Cocaine Detox

Cocaine Detox

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If you are in need of cocaine detox, what you really need is probably residential treatment.  The fact is that cocaine does not really require a serious detox like some other drugs do, and if you go to a treatment center they will probably just put you right into groups and meetings without having you go through detox at all.  If they do put you in a detox area, it will probably just be to let you sleep for a while, not because they are worried about withdrawal symptoms or anything.  There is no real danger in coming off of cocaine like there is with some other drugs.

The fact is that people who are addicted to cocaine have an addiction to the lifestyle that getting high with that drug every day produces.  It is this lifestyle that they are really addicted to more so than the drug itself.  So if they want to change their life and get away from using the drug every day, they need to find a new way to live that satisfies the same needs and desires that they use to be fulfilling with their drug use.

In other words, a recovering cocaine addict needs to find real passion and purpose in their life in order to stay fulfilled and thus prevent themselves from returning to their drug of choice.  This is relapse prevention in action.  The person needs to find something in their life to get excited about in order to stay away from drugs.  What most people don’t realize is that this is a spiritual quest in a way, and finding your true purpose in life is part of the fulfillment that is needed in order to stay clean and sober in the long run.

Many people go through the motions of getting clean and sober and they might hit a few meetings here and there and stay clean for a while.  But they will be miserable and not enjoy any quality sobriety unless they can find real meaning in their lives.  This is why there is such an emphasis on helping others and working with other addicts in a 12 step program.  It gives real meaning to your life if you can reach out to others on a regular basis and help them and see the growth in them.  It will help your own recovery immeasurably if you can help others to grow and learn.

Finding this sort of purpose in living a sober life is critical for long term success

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