Finding Success in Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Finding Success in Cocaine Addiction Rehab


Anyone who is caught up in the fast life of partying and doing drugs all night might be in need of cocaine addiction rehab.  This may be a necessary step in order to break free from this type of addiction and change your life for the better.  It can be very tricky to overcome cocaine addiction because it is a lifestyle drug.  People are not so much physically addicted to the drug as they are psychologically addicted to it.  The glamorous lifestyle is what really needs to be let go.

Because of this, I have seen many people who went to traditional, short term rehabs fail quite frequently in trying to overcome cocaine addiction.  It almost as if the rehab industry is not really set up to help these addicts as much as they are set up to help opiate addicts and alcoholics.  Why?  Probably because the cocaine addict is dealing with a different type of drug addiction.  Like I said it is more psychological and lifestyle oriented than other drugs.  People who are coming off alcohol and opiates have an intense physical detox to get through.  This sort of sets the tone for their recovery and their battle starts out as a physical one.  But people who are coming off cocaine are in for a psychological battle.  It is a subtle difference but one that has changed the way rehab centers have evolved over the years.

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By the numbers, there are very few cocaine addicts in rehab. For every cocaine addict who goes into rehab, there are probably at least a hundred opiate addicts and alcoholics for that one cocaine addict.  So it is hard to fault the treatment industry for focusing on other drugs and other means of recovery.  But it is important to realize that there is a huge psychological addiction and a huge lifestyle addiction that must be overcome with most cocaine users.

One of the best ways to treat this sort of psychological and lifestyle addiction is with long term treatment. This is especially true if regular treatment has not typically worked in the past for an addict.  If residential treatment fails over and over again, then try long term rehab as a way to establish a new lifestyle and gain some stability while creating a new life.  This can be an important way for the cocaine addict to overcome their addiction to the glamorous lifestyle and find new meaning in their life.  Long term rehab can provide the framework to allow that to happen.

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If you have struggled in your life to break free from this drug, then the best way to move forward is to make a firm decision to take real action. Going to a rehab, whether it is short or long term, is a huge step in the right direction because it implies so much willingness.  If you go to rehab and simply follow through with their suggestions, then you stand a good chance of being able to change your life significantly.  On the other hand, if you simply leave treatment and go back to the same old lifestyle (even without the drug), you are likely to find yourself relapsing.

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