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So You Want to Know if it is Safe to use Chantix along with the Nicotine Patch…

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This question seems to keep popping up. The problem is that there have not yet been any significant studies conducted to test the safety of combining Chantix with Nicotine Replacement Therapies, such as the Patch or the Gum. It just hasn’t been thoroughly tested yet. The official line from Pfizer on their website is that they “do not recommend using the Patch with Chantix.” Probably good advice at this point, until there have been some actual studies done.

So the official word from Pfizer is that combining the patch with Chantix is “not recommended.”

Because you are here, you are obviously interested in making your quitting experience as smooth as possible. So here are some options for you to consider:

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If you are already using the Nicotine Patch to quit smoking – consider stepping down quickly. Buy the weakest patch available and wear that for 2 or maybe 3 days at the most. Then take them off and be done with patch for good. Remember that the patch is putting an addictive drug into your body, and eventually you are going to peel off that last patch and go without. Most people fail when using the patch because they do not anticipate the withdrawal symptoms when they finally take off that last patch. People also get discouraged when using the patch because they often times will still crave cigarettes.

Recognize that NRT products (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) generally do not work.

I realize that this is debatable, but it coincides with my experience as well. I tried with the patch many times and failed. Cold turkey–along with a variety of additional tips and strategies–is what finally worked for me. The studies showing how great the patch works do not usually include long term results. Studies that look at long term success rates start to show how the gum and the patch are not effective. Don’t let this discourage you though. You can still quit successfully, with or without the patch. Just realize that it is probably just as difficult with the patch as it is going cold turkey. No one likes to hear that. They want an easier, softer way–a comfortable withdrawal with no ill side effects–so the idea of a Nicotine patch is very seductive. Don’t be fooled by this. Using the patch may actually lower your chances of success in the long run.

So if you have to choose between the two, I recommend that you stick with Chantix. There are a number of tips and strategies on this website that can be combined with Chantix to help ensure your chances of success. Alternatively, you could always go ahead and try the nicotine patch out, and if that works for you–great! If it doesn’t, the option of using Chantix and other techniques and strategies will always be there for you. The ultimate goal of quitting is so precious that it really doesn’t matter how you get there–freedom from cigarettes has a near infinite value to anyone who enjoys their life. So go ahead and try whatever grabs your fancy….but never give up the fight just to return to mindless smoking. You can achieve freedom from Nicotine!

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  • Art Benson

    I just started taking Chantix 6 days ago. This is my last day to smoke until I stop tomorrow. I had four cigarettes left and smoked them already. I smoked the last one about four hours ago and am not having bad cravings. I still want a cigarette but not as badly as I have in my past attempts to quit. I was smoking between 35 and 45 per day. The cost was so much that I was hedging on my diabetic medicines. Here in Florida with the new tax, a pack is $6.00 each, so I was spending over $350.00 per month smoking. I hope so badly that the Chantix will finally be the blessing I am seeking. Have a great day.


  • Art Benson

    I forgot to mention in my previous post that I also have the patches. The Cancer Association sent me two boxes of the strongest patches to use initially. I have been perusing the internet to see if I could take Chantix and use the patch as the same time. Apparently, it is not reccommended to use them together. Thanks for all the information.


  • Patrick

    Hi Art

    My recommendation is to use the Chantix and avoid the patch for now.

    For one thing, they are not recommended to be taken together.

    Two, you prolong the agony of withdrawal when you use a patch.

    Rip the band-aid off all at once! No more nicotine. You can do it!

  • Kevin

    Seems like you could use a patch instead of smoking for the first week anyway. Wish me luck. 35 years of smoking. I’m at 1 full pack in a 24 hour period. There is also a spiritual side of me.

  • Patrick

    Good luck Kevin. 35 years is no joke!

    Be strong….

  • kazzandra

    i previously took chantix, i quit smoking in a month back in april of 2008, and started back in january of 2009, i am now taking chantix again i was smoking a pack a day, now im down to 6 yesterday, 2 today(sat) and Monday is my quit date. Almost there again, this product is great

  • Darrell

    I took Chantix for three months for smoking cessation as suggested to me by my doctor. While on the Chantix, I was able to keep my cravings at bay. Unfortunately, not even a full week after I stopped taking it the cravings were back, just as strong as if I’d never taken Chantix at all.

    The problem I found with Chantix is that while there’s a stepping up period from two .5mg pills per day to two 1mg pills per day over the course of a week, there’s no stepping down phase. You’re just expected to quit taking it, and since you essentially just replaced one dependency for another, it can be very easy to go back to smoking to fill the sudden void left when you stop taking Chantix. That’s where I found myself. However, instead of scrambling for a pack of cigarettes, I bought a box of Step 2 nicotine patches and started using those as soon as I felt those familiar cravings kick in. That seems to have done the trick. The Chantix got me over the pathological need that we smokers have for the simple routine of smoking, and the Nicotine patch has helped me by keeping my Nicotine cravings at bay and by providing me a workable step-down regimen. As I near my final patch, I’m fully confident that this time out I’ll be able to stay smoke free.

    I personally wouldn’t recommend using the patch while on Chantix, if for no other reason than that Chantix blocks Nicotine receptors and you’d basically just be wasting your money on the patch. However, if those cravings start up again once you’re off Chantix, I see no reason why folks shouldn’t use a lower strength patch to help them get over that final hump. It doesn’t hurt at all to have clear goals when you chose to quit, and to have strong motivation for sticking with it either.

    In the end we’re each going to need to go with what works for us individually. There’s no quick and easy guide to stop smoking that’s going to work for everyone. Just stick with it, and be strong. You can stop smoking. :)

  • valerie

    i have been taking chantix for a week. my quit date is jan 4th. i planned on using the patch but when i told my dr. i was gonna quit he said try this pill. i was going to use the patch too but now im scared to use both at the same time. any info????

  • lori

    i would just like to say that i have used both the patch and chantix at the same time . i have only taken half the dose of chantix since i started when i stop smoking the 1st day i also used a patch i believe 7mg patch and had no affect on me i found it worked great today is day 6 for me of not smoking i am going to take the patch off today and not use it i don’t want the nicotine in my system any more thank u good luck to all who take the journey to healthier living

  • Carol

    I quit in November using the patch and started up again last month. I coughed up some blood which ended up being the new tissue growth from my lungs healing. Doctor strongly recommended quitting and prescribed Chantix. Took it for the first time yesterday and put a 21 mg patch on too. If felt a little nauseated. This morning I did it again and felt really sick. I think I’ll go without the patch and give the Chantix a try.

  • Elaine

    I took chantix before and I stopped smoking for a year. went back to smoking started the chantix again. but started with only taken the 1mg pills.I took all the 5mg pills when i tried to stop smoking last year. will the chantix still help me ?

  • Elaine

    oh I forgot today is my 4th day of not smoking. but I have had a bad urge to smoke the last 2 days. how long does it take the craving to subside a little ?

  • Sue

    My husband quit chewing after 26 years. He’s been off for 16 days now – is taking Chantix and using patch and gum. I know this is probably all wrong, but I don’t want to mess with what’s working. The only problem is the Chantix makes him super irritable. However, from the sounds of it, maybe it would be better for him to get off the patch first, then gum, and then Chantix? I’m willing to put up with whatever I have to, but he’s doing this all on his own, so I wanted to give him some input. Should he take the Chantix for 12 weeks and then go off of it? Or perhaps step-down to 1/2 pill (I read someone suggesting that). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Way to go Elaine, hang in there!

  • Jeff Romagosa

    I really loved the comment’s I am a Patch user been on them for 5 years when i am at work i dont smoke . when i come come i smoke like 4 cigs . when i drink i smoke a lot but less then a pack. I want to get off these patches. i just started Chantix and i am wearing a patch step one 21mgs. I had to cut the patch down cause made me dizzy and i can hear it in my head. the problem with chantix you have to wait to eat then take the pill. so you want to smoke.if you ware a Patch then it fixes that problem til you take your pill. I think i will cut my patch down to a 14mg for the first week and go down to 7mg see what happens. get ride of it. if you have some lite on this please let me know a better way.

  • Jeff Romagosa

    i just started my 1mg chantix my quit date is may 5 it does have cravings . I think i will get a 7mg patch see how thats works use it for a week and then dont use it any more.

  • Karen

    I am currently taking chantix. I have been on the 1mg tablets for a week and still have mild cravings for nicotine. I’ve smoked over a pack of cigerettes a day for nearly 40 years. I’m not sure whether I truely want to quit smoking or if I’m just doing it cause it’s the healthy thing to do. I’ve read/heard of many who have gone through the process of quitting only to start up again sometime in the future. If I manage to quit this time I pray that I will not go back.

  • Jeff Romagosa

    I Have taking chantix for a month now when i started it felt good after 2 weeks wanted to smoke i felt like i was going back worlds. i was using the patch .10 years a go i quit with the patch it is pain less takes 3 months and then your smoke free.

  • Jason Kaye

    I took my first 0.5mg chantix today, I smoke 8 or so cigarettes a day unless I drink when it is more like 20. I have smoked for about 13 years. I have had 4 cigs today and will keep you posted….

  • sepideh


    My dad used to smoke more than 2 pockets for about 50 years(he is 70 now). Now he decided to quit and he wants to use nicotine patches. What will happen if he smokes few cigarettes a day while having patches on? Does anyone has any idea what if he starts with lower doze like 14mg nicotine instead of 21 and smoke 3-4 cigarettes a day? Or still there is a risk of overdose for him?

  • Patrick

    @ sepideh – I would tell him that if he absolutely has to smoke, to peel the patch off momentarily, smoke, then put it back on.

    But I would still strongly discourage doing even that.

    I think the experts would advise that if you are craving cigs that much, you need a stronger patch for a while. They would encourage to go completely cigarette-free while doing the patch of course.

  • Jeff Romagosa

    Kevin becareful a 21 patch mass with your head try a 7mg

  • Jeff Romagosa

    I stared May 5th to June 5 30 No smoking and June 6 started smoking went back to THE PATCH

  • Jeff Romagosa

    i WANT START ON CHANTEK DO KNOW FROM 1 see how that works

  • Jeff Romagosa

    Hi, what will happen he would smoke with the pach on. Thats what happen me. so you never get to step down to the 14 yes i smoke with my patches. you never get any wear that way
    nothing will happn

    My dad used to smoke more than 2 pockets for about 50 years(he is 70 now). Now he decided to quit and he wants to use nicotine patches. What will happen if he smokes few cigarettes a day while having patches on? Does anyone has any idea what if he starts with lower doze like 14mg nicotine instead of 21 and smoke 3-4 cigarettes a day? Or still there is a risk of overdose for him?