4 Reasons that Cocaine Addicts Should Try NA Meetings

4 Reasons that Cocaine Addicts Should Try NA Meetings


Cocaine addicts need to seek help for their addiction just as any other drug addict or alcoholic would need to.  They are caught up in an addictive lifestyle and they are also hooked on a drug that fuels this lifestyle.  Making the changes that they need to live well in recovery is going to start with total abstinence.  There is no way around this as the idea of moderating the use of a drug like cocaine makes very little sense when you are dealing with an addict.  The problem is that they cannot moderate their own intake or say no to the drug to begin with.  So abstinence is the necessary first step for any cocaine addict.

Following that, what is the best course for a cocaine user in order to experience the best possible chances of recovery?  Some would undoubtedly say that they should go to the 12 step program of Narcotics Anonymous.  This is not a bad choice and it may prove to the solution for some people.  There are a few reasons that any coke addict should start with this as their first choice in treating their addiction:

1) NA meetings are free, essentially.

2) NA meetings are found almost everywhere around the world.  So they are accessible.

3) NA meetings provide unconditional support, even if you do not know the people in them.

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4) In a pinch, an NA member could attend an AA meeting, and get a very similar experience without even revealing that their drug preference is not for alcohol.  In other words, the fellowships are loosely interchangeable, at least from a therapeutic perspective.

Now of course, 12 step programs are not for everyone, and in fact they do not work for an awful lot of people.  But because of these reasons listed above, they are probably a good choice for most addicts to start out with, and see if it works for them.  The amount of free support that you can get from the fellowship and from the meetings is really outstanding.

If the 12 step path is not for you, there are alternatives.  For example, you might try doing some counseling with a therapist each week, or even several times each week.  For some people, this is more helpful than 12 step therapy, and can be used to help them get through their early stages of recovery.  Or you might find other forms of group therapy out there that do not rely on 12 step programs.  The bottom line is that you need to find something that works for you in order to recover.

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