Should I use a Stop Smoking Pill to Help me Quit?

Should I use a Stop Smoking Pill to Help me Quit?


Will a stop smoking pill really help you to stop smoking?  Let’s take a look.

There are basically 3 different kinds of quit smoking pills.  First of all you have Wellbutrin, which is actually an antidepressant that is also sold under the name of Zyban.  This has been around for several years now but it is probably not the most effective pill to help you quit smoking.  It basically works by making the cigarettes not taste as good to you when you smoke them.

Another pill for stopping smoking is called Chantix. In clinical trials this pill does better than Zyban, but it does have the potential for more side effects in people.  Many people actually stop taking Chantix due to adverse side effects that make them uncomfortable.  But those who are not bothered by these side effects seem to have a better rate of success than with other anti-smoke pills.

There is a third kind of pill for quitting smoking and that would be unregulated herbal supplement pills. These would contain herbs that can be sold under the label of vitamins and are supposed to calm your nerves and help you through the withdrawal symptoms that you encounter when quitting smoking.  As such, these kinds of pills don’t really do a darn thing for most people and can’t really be considered a serious contender when compared with the prescription medications.

Now if someone is a bit confused they might include Nicotine lozenges as a fourth kind of quit smoking pill, but in fact those are not really pills per se, and are really more of a nicotine replacement system that is no different than the patch or the gum.  You are simply substituting the nicotine in the lozenge for the nicotine that you used to get from cigarettes.  So these are really NRT, or nicotine replacement therapy, and are not really a stop smoking pill at all.

Should you use a pill to quit smoking?

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You should talk with your doctor to start with, and see what your doctor thinks.  If they think it is a good idea (and most probably will for most individuals) then you should definitely pursue the goal of quitting with the help of a pill.  Any action that you take in getting you to even attempt to quit is a positive step.

Using a medication to quit smoking is a supplemental strategy.  Obviously, the pill is not a magic bullet and you still have to want to quit on your own.  If you don’t have the internal drive to stop smoking and stay quit then no pill is going to help you with this.

On the other hand, if you really have a genuine desire to quit smoking, but feel that you need some extra help, then this might be the kind of decision that will push you towards success in quitting.  The benefits of quitting far outweigh the idea of simply not taking action and continuing to smoke.  Try anything before you do nothing.

Yes, it is that important to quit.

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