Smoke Weed? Here is The Real Breakdown

Smoke Weed? Here is The Real Breakdown


If you happen to smoke weed every day then this can lead to serious drug addiction over the long term. Most people do not see much threat in doing so, because there are no withdrawal symptoms when you quit smoking weed suddenly, and therefore there is no real physical addiction to the drug. But smoking weed every day is a real sign of addiction, and it does not really matter much if the drug is physically addictive or not. The psychological addiction is extremely damaging in its own right. Let’s take a deeper look and see why smoking weed every day can be really unhealthy.

Smoke weed and you medicate your feelings

If you are smoking every day then at first you will probably just be doing so for recreation and to relax and have fun. But if you continue to do so on a regular basis then you are going to have days when you are dealing with feelings and then you smoke weed. Now these do not have to be huge, super intense, heavy feelings. They can be moderate or even minor feelings. You will of course have different feelings and emotions over time, just like anyone does, and have different emotional states on different days. This is perfectly normal of course, for anyone.

But if you are smoking weed on a regular basis, then you will inadvertently, even if you do not intend to do so, be medicating some of these feelings and emotions by covering them up with the high from the drug. When you smoke weed you do not have to feel your emotions. If you are frustrated, or angry, or sad, or hurt, you can get blasted with weed and get high and guess what? The feelings are medicated. Are the gone completely? Not usually. But they are drowned out enough that it is a similar effect to medicating your emotions with alcohol.  The problem is that through everyday use, marijuana plants the idea in your head that you can simply get high and thus avoid dealing with emotions.  This creates long term problems.

Smoke weed and you escape from reality

Now if you take this a step further, you will see that many people who smoke weed every day are also doing so in order to escape from reality. This is similar to the idea above about medicating feelings. In most cases, addicts who are dealing with stress will resort to their drug of choice in order to calm down and relax. Or they will use their drug as a way to deal with boredom. Instead of finding new and exciting things to engage them with, they will simply resort to their drug of choice and medicate themselves.

This type of living can have a real negative impact on your relationships. It really is an immature way to deal with reality and to deal with your feelings and your relationships. Instead of confronting other people and being real with them, you simply avoid them or get high whenever there are problems or issues. The addict will have a tendency to avoid the person or go find other people who will get high with them instead. No communication results from this and therefore no real growth is possible.

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It is not so much that an addict confronted will stomp off and get high. Rather, the drug addict will self medicate, nearly every day, and choose to use that as a release instead of dealing with any emotions that might arise between them and other people. They will avoid the situation and fall back on their drug instead of grow through their differences and work things out.

If you have to smoke weed in order to have a good time

Now if you find that you have to smoke weed in order to have fun, then you really need to take a look at things and see what is going on in your life.

In most cases, when we first discover marijuana, it actually is a lot of fun at first. Later on in our addiction, we have to smoke and get high just to be in that state of mind and do things that we are used to doing when we are high. Let’s get high and go to the movies. Let’s get high and go see a concert. If you are not high, then doing those things will seem like a bit of a let down, because you are not even in your “normal” state anymore. You have to get high just to enjoy things at this point.  Thus, marijuana seeds your destruction early on and it continues to grow.

Do not confuse this with the idea that getting high is fun. At this point in your addiction, you have to get high just to have the opportunity to possibly have fun. There is a big difference there. Our denial clings to the past, which is when we could just smoke a bit of weed and it would be a blast, regardless of what we were doing. But later in our addiction, simply getting high is no longer enough. It takes a very self aware person to examine this state of addiction and see it for what it is and thus see past their denial.

If you are at that point then you might want to make some changes. Believe it or not, you can go back to a state of being where you can have fun without getting high first. Having to get high is just a crutch. It gets in your way.

You don’t need it.

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