What Cocaine Treatment Actually Consists of

What Cocaine Treatment Actually Consists of


What does cocaine treatment actually consist of?  Probably less than you think, even though it is still a huge challenge for anyone who is addicted to the drug.

For starters, there is no real need for a physical detox. Cocaine is an addictive drug–there is no doubt about this–but it does not produce massive withdrawal symptoms that demand medical attention.  Many drugs, such as alcohol or tranquilizers, do produce dangerous withdrawal symptoms.  So the need for cocaine rehab is not so much about physically getting off of the drug, as that part is actually pretty easy.  Just stop taking it, get some decent sleep and start taking care of your body.  That is the extent of the physical aspect of cocaine rehabilitation.

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But as any recovering addict can tell you, getting past this physical part of detox is just the beginning.  This is going to be true of any drug, but with cocaine it can be especially difficult.


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Because cocaine is a lifestyle drug. It carries with it a sense of heightened awareness and a glamorization that you don’t necessarily get with other drug addictions.  People who are addicted to coke and stay up all night long and party real hard and get real slim, they have this glamorous lifestyle about themselves that is being fueled by the use of the drug.  It is expensive and they are living this risky, glamorous life and they are losing weight and they have tons of energy and they feel good.  This whole experience of using cocaine as a lifestyle enhancer is what the real addiction is all about.

Cocaine addicts face a hard road in recovery unless they can find new ways to enhance their life and get excited about living again. Good treatment for this addiction would point people towards a holistic approach that challenges them to take their recovery to the next level.  It is not enough to get clean and sober and hit a few Narcotics Anonymous meetings every once in a while.  If you were truly addicted to cocaine and you loved the glamorous lifestyle that it brought with it, then you need to replace that with something full of passion.

For example, someone might get into working out in recovery and make it into a focal point in their life.  They might become a fitness guru and make fitness into a major part of their recovery from drugs.  They might even end up losing more weight and building a lean, muscular body that is even better than what the cocaine did for them.  There are other examples of finding this type of passion in life and it does not have to be physical or relate to fitness at all.  It could be about spirituality or about connecting with others in 12 step meetings.  But whatever it is that gets you excited about life in recovery, you better chase it with the same level of passion with which you chased the drugs.  This is the path to success in recovery.

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