Elements of Successful Cocaine Drug Treatment

Elements of Successful Cocaine Drug Treatment


If you want to quit using drugs and change your life then you could benefit greatly from cocaine drug treatment.  It is easy enough to talk about making big changes and living a different lifestyle but to actually take action and make it happen is another thing entirely.  The whole key to successful drug treatment is in taking action.

Most people have the erroneous belief that the key to staying clean and sober is in following the right program.  This is not true at all and there is a subtle shift in thinking that needs to happen here.  The key to staying clean and sober is in simply following a program, period. There is a huge difference there and you need to understand it in order to see the true secret of success in recovery.

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Look at the 2 statements again and consider them.  There is not such thing as the “perfect program” of recovery out there.  There is no method of treatment that is far and away superior to all the others.  The substance abuse community is still quite young and all of our treatment methods and programs are only a few hundred years old at the most.  This is still a very young industry.  We are still learning.  And the bottom line is that different people are recovering using different treatment methods.  For example, one person might get clean and sober using the 12 step program of Narcotics Anonymous, and boldly claim that this is the solution for anyone and everyone who has a drug problem.  On the other hand, there might be someone who has failed to stay clean numerous times in NA, and eventually they tried a different approach to recovery and found success.  This person might boldly declare that 12 step programs are an utter failure and are to be avoided.  Can both of these people be right?  Is there one form of drug treatment for cocaine that is superior to the others?

Of course not.  The bottom line is that the treatment method is one of the least important aspects of a person’s recovery.  What is critical is the intensity and the passion with which an addict follows a treatment solution.

It is not difficult to create a recovery program and a new design for living. Simply start with an abstinence based program and add on some helpful suggestions about living a clean and sober lifestyle.  That’s it really.  The rest is up to the addict themselves and their passion for living a clean and sober life.

If you want a great new life in recovery then start by taking positive action every day while abstaining from all drugs and alcohol. There really is not secret beyond this that can have any sort of impact on your life.  Sure there are religious based programs out there, but understand that you still have to abstain and take positive action every day in order to maintain recovery.  There is no magic that comes from the spiritual element that will make it necessary to take any less action in your life.

You still have to do the work!