Smoking Facts

Smoking Facts


What are the most important smoking facts?  How about these ones:

1) You will quit smoking eventually. Either by deliberately quitting or by some other means.  The “some other means” is likely to be caused by your smoking if you continue to smoke (meaning, more than a 50% chance that smoking will directly or indirectly cause your death).

2) You waste almost 1 full month out of each year if you smoke a pack a day. This is crazy.  And true.  If you smoke a pack a day of cigarettes, then each year you spend almost an entire month of your life in the act of smoking.  That is some insane loss of productivity right there.

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Consider the fact that you only have about 16 waking hours each day.  And that if you smoke a pack per day, then you are wasting about 10 to 15 percent of your time.  Forget about wasted money and the insane health risks for a minute.  You are also throwing away an entire month out of each year with the mindless act of smoking.

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Time that you could be spending doing other things….like enjoying your family, having fun with friends, exercising, living healthy, etc.

3) You underestimate the cost of smoking. If you didn’t, then you would go through the pain of withdrawal and quit.  It is just that simple.  How many of us would turn back the clock at the end of our lives and decide to go back and quit smoking, knowing that we are dying 15 years early?  Probably all of us.  But when we are smoking we do not see this level of drama in our future.  It will happen to “someone else.”

The other costs of smoking are just as devastating.  Most people are spending at least a thousand per year on the cigarettes themselves, and some people are spending 2 or even 3 thousand per year.

And then there is the cost to our health.  Both short term costs and long term costs.  In the short term, we don’t exercise as much, we have shortness of breath, and we suffer from more colds and illnesses.  In the long term, we die 10 to 15 years early on average, and go through a ridiculous amount of hospital bills that otherwise would have been avoided.  The estimates on this are just sickening, especially when you factor in the rising cost of health care.

Most people just calculate the price of a pack of smokes when they think about how affordable smoking is.  But the smoking facts state that you better carefully review all of the costs of smoking, otherwise you are just deluding yourself.  Figure in the missed time that you waste by smoking almost a full month out of every year of your life.  Think of how much more productive you could be, how much more time you could spend with your family and friends, and so on.  It’s just not worth it.

Can you afford to keep smoking?  How much are 10 to 15 years of your life worth to you?  How good do cigarettes really taste?

Those are the facts.

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