have 4 children, ages 8,6,4 and 2. In the lasat 3 months that we have been seperated, he has seen them four times, and the last time he saw them he smoked crack once they had gone to sleep. I came to pick them up the next morning and he had a major burn mark on his lip. It was tried to be covered up as being a cold sore. He went to re hab in June for 2 weeks, I know not long enough…..relapse after relapse..He is now living with his sister and opened up his own bank account and is haveing $300.00 deposited into his account and the rest in our joint account. He told me he had stopped that deposit only to find out yesterday that he didn’t, and now I am the bad guy for being upset that once again I have been lied to. i feel like it is only a matter of time before the next relapse. His sister is drug testing him daily, but will that stop him????

  • Evann

    Hello to you..wish you and your children were not having to deal with this situation.
    HE is the only person who can make him stop. HE must decide to stop smoking crack. No amount of drug testing will work if he has not decided to give up crack. Drug testing him daily will only work if he wants to stop smoking crack and get his life back in order. This is not your fault and do not beat yourself up for being upset. His manipulation tactics are at work when he can make you feel like the bad guy. Take care of yourself and your children!!!!!! Make yourself and your kids a priority!!!! Prayers going out for your family.

  • Samantha

    In total agreement with Evann. Until your husband chooses to live a crack free life, nothing will stop him. Not you, not his sister, NOTHING and NO ONE will come between him and his addiction until he decides to become clean and stay clean. My ex-CH smoked crack on a Tuesday and then went to a meeting with his probation officer on Thursday. He pissed “dirty” and they revoked his probation and he is now BACK in jail AGAIN. I hope you will seek help for you and your kids. Maybe you can check out al-anon. Take care of the person who you have control over…YOU and of course, take care of your kids!

  • Daisy

    I just found this site and need some advice. I am a crack addict, clean for just over 4 and a half years now. I was using crack for abut a year and half when I found out I was pregnant. I quit immediately and have not looked back once. My boyfriend on the other hand continues to use. He said he would stop once the baby was born. He didn’t. We contsantly fought, and broke up when baby was about 18 months old. He promised to quit and moved back in. He stayed sober for about a year, we had another child. Then he started smoking weed. I shrugged it off, he was hanging with his family, wasn’t doing it at home or around our kids. Then he stayed a week at his cousins house and I guess he used crack while there. He has resumed on his slippery slope. He has been unemployed 2 years, a previous drug charge has prevented him from getting a job. we live with my mother as she believes it is important for children to have their mother at home and when he was sober and his income couldn’t support us, she offered for us to move in with her. He gets money from his father every month, and instead of helping with bills, or buying what our kids need, he has started to spend it on crack. Two weeks into this month, I asked him to buy some childproofing things for this house, and he said he had no money. It’s not as extreme as some of you have posted, but spending $200 in two weeks is a very big deal. I want to leave, rather, I want HIM to leave, but I don’t want to share custody with him. I don’t want him to be alone with the kids, neglecting them for drugs, or pawning them off on who knows so he can be alone to get high. I think he was using for about 10 years when we met, so I would assume with random bouts of being clean he has been using for 16 years.

  • Evann

    Hi Daisy,
    First of all congratulations on your sobriety!! Second, you need some legal advise regarding leaving your husband and the custody of your children. Many women’s shelters have counseling services and perhaps you could contact one and see what services they offer. Since you live with your mother, she has the right to “put him out”…..this may require the both of you obtaining a restraining order. You and/or your mother can contact the police department and speak to someone and get the particulars. Tell them the situation….he is an active addict and you want him removed from the home. You could also contact legal aide in your city/state. Call around and gather some information….Take care your yourself and your children!!!!!! Sendng prayers your way!

  • Chris


    I’m new and will be brief! I too have decided to leave a very great person behind… not behind… ’cause I’m not better than him in any way. Of course, you know that I’m referring to a crack addictttt… They are the most sensitive, warm, charming people in the world. Unfortunately, the world being Im-perfect, so are they… and so are we for putting ourselves, our needs, our values aside while trying to stay connected to a spiralling relationship in a vain attempt to DO GOOD!
    Thank you for you for your words – I realize that I am not alone having done the “leaving” and the “helping” and the “support” schmeeel but – I’m outta’ here because I know that we are the only ones giving this any more thought – and not the CHeads of this world… Enough for us? Agree?
    Good Luck and all the best XOX

  • Evann

    Hello! Glad you are here and glad we have all been able to offer you some support and encouragement. It takes time and effort to regain the life you once had. SO HARD at first and then you gradually begin to feel like your old self. It will be like a ton of bricks has been removed from on top of you. I remember the first night that I slept thru the entire night. I was so shocked when I awoke and realized that it had happened. Day by day things have gotten better for me and I am so grateful. Maybe at some point, they will find their way as we have found ours. Sending prayers your way.

  • Collette

    HELP!!!! I need information and am hoping someone on here will answer my questions. I have already left my husband but since I have no “drug knowledge”, I am seeking answers. 1. Whats the deal with having the water running in the bathroom when smoking crack? 2. How can an addict stay clean for 2 or 3 months and then binge use for 7-10 days, come home, carry on with life, go to NA meetings, be productive, stay clean again for 2 months adn then binge again for several days. I don’t understand the binge thing. I thougt once you got addicted to crack you did it almost every day, but I have read about the binge user. I was just hoping to actually visit with someone who had expereinced this. Thanks.

  • Patrick

    @ Collette – binging is common among crack users. The nature of that drug lends itself well to binge use.

    The reason for this is because their is almost no hard ceiling for crack intake. In other words, you cannot drink 500 dollars worth of booze. Nor can you smoke 500 dollars worth of marijuana. But you can easily smoke 500 dollars worth of crack in a weekend.

    So this sort of creates the binge cycle. You buy as much as you can, then you run out quickly, then you have no money or resources left. So you sort of recover from your binge and earn some more money….etc.

    Good luck.

  • Collette

    Patrick, thank you for explaining. I guess I better understand the binging, however, I think I will never totally understand this whole crack thing. How long is it going to take before I quit feeling so stupid for believing all those lies and for remaining in this situation for as long as I did. When he stole my things and pawned them, why did I stay and overlook all of this? Why have I put myself in financial and emotional stress over a crackhead? I APPRRECIATE YOUR HELP PATRICK.

  • Patrick

    @ Collette – no easy answers. When you love someone it is easy to forgive their crazy decisions and take them back, because you have hope that they will feel remorse and change.

    Of course addiction just pillages on ahead, and people do not necessarily change. Some will keep using until it kills them, or puts them in prison.

    But do not beat yourself up. Instead, go to an Al anon meeting and share your story with them. You can find strength in your situation if you take positive action.

  • Jeanna

    I like many others fell prey to a very manipulative/con-artist Crack Addict. I had no idea how much this would wreck my life and take away my sanity, as well as a basic quality of life that everyone is entitled too. It controls and ruins everyones life in its path. My 39 year-old Crack-Addict boyfriend is a verbally abusive alcoholic-chain smoking-SOB when he is not all cracked-up. I allowed myself to “believe” all of his 7am apoligies and “today is a new” promises that are all lies. He does not work and will not look for work. He spends $200 a week for crack and beer and when he runs out of money his “Mother” sends him cigs in the mail.She pays his car insurance and monthly cell phone bill. Which only frees up more money for drugs. He is wanted for child-support and why they do not get him I have no idea? I wished for them to pick him–so perhaps he would be forced to stay clean for just a little while. I have begged and pleaded with him to get help-I offered to attend with him–anything to save his life for his 12 year daughter that he sees very little of. After keeping me up night after night going in and out of the house I want to die. Leaving at 3am returning at 8am when I am going to work I cant take it anymore. I have been telling him to get out for two months. I am at the point of having to get an Eviction notice and he tells me over and over it will be the worse mistake of my life if I call the Cops to make him leave. I am sick of his abuse,he is nasty now and will not shower or clean up after himself. He stole my deceased parents gold-jewelry last week, and tells me “I lost it”. I dont know whatelse to do and I am ashamed of what I have allowed to happen to me. I just want him out and to leave me alone. I do not want trouble and I do not want him to get-me-back for kicking him out. He refuses to pay rent(he got laid off 8 months ago and is milking un-employment) and does nothing but disapear daily and return drunk. He scraps metal for the extra money to support his addiction. Anyone who reads this and is involved with a Crack Addict–get out and or get them out all they do is selfishly rob you of your life. They only care about themselves and getting crack. I pray that this will end soon and nothing will happen to me. I realize he does not care about quitting and says he has no addiction. I just want him out.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your post. I wish I could offer you some help with your situation. I can only pray and I will!!! Take care of yourself. It still amazes me how our stories are exactly the same for everyone involved. It is heartbreaking, devastating and frustrating. Be safe.

  • destiny

    I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions. The story short & simple been marrie 20 yrs 4 kids. Have a great hubby. Very class A personality. Has his career & we have a great family. I wear the pants so to speak,I work and take care of all household duties. I was raised on farm & I have one now. He wasn”t, needless to say I’ve never felt accepted. I started to drink when I was 26 & at times to cover my sadness or anger. I’m 36 now & 3 mths ago my uncle passed, I met his son which isen’t blood related for 2nd time. I can’t explain our eyes met & I could see his soul I felt instantly in love with him. I thought this was surely silly but he told me the same thing. I’d heard the stories about him being a crack addict & 7 yrs in penatentry but it didn’t matter. He’d been clean all that time & 1 yr out in a program & now has relapsed several times. I know it’s a lifelong fight. We’re so happy together & his mom loves me. I haven’t left my marriage. He’s married but seperated & staying with his mom cause I said I didn’t think he should live alone. Gets bored to easy. How do bI get him back on track without him knowing what I’m doing?

  • Anonymous

    To Destiny.
    YOU CAN’T GET HIM BACK ON TRACK…..He is the only person who can do that. He is the only person who can make him want to quit and he is the only person who can make him quit. Do not fool yourself into believing that you can control him or his addiction. What you see right now is what you will get. over and over and over, until he decides that he is done with crack and commits to sobriety, recovery and a life long abstinence program. Don’t give him money, don’t buy him things, DON’T…Do not enable his crack behavior or his crack addiction. If he is currently using crack then he will be using you or he is using you…Just speaking from my own expereince and the experience of everyone I know that has or has had a Crack Head in their life. DO NOT ENABLE! DO NOT LET HIS ADDICTION TAKE YOU DOWN! Read all you can about crack addiction, go to Nar-Anon or Al-Anon and listen..just listen for the first few times. I am not saying that he can not or will not stop, but you make it seem like he has relapsed and walked away from the program. If that’s the case, then I doubt he is serious about getting and staying clean. Good Luck, Destiny!

  • patti

    destiny, you drink to cover sadness and anger. your new boyfriend uses crack. does that sound like a relationship with a promising future?

  • Evann

    PLEASE think long and hard before you expose your children to crack addiction. Remember, the choice you make will affect them

  • lisa

    I too have an issue with a crack addict. When we dated he had no drug issue. Two months after we got married is when our nightmare started. (We have only been married for 1 year) He approached me and asked me if he could smoke it one time for old time sake. I quickly said no and didn’t want any part of it. At any rate, it did not stop from there. He lied to me and to his dad and was horrible to his entire family for over 6 months then decided to stop on his own after I had to pay the guy one last time to pay his “debt.” My heart said don’t, but I did and it stopped. Until recently when we got income tax money, it started back up again. He quickly started with excuses for all symptoms to hide it. Made me turn off our phone site to watch him, said I didn’t trust him and should not be watching every move he made. It is continuing and more money each week, fights are getting bad. He has not physically hit me but emotionally I am destroyed. Why can’t he just stop! He sees what it is doing to us.

  • melissa cheatham


  • Anonymous

    Lisa and Melissa, Please read all the other posts back to the beginning. Nothing ever really changes for the addict. The change will be within yourselves. Unless the addict is Serious about living a crack free life and commits to abstinence there will never be a change. You are each in control of only one Person, you. We continue to give them chances and believe that things can be different because we love them. They however do not love themselves and that is where and why the destruction began and continues. Please do not let their addiction bring you down even further. At some point you must fight for yourselves just as you have each faught for them and i know you each have faught the good fight, begged,pleaded, cried and went up above and beyond for them. Take care of yourself and know that you are each in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Lynn

    Michelle, Lisa, and all others interested in crack info and resources. Contact me at I would like to give you additional info to check out. It’s a website but I cannot post the address on this board.

  • Lynn

    Melissa, the above message was meant to include you:-))

  • Darb

    I’m xausted in this fight with my addiction, and my family even more so. I apparently have everything at my fingertips for a great life,, family , health, friends, finances. But I still continue o pick up that pipe. Same old same old, 5 second rush folowed by 30 min of explosive extremely intensive paranoia! Yuk,,, then I do it all over again. No escape for me.

  • Darb

    I have done three rehabs in less then two years. Lasted four mths this time. Binges for past mth,,, $1000 per day being consumed now. By the way ,?I am 43 years old and have a 5 year old girl, had a wife , hous , etc. Life was nice and normal but now every sec of my day is ether thinking about how to get crack, how to stop using crack, do I want to stop using, will I ever stop using, etc. It’s ALL about addicton nowadays. I have so much to say , should I say it , will it do any good? Mass confusion. Been clean fortwo days now, 9 brothers and two sisters are all rooting for me. Even my ex wife is by my side,,, how can they be? Apparently when I am clean I am an exceptionally great person,, but when I use I dissapear into the darkness and a totally different person emerges,,, a don’t give a damn personality. Ten years hooked, severely hooked for past three. Instead of smoking 8 dollar chnks I now smoke forty dollar chunks per puff. Overdose, not possible anymore obviousl,, heart attack ,,, most certainly. All I can do now is read everything I can get my hands on, by the way , what is this site and who am I talking too? Please give me some feedback, I can be negative but I sincerely do want to beat using this Devils Candy! Did I helP or hinder anyone? Thanks for letting me gab.

  • hollie

    recently ended a 3 year relationship with an alcoholic plus cocaine habit. not long after i was out of the ‘fuzziness’ of the relationship, suddenly things became clear..why had things got worse over the months, i knew it was more than the drink,,,.all the mood swings, unexpected violence towards the end, out of character lying etc etc… i actually took a guess he was on crack and turned out to be true! he admitted been doing it for about a year. the sad thing is that we have a beautiful baby girl together who he was soooo proud of, shes 9 months now and since the split he now continues to choose his drink and drug binges over spending time with his daughter then deals with his remorse later. im stressed and worried and scared for the future but my focus is on my little girl to protect love and care for her the very best i can, its his loss. his mother and me no longer recognise him anymore, he does not do crack on a daily basis but even when he is not high he is a different person now. its crazy how devious, manipulating, lying, defensive, justifying, blaming, minimising and loads of other stuff… its like you have to go through a bereavement cos you know the person you once loved is not there anymore. i hope he finds himself again but you drive yourself mad when the situation becomes your main focus..time to think about myself and little girl. i was devasted my family was broken and the drugs n drink won!! but thats the reality of it,,, you can either analyze every piece and try to put them altogether or you can leave the broken pieces on the floor and move the fuck on. i will be there to support him if he needs it but its pointless wasting all your energy on an addict when you got your own happiness right in front of you, dont get dragged down with them, be strong. easier said than done but i’m trying. xxxxxxx

  • Kas

    Darb, how are things going for you? I i know you. i guess this is because all crack stories are basically the same, huh…I so hope that you kick this thing. I often wondered if a long term extreme user can stay clean. I sure hope so for your sake and for your daughters. good luck to you Darb. thanks for posting your story.

  • Stephanie


    i have been dating a crack addict for a year now..things were going good in the beginning hey…till he relapsed….then everything just started falling apart..i made the worst decision to move in together and i lost alota stuff when we were staying together for only 2 months…i’m back at my moms place now and i feel safe….we’re still together…he asked me to help him overcome his addiction…and for the first time i told him that i can only help him if he helps himself……it seems like he’s making changes however i don’t want to be hasty and get comfortable with the situation. I really do love him, but if he doesn’t want to change then he’ll be the weakest link and be evicted from my life and my sons life.

  • Jersey ringer

    Its the hardest drug

  • a crack lover in love w a crack addict whose rich

    heres a question what happens when u are dating a crack head become one when already addiction is in the blood and u become codependant and addicted to emotional abuse and anger and always say things will change but u can do nothing but smoke together and fight and amp each up… sex dissapears blame starts… i was a broadway stage performer nad always in my blood i had it all over time but a past of being an escort cause i went through three rapes.. in my life so sex was something i saw as part of me. I downgraded my beliefs and i got into cocaine at 22 and it batteled me and then i tried crystal only for a month and it was the darkest drug ever but waking up and ending up in insane asylun overnight made me never miss the addiction or drug im disgusted by ut … i met my bf through the internet how i meet most men from day one we did cocaine like crazy together and had a syd and nancy relationship but he was the first person who made me feel and not wanna escort to make money anymore i devalued money he was great in the beginning but as time passed he couldnt breather on cokeanymore so he switched to crack one day i tried it and he didnt want me to and we fell into happiness and then it was all we did past year i went through an eviction lost everything lied and still clung to him he would get high as hell w me and then leave me lone as he had to do his work and being left high on crack and alone ahhh worst feeling. he could function and i couldnt
    he has endless funds to it so it keeps going he evena week ago had us up for three days and we figured lets smoke all we can to the point wher we hate it
    13 rounds later and four days no sleep and two days after i wanted it again as did he
    its easy when the cash is gone u stop
    but im so in love w this guy because there is a part of him that sober is great and always there and another part of him that enables me
    i dont know how to let him go so i dont lose myself anymore
    i come from sobriety dad is 33 yrs sober aa wasnt for me a pretty face makes womn dislike ya and u are limitedon convos..
    i just dont know how to stop as two days later im sober im great and bam i dont need help anymore cause i was good a few days…
    this drug is so sneaky cause its light side of a lil and ur fine becomes such a large obstacle and just over a year

    cause u can sleep and come down and think u control it
    ive lost my will to sing and i want the old me back its gonna be a journey
    im sick of the fihgts blame emotional abuse anger but thenfeeling safe at the cuddling slepe phase im sick of seeing more andmore street people when ur upper middle class and a lady and getting used to it im sick of the dealers and the urges and the pipes all over the place and choreboys i love having fun though and fear boredom
    i lovve my bf but i hate my life
    i will overcome this

  • BALL

    i WAS A CRACK ADDICT MYSELF, THEN I GOT CLEAN. ILOVE MY PARTNER WHO IS LEAVING ME FOR THE CRACK. RIGHT NOW HE HAs never came home from this morning. we moved 12 hours away from our homne 5 years ago, and now he getting deeper into his addiction. he’s going to quit his job and go back home. to more actively pursue crack. i dont want him to go. because i know he will go to jail.

  • Lori Bennett

    I am currently in the clutches of a $300-$500 per day addiction to crack cocaine. I just got fired from a very lucritive job I had for 15 years. My retirement and severance package are gone ($50,000) and my boyfriend just went to jail for 4 months cause when his probation officer came to ff our house to check on him, they found my drugs and he took the rap rather that let me mar my pristine record. I have bill collectors calling and I know my house and cars are next to go. But I am too much a slave to this stuff to update my resume and get out there pounding the pavement. I lie, lie, lie to everyone I care about to get more. I think more and more about “creative” ways to make money. And all this happened in 3 months. I took my very first hit of crack on May 15 and I haven’t missed a day yet.

    I no longer have insurance since losing the job and I can’t come up with the money. Plus I have to be home as I am the only one who can care for all our animals. I have no one I can turn to for assistance, either financially, physically, or emotionally. Plus I have a lot of work to do juggling money,, etc to keep the creditors at bay. IRS issues, EDD issues.All the while I am trying desperately to quit and I have dealers showin up at my door all hours with “great deals”.

    Bottom line…I HAVE to do this alone, either at home or I am trying to borrow enough money to rent a beach or mountain vacation rental home for 3 days next week. I have to be away from all this temptation and craziness. I am wondering if there is such a thing as a companion or assistant that I could take with me to help me through it? And where might I find such a person. Also any tips or advice on how to best get thru those 3 days would be much appreciated.

  • Kas

    Lori…why not admit yourself to a rehab facility? There are places funded by the state that require no money on your part. By the way, your post seems a little “Scam-ish”. If someone gave you money what would you actually do with? I mean you just stated that you were coming up with creative ideas to get money to get more crack.

  • Lori Bennett

    Hey Kas,
    I just reread what I wrote and I guess I sort of see what you are saying. The point of the post is not that I need money. I have liquidated enough to secure a place for me to go away and detox. What I was trying to say and came on here to ask is…are there detox coaches, or detox caregivers, support people with crack detox knowledge and experience. I have only been doing this shit 3 months, I barely know anything about it except that it has begun to ruin my life and I want to stop it now. I didn’t go into all the various reasons but it is out of the question for me to go away right now for a month or more. I have no one to take over for me. Suffice it to say, I would quickly lose the things I have left. Again…The ONLY thing I want to know is “How might one find a person to enjoy a 3-5 day vacation to the beach at no cost for just holding my hand and advising, and walking me through this process I am very scared to begin.

  • Marie

    You sound like an intelligent woman and able to take care of herself. I suggest educating yourself on your ‘poison’. Apparently crack is easy to kick for awhile because there is virtually no physical withdrawal which ends up being the reason it’s hard to kick. It’s a mind set. It’s a choice. It’s probably not going to be hard to stay away from it when you at your sober sanctuary.(as long as you do not take any with you!!) When you are back to your ‘hood’ dealing with the pressures you can’t get away from and closer to your old haunts is when it’ll be a struggle. Keep yourself busy, join a gym, go for a walk, go to the library, a museum, write a letter, take up cooking, anything, and when the urge strikes you and you start to justify using, give it a second thought and know you are better than that!
    Cheering for ya, Marie

  • Maria

    You sound like an intelligent woman and able to take care of herself. I suggest educating yourself on your ‘poison’. Apparently crack is easy to kick for awhile because there is virtually no physical withdrawal which ends up being the reason it’s hard to kick. It’s a mind set. It’s a choice. It’s probably not going to be hard to stay away from it when you at your sober sanctuary.(as long as you do not take any with you!!) When you are back to your ‘hood’ dealing with the pressures you can’t get away from and closer to your old haunts is when it’ll be a struggle. Keep yourself busy, join a gym, go for a walk, go to the library, a museum, write a letter, take up cooking, anything, and when the urge strikes you and you start to justify using, give it a second thought and know you are better than that!
    Cheering for ya, Marie

  • http://yahoo 2-In-Love with a crack habit

    My girlfriend and I have been in a relationship now for 4yrs we are in love with each other butwe both smoke crack have been both in n out of jail she was in prison for 18mths due to crack while she was locked up I held a job sent her money but still smoked crack on weekends she came home and started smoking again we both work rent a room my wants n goal is for us to finally get our own apartment We dont want to smoke crack any longereither we are having problems helpin each other out Im starting to feel

  • http://yahoo 2-In-Love with a crack habit

    Scared continuously smoking crack is causing me to feel I cant trust her I love her and know she loves me I dont want us to break up. How do we stop ouraddiction together andmove on without addiction?

  • I am a wife of a crack addict he says its easy to stop but that only last a few weeks then hes back smoking it again does anyone know how this affects the family or do they really care he only thinks of his self i have tryed to get away but he allways fin


  • Hot Mess, Help

    I have been with my man for 9 years, and I based our relationship on love and trust. 6 months ago he told me he was smoking crack and he was cheating on me with another lady. I was a formal crack user and I stayed clean for 22 years being so stupid for him I relapsed. I told him he did not half to smoke crack in the streets but he can smoke in the back yard, little did I know it was a set up for me. Now my addiction is back and I am losing everything. I feel so bad and less than very embarrass and fuckup. I work and keep hoping my life will change but its not. Please write me back.

  • Patrick

    @ Hot mess – Well it is hard to know for sure but to me it almost sounds like you would do well to get single for a while, get out of all relationships, just pause. “I might be back some day, might not” type of thing.

    Then go work on your recovery. You had 22 years clean but obviously you had not discovered the real “you” who loves recovery just yet. Go find that part of you and then when you have that, you will be able to enter a healthy relationship again (possibly with him, it all depends).

  • Hot Mess, Help

    Thank Patrick. I will take time out to discoverer the real me. I never planed on going back to using drugs. It’s a terrible “Hell Hole I have reopen in my life, and a major regret.” I did love recovery and still do I just fell weak I should have recognized the signs of relapse everything just happen so fast.

  • Hot Mess, Help

    I am asking for your prayers, I threw my pipe away and is will to give myself a new start. I desire not to play mine games with myself regarding my issue but, I want to be free. I know my triggers are my boyfriend and money. I don’t go out and look for drugs I send him. I pay on what I think is important like rent, and my car note but everything else suffers. I continue to attend church and I still have hope. But in essences I am still hunted with the shock that I even started back using drugs (Crack) after 22 years of not using. I use to have extra money but within the last 4 months hell has open up in my life. My bank account is closed, I have borrowed money from pay-day loans and my gas at my home is turned off. My mental state is fracture and I am still with my man who played a major part in helping me open this hell hole of crack addiction in my life. Please send me your suggestion, comments good or self correcting; and most of all please pray for me. Finding my way back Hot Mess, Thanks.

  • ???

    My boyfriend is going through the same thing that alot of you guys are going threw. Its been about a year that hes been smoking crack. we have 2 kids which makes it so hard to leave him. And i want to help him and half the time he says he wants the help but than he goe right back to it. he just recently got out of jail on bail… a high bail at that because when he was in there it was all talk like i wanna do better i promise imma make it right… 3 days after getting out he got high again. Than he was good for about 2 weeks until last night. He started a bullshit fight with me which is always how i know thats whats coming next… than he walks away down the street to the crack house. i told him if you walk away right now you are walking away from your family as im sitting there with his 2 babies. and he proceeded to walk away. I want to stick to my word cause i dont want him to think that it is okay for him to just occasionally get high and than come back for a couple weeks and so it again but i love him so much and i want him to be in the kids life and im scared that if i dont let him back everytime when hes down getting high for the moment that he will never be a part of hiskids life at all…. its hard to figure out what would be better… they need a dad but not a part time one. Any suggestiong on what to do??And for all you who are fighting the addiction just believe in yourself…. everytime u think you are going to smoke crack again just tell yourself that you are worth more than that…. its a nasty dirty drug and just dont let it be stronger than you….. you are letting something so silly control you life…. wake up and realize that you control your life and that you love your life and yourself!!

  • Feast To Famine

    I’ve heard that it’s impossible to recover from crack addiction for good, that unlike the alcoholic the crack addict will always return to his drug of choice. Is this true?

  • Barryn

    To feast/famine
    I have often wondered the same thing. How many hard core crack addicts ever get sober and stay sober? I have never witnessed it. I know of crack addicts that are clean while they are incarcerated but return to the drug shortly after release. I know of those who are clean for months and then binge but they really are are not sober minded if they binge every fewmonths and that’s not really being clean. Are there any success stories out where? If so how did you do it and wht do you do every day to stay clean. I suppose I will never understand. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking and devastating to watch a loved one battle this drug.

  • jarmone

    I don’t think a person who has used a bunch of crack will ever stop using it. I think most people die being a crack head. It just messes you up to bad. You can’t get free from crack once you use it alot. I know to many who go to rehab a bunch of times and go to jail a bunch of times to. They never quit that stuff until they die. Its bad man. You cannot trust a crack head. They will take you down to if you stay involved with them. They will be a great person until that urge hits and then you are nothing to them. They will steal money from a babys piggy bank to get that crack. They will lie and cheat and steal. They always go back to crack. Wish there was a cure.

  • Breaking Point Again

    WHAT does it take to stop the urge? How can I stop this madness? Rehab and AA and NA have not worked? Jail and prison have not worked either. I have moved and changed locations, changed friends (who do not use alcohol or drugs), changed jobs. I am an intelligent person (believe it or not), but years ago made the mistake of smoking crack and I have been unable to break away from these cycles. I know most people believe that if a person wants to quit, then that person will quit. I do not want to a crack addict, but something clicks inside of me and away I go. It is like I have no control over it at all. Once the urge hits, I cannot overcome it! Can someone please tell me what works, if anything.

  • rebecc

     My Name is Crack

    I destroy homes……. I tear families apart.

    I take your children……and that’s just the start.

    I’m more costly than diamonds, more precious than gold.

    The sorrow I bring, is a sight to behold.

    If you need me, remember, I’m easily found…

    I live all around you…in schools and in town.

    I live with the rich…I live with the poor…

    I live down the street…maybe even next door!

    I am made in such ways…you can shoot me or smoke…

    I used to be called “cocaine…or coke”

    The sound that I make, when you’re inhaling my stench…

    Is how my name “Crack” came to be…(perfect sense)

    My power is awesome; try me, you’ll see…

    But if you do, you may never break free.

    Just try me once, and I may let you go…

    But try me twice, and I’ll own your soul.

    When “I” possess you, you’ll steal and you’ll lie.

    You’ll do what you have to, just to get “high”.

    The crimes you’ll commit, for my narcotic charms…

    Will be worth the pleasure you’ll feel in your arms, lungs and nose.

    You’ll lie to your mother; you’ll steal from your dad…..

    When you see their tears, …you should feel sad.

    But you will forget your morals…and how you were raised…..

    I’ll be your “conscience”…I’ll teach you “my ways”.

    I’ll take kids from parents, and parents from kids.

    I turn people from “GOD”…..and separate friends.

    I’ll take everything from you, …your looks and your pride.

    I’ll be with you ALWAYS…….right by your side.

    You’ll give up everything…your family, your home….

    your friends,…. your money….then you’ll be all alone.

    I’ll take & take, till you have nothing more to give…

    When I’m finished with you….you’ll be lucky to live.

    If you try me, be warned……..this is no “game”…

    If given the chance….I’ll drive you insane!

    I’ll ravish your body…I’ll control your mind..

    I’ll own you “completely”….your “soul” will be mine!

    The nightmares I’ll give you, while lying in bed…

    The voices you’ll hear…..from inside your head…

    The sweats, the shakes…the “visions” you’ll see…

    I want you to know…these are ALL “gifts from me”.

    But then it’s too late, and you’ll know in your heart..

    That you are MINE…..and we shall not part….

    You’ll regret that you tried me…they always do…

    But YOU came to ME…Not “I” to you……

    You knew this would happen,…many times you were told…

    But you challenged my “power”…and chose to be “bold”.

    You could have said “no”…..and just walked away…

    If you could live that day over…now what would you say?

    I’ll be your “Master”…..and you’ll be my slave…

    I’ll even go with you…when you go to your grave.

    Now that you have met me…what will you do?

    Will you try me or not? It’s all up to you….

    I can bring you more misery than words can tell…

    Come take my hand….let me lead you to HELL!


  • jarmone

    W O W
    Rebecca that is so true. I let my brother read that who is a crack addict and he said that had to be written by someone who did alot of crack cuz its all true and you could not naked that sh* t up.

  • jarmone

    ** you could not MAKE that sh*t up

  • Kristen

    It’s a choice EVERYDAY to stay clean. If you haven’t smoked crack for 20 some years, then obviously you KNOW right from wrong. It is not impossible. Even if it’s only been 3 months of clean time, you KNOW right from wrong. Sure this stuff messes with your head and will try to play tricks on your soul, but in the end, we have the choice to stop right there, before calling the dealer…before walking to that crack house…before that thought becomes reality. As soon as we encounter that one thought of using, we have the choice to throw it away right then and there. And if, by some horrible mistake we have made the wrong choice, we have the chance to make it right again. How bad do you want recovery? You want it so bad but all the emotional pain still lingers heavily in your life. Even while staying sober, you may be experiencing severe depression, insecurities and the feeling of inadequacy because of the destructive past ways you used to live your life…the people that you have hurt and the people that have hurt you. These are the thoughts and feelings that will tend to haunt you even before the thought of using enters your mind. So if we let these thoughts control our minds, then yes, eventually and rather quickly, will the thought of using and the “F”-it attitude will follow and then we throw it all away….for how ever many dollars worth of crack…or booze…or heroin….whatever addiction it was that ruined your life. It is true, that once in it, we will do almost whatever it takes to get it. IT is the quick fix that allows us to escape….for just a little while…until we need more. It is also true, that if we really want TO RECOVER, we will do whatever it takes…just for today so that we can continue finding out what how good life can be clean/sober, out of the fog and into clarity and into tommorow.
    Kristen Joy Redekopp
    Recovering addict/alcoholic

  • Lynn

    To Kristen; Thanks, Congrats and continued success to you.

  • Someone

    To: Kristen
    I have never done this and I never will be I totally agree with you about knowing right from wrong. A man on television was talking about users and said that addiction is a disease which is a complete LIE… ADDICTION IS AN EXCUSE to use for someone who claims they want to stop so that they can have something to fall back on making it so that is seems so hard to quit which it is not.. I have said and always will say “your not going to stop unless you want to” that’s why I don’t understand why people talk about going to rehab because going there makes no kind of difference someone can sit down and talk to a person all day everyday but if you don’t want to stop then your not going to so that’s a waste of time and money. It’s as easy as saying no i’m not going to do it anymore and it’s that simple because it is only a mind thing. If you decide that after you have do whatever it is that you do that your going to stop then you can do that but if you say it & you know that in the back of your mind that your going to keep doing it then that’s what it is. I really hate talking about this because it makes me so mad because of the simple fact that I hate reading about people saying that it is to hard or I can’t do it a bunch of lies is what it is. Stop being so weak minded an man the heck up do it for your family, your job, your own life. Now if you can’t do it for your family let alone your family then you really need some help. (Speaking In General) Go look in the mirror at yourself after you have had a hit maybe seeing how stupid you look in the face will help out a little, think about the people who see you acting and looking this way, especially if you are a grown adult who knows better you should think to yourself I am to old for this I should be telling the younger people not to do these things but instead i’m doing it myself. I’m about to be done with this but let me say this I don’t feel any kind of pity for anyone who smokes crack, sniffs coke, shoots up heroin and whatever other kind of drug you do because if you don’t care about your own body & health then why should I care about it, not trying to sound mean about it but it’s the truth if your an adult grow up & realize that you are an adult

  • Mike D.

    Do not use, go to meetings , get a sponsor. I have been clean and sober for very near five years now. It took along time before I quit settin myself up to use and relapsing over and over.
    The enviorement you put yourself in is everything in early recovery, and that means the people in your life. You must change everything.
    What alot of us who use are really up against is an altered state of brain chemestry.The endorphins in are physical brain that are realeased through the impact of cocaine reaching are bloodstream so quickley through our lungs is what causes such an intense craving. Even after a susiquent end to a binge if an addicts altered brain are aware of the oppurtunity to experience the intense endorphin rush relapse is usually inevitable. We must keep are our selves, our physical brains from accessing the drug. Only in this way is our sence of self preservation able to gain a hold of our actions and our intentions.
    By attending meetings,by finding someone who is sober to help us out we are changing our enviorement and our mind and body does heal.
    This is all that really matters for at least the first year.After that we all decide how far we need to go into a 12 step program.But it is important to understand that are reliance on the people in the program is what helps them to remain clean and sober.
    Remember you MUST seperate your self from the oppurtunity to use. Do not lie to yourself about this.

  • Lauren

    I have heard the addiction is mostly mental and the lifestyle. After being in a relationship with a crack addict and being around them my thoughts on people ever recovering to crack addiction are slim to none. It is always a matter of time before they relapse because they can’t seem to deal with real life like other people do. They get stressed “I’ll go smoke crack”. They have a beer, “I want some crack”. that is basically how it works. I have no trust or desire to ever be around another addict whether they are recovering or not. Their addiction just takes over everyone Else’s life and they have to constantly be the center of attention because once again they cannot bring themselves to deal with real life like the rest of us have to! I don’t know of any crack addict who hasn’t gone back to it, even if they have been clean for years, basically they sold their soul to the devil and rehabs want their money to tell them they have a chance when the truth is almost ALL of them have no real desire to quit permanently and relapse frequently. harsh but true.

  • Natalie

    I am sorry, but I have to dissagree about the Crack withdrawl. I being a dealer was able to do 5 to 9 grams a day. I came to a point I knew how many lives I was destroying and dicided to quit selling. Well I was SICK i am sorry but i had bad withdrawl and went out on day 3 to stop it. Finally something happened in my life it was go to rehab or lose my family and die. They put me on Suboxone for my withdrawl and I got complete relief.

  • Gary

    What a breath of fresh air to read an article on crack cocaine addiction that is absolutely 100% accurate and absent hysterical rhetoric.

    There is no pharmacological difference between crack cocaine and powder cocaine. Crack cocaine is simply powder cocaine which has been converted into a solid “rock” form that may be smoked. However, the effects of smoking crack cocaine are more intense, but this is a result of the mode of ingestion.

    Also, for those of you that are struggling to understand this drug’s appeal, (if you have never smoked cocaine vapor then you’ll never understand),… it’s a clean high….. cocaine vapor is not harsh at all, it’s nothing like the harsh smoke of marijuana or even cigarettes. It’s vapor,…… it is literally as smooth as inhaling steam from a sauna.

    To repeat what this article stated regarding crack addiction and relapse:

    “….it is the LIFESTYLE that pulls people back into addiction. It is not just the drug itself, nor is it the high from the drug….but it is all the things that go along with it. It’s the people, the dealers, the late nights, the parties, and so on.”

  • God’s Molecule

    …..and God said in Ephesians 6:12:

    ” For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.”

    ” I hate my flesh. Its dimension poisoned my soul with doubt. It made me question the essence of the “I”. Slaves are those of this world given freedom to lay chains upon The Master. Master, master.”….with Strength I Burn;EMPEROR (A Satanic Norwegian Metal Band)..Even Satanist know its a Spiritual Battle.The non believers and Atheist people are just out there living life in the world, without knowing they could become enslaved or already are But not always on Drugs.
    In America we want slaves, our Capitalism requires consumer SLAVES be it from Smoking cigarettes, drinking, shopping, vanity, sexual urges with mass advertising of porno to physical appealing showing alot of skin, gambling, fashion, credit cards, food,McDonalds,Starbucks,gasoline,cars,etc…..Just look s around, every business wants a continuing, patron for them to rely on.People need to pay close attention in Satans kingdom, after all it’s his kingdom and prison, where every soul here is in a limited time body and his/her soul put to test.look for God Spiritually.Not with human eyes or reasoning.But Spiritually, just reading the Bible you will find lotsa answers to this life circus…Wish you all the best in your struggles..

  • Anonymous

    Its not that easy.

  • klaj

    i agree this anonymous , its not easy .

  • Terry

    I came to this site in order to help my brother. He is an addict that started using again after a ten year break. I am concerned he will lose everything including his daughter. I find addicts are selfish people and it is hard to convince them that they are hurting others because they only care about themselves. I came here seeking advice on how to approach him and try to convince him to stop but I think it will take alot more like taking my neice and not allowing him to see her until he gets straight. I pray everyone has the strength to beat this.

  • marqkelly

    Its disturbing to know that Someone assumes everyone feels the same as Anyone when the fact is Noone can know how Someone else feels. a dis ease, a sin that steals, lies and destroys like the father of lies …..

  • Debdie Barnes

    I think if a person really puts there mind to it and wants to change they can but they have to be the one to do it no one can pressure someone into it i think you should give the person a couple of chances and stick by them maybe go to the meetings with them to let them no you care even though they dont always care just dumping a person is not the way of showing soport you have to be there for people i helped my friend get off of herion her hole family threw her out on the st and i picked her up let her no i cared detoxed her on my own feed her took care of her trusted her in my house alone let money around her and she new i cared if she didnt have me she would of died on the st now she is clean now for 14 yrs i hooked her up with a nice guy they got married had 2 kids and moved to rhode island to a nice house she works everyday and was at one point helping kids no right and wrong about drugs she is doing great and i had a nephew who went infront of a train and killed himself cause his girlfriend left him and he needed her to be by his side you have to help people esp try a few times so you no you tried sometimes you can make a differance

  • quincy

    trust and belive in the lord and watch ow things get better in your life.

  • Linda

    I am married to a crack addict in his active addiction and want to walk away from the marriage. He is verbally abusive and I am unable to continue. He refuses to get help and refuses to leave becuz he has NOWHERE to go. I need to know if I file a TPO can what grounds can I use? Today he called me dumb ass, stupid heifer, lying heifer. He cheats, doesn’t work, spends his 221 unemployment check on drugs and begs for more money from me. At my wits end.

  • Colleen Mahdi

    My husband and I are both in recovery. We both have 20 yrs clean and sober. He smoked crack, I did not. I were not together using, so I don’t know how much he smoked, but he was 125lbs after 2 years of recovery. The issue at the moment is this: he gets angry extremely easy, more enraged, over things that don’t even seem to be happening; he doesn’t seem to understand a lot of things at first-you have to explain things in 2 or 3 different ways before he gets it; he forgets a lot. At the moment his rage is towards me, thankfully not towards the kids. He accuses me of always telling him what to do (even when he’s asked me a question and I answer); he thinks I ignore him and am only “sticking” up for our oldest son; accuses me of trying to manipulate him; he goes off on our children on occasion for similar things. We walk on eggshells. This all seemed v to happen gradually over the past few years and is increasing in intensity. He won’t seek help because it’s “not him”, and he feels better are picking on him that we are only looking for the bad in him. My question (finally) is: could this be the long term affect of crack? Is almost like is brain is not connecting. It is getting intolerable. We all love him, and are concerned for his health and safety and ours. I am wondering if there are studies of after 20 of not smoking crack- does alzhiemers set in. Please help I am at wits end.

  • Chris C

    Wow Kristen. You have nailed it ! This is the first time I have seen someone post almost exactly how I think about the awful drug. I wish you the best in your continued recovery. You can do it !

  • broken angel

    I understand completely from where or coming from. I have struggled with this addiction for over ten years now. I have prayed about this for so many years now and I would like for prayer for those like me to become sober from crack and not to take over my life again. This is the only thing In my life that I regret. When I’m annoyed when I work on being legit and accepting that I have a choice In life I have resisted my urges but somehow I get back in the mode to do it again.

  • broken angel

    Invite some one who is struggling like yourself. A person who wants to be clean and open minded

  • broken angel

    I wish that I could say a simple solution but I can’t. I hope u and you partner are well in health . I’ll be praying for u as well.

  • broken angel

    I want this also to end I have tried a lot of different drug but the crack is the only thing i am addicted to. Today I spent 100+ getting high off that s*%t and now some one wanted me to get a connect for them and I refused because by leading your stories gave me hope and I said NO. Thank u guys and gals for post king and giving me hope.

  • broken angel

    the first year of my addiction on my 21st birth day that is the day I first started this unhappy relationship with crack. I was tired of being homeless and got my own place. Unfortunately still gett high here and there but one thing I’m realizing is that I cannot save money. While sober or high and I would like to start by taking care of my own financial matter and stop using. Any suggestions?

  • 101809

    WOW….What is wrong with u why don’t u leave u are a dumbass if u stay.


    I live in Lima Peru, a drug producing country especifically cocaine, i sadly went to jail because i liked to smoke top quality marijuana and put some plants in a grow room to not have to go to the black market and because i saw it as a fun hobby, gladly i have a wonderful family and they were able to get me out of prison in 3 months, but in there is where i met this horrible drug , first started mixed with joints, (inside jails here you have all drugs cheaper than in the street and 24 hrs a day, It really affected my life not because anything that happened to me but because of what i made my mom (she is MY WORLD, incredible person) and my step father( thanks to hime i walked out of that place so fast) my dad, sisters and my incredible GF , hopefully future wife and life partner, she and my mom came every week with huge lines in specific long skirts and with some really shady people, ( this is a 3rd world country) . All of that plus the fact that i keep failing at things that i start, i dont finish them, for some reason i get frustrated fast , even with the plants i feel i failed at that , i did everyting organic with a lot of work put in to it, A LOT, studying and bringing gear, well to make it short, someone i considered a friend for several years and childhood friend of one of my best friends, spent new years with his family and all, snitched on me for no other reason than to fuck my life up, rob some of my things etc, police here are corrupt to the point of taking money from you promising to cut you loose and then still going away, they did treat me good let me do some things that benefited me at the end but still i went away. Once i got out i went into a rehab that you just went a couple weeks and then went to groups and followed a process that instilled a lot of guilt and shame. After reading some opposing points to these 12 step programs i felt that it did me worse and i was curios to try crack for real since i ddint know how to smoke, since then i have been on and off every 2 weeks but when i do it not all the times but almost all, i dont sleep, and combined with porn and self pleasuring , is a really strong effect on my braing, soon as i smoke have acute paranoia and visual and hearing allucinantions especially after the second day of no sleep, it really messes me up thinking police are coming in, or whatever my fears are, i now have it “under contro” to every 2 to 3 weeks but it is not helping to where i want to go, im about to be 27 and havent finished a carrer yet, i have no steady job, i do teach martial arts used to fight as well, but now i want to start a career in international business and marketing, going to go to barcelona spain to do it, wiht my long time GF, but in the mean while since i have so much spare time , have gained weight and some other crazy stuff that has really hurt my self esteem and ability to be in public places thinkins people are talking about me, cause of some pics that supposedly show me with some other guy or something which is not me, or photoshopped or i was drugged causa i have no recollection probably after 3 nights with no sleep smoking and taking pills, but i want to change my life as a whole and i think thats whats gonna make me forget about all this shit that has been happening to me, my girlfriend and my mother is the best things in my life, and the suffering they go through with this drug is unacceptable, i did some ayahuasca here in the jungle, helped a little but did not contigue with the tomas only did 2 cause they were strong, I have all the resources to make it , my stepdad is well economically speaking , and its just me that has no push to get the things that are out there to get, i have everything good in my life and still since i smoked REALLY SMOKED out of curiosity since i didnt know how to , i cant kick it for good, its a mix of porn with sexual stimulation and crack that has got me hooked, have to do the 3 if not i dont smoke, or do the other things, ITS REALLY A CASE THAT SHOULD BE STUDIED CAUSE ITS CRAZY . WELL IF ANYBODY READ THIS APRECCIATE IT, FIRST TIME I WRITE ABOUT IT, GREETINGS AND GOOD VIBES.

  • michael

    hi, i went out last night after 12 days clean, i know, thats not alot,but i really thought i had it,i was going to meetings,got a sponsor,then my income tax arrived and it began to eat away at me.Just the thought of seems to be too late.i should of told somebody what i was feeling. i stayed gone for 2 days. now i am debating going to a 2 year program, i have been to a rehab about 5 different times. i am father of 2 and married to an addict who is currently in rehab. i’m lost !

  • michael

    Thanks for the words of encouragement,
    you suck

  • Kylekronez


  • Hadley

    Hi i am 21 years old i smoked crack for a year, i struggled to resist as well. I tried all ways to eliminate my “Triggers”. Until 17 feb 2014….I thought about getting super fit and exercising daily. I researched that doing extreme weight lifting and combinding that with crack will increase your heart rate and u will die. So what im trying to say is everyday i wake do what i need to do, lift those dumbelts, go for jogs just to get my mid away from it. Also pscologically your brain will be scared to consume any crack coz u will die. So end of the day i am gaining more muscle, even tho i dont need to but to me that is my success and will keep on lifting away. Good luck!!!

  • very naive

    you took the words right out of my mouth. i have tried over and over to make sense of everything for 9 years and it always ended up being lies and bullshit. we have 2 small children and it has gotten to the point where he does not care about anything or any of us. i have been very naive to the drugs and wonder how long its been going on. he had been emotionally and physically abusive and more recently came home in the early morning and beat the shit outta me in front of our kids. i had him arrested and now hes out. it has wrecked our family and i have no choice to walk away even if i love him. i am just scared he is going to end up dead.

  • lost81

    I have been smoking crack once or twice a week for two years. Only about a hundred piece at a time. How long does it take to start feeling better again?

  • Hopefully Optimisic

    Breaking Point and Michael. First I applaud the two of you for recognizing that you have a issue that you want to fix.
    I am currently dealing with my bf of 5 years who has a similar issue. We are trying St. Jude Recovery in Atlanta. Although I put him out today, I will not give up on him. I need a break its exhausting loving a addict. I hope that things get better for. Because I’ve learned that few people wake up abd decide to be a drug addict.

  • tomasiepants

    Well, that was three years ago. I hope you have conquered your issues. Stay strong. Prayers being sent your way.

  • Alexandria Faith Avenique

    Hi my friend is the same age as you and he is on crack but Denys it can you please help me? Your story is inspiring

  • kadir uk

    Iv bin smoking on and off for 15 yrsiv always had money.its jus the cum dwn.i dnt take anythin to cum dwn

  • Lynn

    Hi, my bf is using crack. He promised many times he would stop using it. But that doesn’t last too long. I know that I shouldn’t stay with him, but it is so hard to leave. I know that he is a total loser and will never give this up. Why do I waste my time going back to him every time? I know that I deserve better than this. Please help!! I’m letting him ruin my whole life!

  • Lynn

    Reading all of these posts and comments on this site really makes me feel better. I’m praying that Jesus will help me forget him.

  • trina

    I have a crack addict for a boyfriend but I feel my story is a little different my boyfriend can be clean for months at a time but when he goes out and smokes crack he stays gone for months at a time everybody else’s story say that their spouses are lovers or just gone for a couple of days or do it within the home why is it that my man feels like he has to be gone for months at a time and then come home and tell me the most Farfetch did stories I’ve ever heard like being kidnapped in Mexico being held against his will in a basement does anybody have problems like this

  • carol mathews

    Jesus is the only way to break the demon of crack cocaine. You must feed your spirit, and starve your flesh, and by that I mean listen to the word of God day and night. Invest in cds on grace by Joseph Prince and experience total deliverence. You will thank me later. CEubanks

  • carol mathews

    The only way to break the crack cocaine demon is to get serious about Jesus. You have to starve your flesh and feed your spirit with the word of God. Get cds on God’s Grace by Joseph Prince and experience total healing. You must labor to be free of this demon. You cant listen one day and expect this to work. You must listen day and night for weeks maybe months, but you will feel the best and most free you have ever experienced in your life and you will be able to tell someone else how to get set free from this evil spirit. Try it, you will thank me later. CEubanks

  • Super She-Ro!

    So, every choice you have ever made has been perfect? Encourage her to leave. You adding further insults as she figures it out is horrible. I know who to call when I want someone to piss on my hospital bed.

  • Dr. Bess Field

    There most certainly is physical withdrawals. The worst thing substance abuse professionals can tell a crack addict is that there is no physical withdrawals. Massive depletion of serotonin is physical. Dr. Field

  • Alexis Woloszyk

    Okay I’m 15. When I was young about four years old my parents split up because my mom was addicted to crack. She went to jail. Me and my brother lived with our dad for a few years while she recovered and got clean. She could visit us. Within four years when I was about 7 or 8 they decided to remarry since she was doing well and they wanted me and my brother to have both a mom and a dad together. Time went on when I was 10 she was diagnosed with lung cancer because she smoked cigarettes since she was a teen. When I was 12 she passed away. But I recently found out that when I was 8 she ended up getting a hold of crack again. I heard she only did it once again but I believe she did more than once. I see coming home from school some days and she’d be completely messed up. Now finding this out hurt me, I feel like she didn’t care that she could’ve lost her kids, again. I always believed in her that she had will power. And since she’s gone now, I can’t talk to her about what it makes me feel hatred towards her but she was always my best friend. Am I wrong for being upset? Or am I just being immature? Please someone give me advice..

  • Robert Cayen

    hello sir or madam, I don’t know if you’ve made any gains in your addiction, there are other things you can try, but it takes money to get to these very effective methods. If you don’t have financial support you can try crown support, ask for funds from private people. The thing that will help you is ayahuasca, or ibogaine, If you haven’t found your way out, please contact me and will direct you to help.

  • Haley

    What’s the deal with all the ridiculous “Love Spell Doctors” posts in here? If you are an addict then call a love doctor to put a spell on you? Really people? Stop using this as a way to advertise some scam.

  • Doll Face

    what is that?

  • Robert Cayen

    Hello doll face, there is a plant medicine in Peru called ayahuasca, u have to go to peru to get treatment, it will help you basically fight yourself, the bubble we create around ourselves is out protective boundary we create, our personal arguements are in there, what aya does to take you beyond your egoic boundaries, basically rubs your face in it, spirit of aya is a female energy, when I do ceremonies with my teacher, spirits come out, it’s jusy like being in a normal world but that’s not always the case, if u decide to do it, your first trip go for about a month, if you decide to go then I can help you there too but it’s u that has to make the commitment, just ask spirit for guidance, should you decide to try it, I can assist you with what to expect, good luck in your healing journey, later

  • Doll Face

    Thank you!

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  • Desperate parent

    Hi… We recently found out that our 20yr old son has been using crack. When we found out he claims he has been only using for 5 weeks. He legs were covered in sores and his bottom teeth are starting to rot. Fron things that I have read, his symptoms seem to be far more severe than 5 weeks of using? Since we have found out he has agreed to see our GP who refered us to a psychiatrist , which he has so far had one visit with (last weeks was the first appointment and tomorrow is his second, which he seems more than willing to see again).
    It’s been approx. 6 weeks now since we found out he was using and his sores started to clear as the GP gave him antibiotics. Of late his behaviour has been a little odd again, staying up late at night, not eating and the sores have come back, worse than what they were before. They were only on his thigh but now are on his thigh, lower legs and arms. HE CLAIMS, he is not using. He looks me in the eyes and say no.. But his behaviour and sores tell a different story.
    I guess my question is this: can old crack sores reignite from sweating (he works as a Gardner in the heat) and from him scratching them. I really want to believe my son but my gut says he is using and protecting the drug and his use. Do you suggest I buy some saliva drug tests?
    Please help.

  • anthony

    Crack is destroy life I pray try to stay ever two weeks. I find my way back. Love my wife and daughter. I must stop I wish had someone to talk too. Iam so shame of myself. How did this happen to me. Helppppp

  • Rachel Anne

    thanks for being REAL – this seems to be MY experience as well …. have ben through the insanity cycle for the last 9 years – I’m so done with thinking there is any hope – too bad he’s a good person … but he’s a CH and that is that

  • Marin Claudia

    I want to let the world know about Doctor isaac the Great spell caster that brought back my husband to me when i thought all hope was lost. Doctor isaac used his powerful spell to put a smile on my face by bringing back my man with his spell, at first i thought i was dreaming when my husband came back to me on his knees begging me to forgive him and accept him back and ever since then he loves me more than i ever expected so i made a vow to my self that i will let the World know about Doctor isaac because he is a God on earth. Do you have problems in your relationship ? have your partner broke up with you and you still love and want him back ? Do you have problem with your finance ? or do you need help of any kind then contact Doctor isaac today for i give you 100% guarantee that he will help you just as he helped me. Doctor isaac email is:

  • Lisa Danley

    Hello Every One out here, Are you seeking for a love spell to being back the one you love??

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  • CB Grant

    My husband is a crack addict. It started in April of this year after being clean for quite some time. He’s promised dozens of times to stop but hasn’t yet. He smokes 3 to 4 times a week. He goes to work everyday, 6 days a week, sometimes 7. Always provides money for the bills, groceries, gas, tolls etc., He’s still very loving, giving, attentive. Comes home to me every night, helps around the house and so on. He loves me, says I’m the love of his life and that he wants to grow old with me. So when I am upset about the fact that he’s a crack smoker he points to all the stuff that he does and that I am choosing to focus on the one thing he does that I don’t like. I usually stand there shaking my head, crying saying he just doesn’t get it. How does he not “get” that it makes me feel insecure and extremely anxious, that I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop, that he’s on probation (for drug related charges) and that at ANY moment he could get caught in the hood buying more poison and our life changes instantly. How does he not “get” that if he goes to jail we’ll sink financially? I make decent money but it’s not enough to cover it all. How does he not “get” that he could drop dead of a heart attack because of the crack? I know he loves me…..and I can’t make him change. He has to want it for himself but I just DON’T UNDERSTAND how you continue on this road knowing it hurts you and those you love. If there was something I was doing that was upsetting him like this you better believe I’d work on changing it in a hurry. I’m just not sure what to do. Do I just accept that this is where he is at the moment? Do I kick him out and sink myself financially in the process? If crack wasn’t part of the picture there is NOTHING else I would change about our life. I’m so damn confused.