Smoke Weed? Here is The Real Breakdown

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If you happen to smoke weed every day then this can lead to serious drug addiction over the long term. Most people do not see much threat in doing so, because there are no withdrawal symptoms when you quit smoking weed suddenly, and therefore there is no real physical addiction to the drug. But smoking weed every day is a real sign of addiction, and it does not really matter much if the drug is physically addictive or not. The psychological addiction is extremely damaging in its own right. Let’s take a deeper look and see why smoking weed every day can be really unhealthy.

Smoke weed and you medicate your feelings

If you are smoking every day then at first you will probably just be doing so for recreation and to relax and have fun. But if you continue to do so on a regular basis then you are going to have days when you are dealing with feelings and then you smoke weed. Now these do not have to be huge, super intense, heavy feelings. They can be moderate or even minor feelings. You will of course have different feelings and emotions over time, just like anyone does, and have different emotional states on different days. This is perfectly normal of course, for anyone.

But if you are smoking weed on a regular basis, then you will inadvertently, even if you do not intend to do so, be medicating some of these feelings and emotions by covering them up with the high from the drug. When you smoke weed you do not have to feel your emotions. If you are frustrated, or angry, or sad, or hurt, you can get blasted with weed and get high and guess what? The feelings are medicated. Are the gone completely? Not usually. But they are drowned out enough that it is a similar effect to medicating your emotions with alcohol.  The problem is that through everyday use, marijuana plants the idea in your head that you can simply get high and thus avoid dealing with emotions.  This creates long term problems.

Smoke weed and you escape from reality

Now if you take this a step further, you will see that many people who smoke weed every day are also doing so in order to escape from reality. This is similar to the idea above about medicating feelings. In most cases, addicts who are dealing with stress will resort to their drug of choice in order to calm down and relax. Or they will use their drug as a way to deal with boredom. Instead of finding new and exciting things to engage them with, they will simply resort to their drug of choice and medicate themselves.

This type of living can have a real negative impact on your relationships. It really is an immature way to deal with reality and to deal with your feelings and your relationships. Instead of confronting other people and being real with them, you simply avoid them or get high whenever there are problems or issues. The addict will have a tendency to avoid the person or go find other people who will get high with them instead. No communication results from this and therefore no real growth is possible.

It is not so much that an addict confronted will stomp off and get high. Rather, the drug addict will self medicate, nearly every day, and choose to use that as a release instead of dealing with any emotions that might arise between them and other people. They will avoid the situation and fall back on their drug instead of grow through their differences and work things out.

If you have to smoke weed in order to have a good time

Now if you find that you have to smoke weed in order to have fun, then you really need to take a look at things and see what is going on in your life.

In most cases, when we first discover marijuana, it actually is a lot of fun at first. Later on in our addiction, we have to smoke and get high just to be in that state of mind and do things that we are used to doing when we are high. Let’s get high and go to the movies. Let’s get high and go see a concert. If you are not high, then doing those things will seem like a bit of a let down, because you are not even in your “normal” state anymore. You have to get high just to enjoy things at this point.  Thus, marijuana seeds your destruction early on and it continues to grow.

Do not confuse this with the idea that getting high is fun. At this point in your addiction, you have to get high just to have the opportunity to possibly have fun. There is a big difference there. Our denial clings to the past, which is when we could just smoke a bit of weed and it would be a blast, regardless of what we were doing. But later in our addiction, simply getting high is no longer enough. It takes a very self aware person to examine this state of addiction and see it for what it is and thus see past their denial.

If you are at that point then you might want to make some changes. Believe it or not, you can go back to a state of being where you can have fun without getting high first. Having to get high is just a crutch. It gets in your way.

You don’t need it.

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  • Hunter

    You hit the nail on the head perfectly. Weed is a crutch. Humans are not intended to live an a artificial state of mind induced by a plant.

  • jhiletti

    This is all true but some humans just smoke weed to relax.

  • killa

    real talk. almost everything you said was on point..

    you gotta learn how to balance things out i think…
    theres a time and a place for everything, sometimes its time to chill out and have fun and sometimes its time for action and elevation and if youre the type of person who gets lazy on weed then you might wanna put it down for a minute .

    right now i dont smoke havent smoked for 2 months and imma wait until my studio is finished and im in a lil better shape until i fire one up again…but all that AA bullshit i dont fall for that

    i did rehab just to make shit easier since it was free
    but nothing they said made any sense and i couldnt relate to none of those people…i tried to keep to myself as much as i could and work out but they make you go to these pointless meetings with a bunch of squares and lames bitch about their problems and try to be comedians, so i bounced out after 3 weeks…

  • http://muthafuckayooouknow killa

    its diffrent…some people can smoke all the weed in the world and still function…like snoop for example and i can mention 5000 other succesful wake and bake smoke everyday people with no problems at all i guess its diffrent for diffrent people.

    some people might say that yous a weak muthafucka for goin to rehab that they know heroin addicts that went cold turkey and shit like that and if theyre right or wrong.. i really dont know thats something to pholisophize on i think i can be weak at times but then again who dosent. i dont know….

    but i do know what i want and i will make that work for me and all you AA fanatics can talk about relapses , “depression” and all that other frigilous shit. just my thought on it i hope that wasent too drawn out and unfocused, 2 months isnt easy. and everyday is a struggle especially when everybody smokes weed and all music is about weed youn see niggaz blazin in every other video now i cant even fuck wit worldstar anymore (lol just jokin)

    but kinda makes you feel like firing one up but i also know thats a distraction that i dont need right now. when its time to chill its time to chill but right now its time for action and to make shit happen.

  • A very thoughtful person.

    I think this is a great post. I also think that the other comments are helpful as well, but I need to put in mine. I think I have a pretty good grasp on all this, maybe even more than the person that wrote this article. You can tell that the person who did write this article DID NOT smoke weed everyday, for a long period of time, or atlas that his view is pretty subjective. Lets take a look at another side… and I am going to be brutally honest. All you can do is learn from other people.

    I have been smoking weed since sophomore of high school. I am now 21 years old. So that is like a solid 5 years. Everyday pretty much, once a day at least. Sometimes I would get sick and take like 5 days off or randomly take a day off. But pretty much, weed has been a top priority for some time now. And I am not starting to realize I don’t think its that healthy for me, RIGHT NOW. It was great in high school, and other times. It has opened doors for me, brought me to new experiences, and let alone the experience of smoking weed and the spiritual side. I have got so much out of it, I think it has opened my eyes to being a more caring person, also maybe more liberal. A lot of people I know that HAVE NEVER smoked weed or only smoked a couple times, are very conservative, cold, selfish, and uncaring. BUT, right now, I am starting to feel the affect of the pot. I really don’t think it makes me that lazy, even if it does, it gets made back up with the inspiration and creative ideas that I get from pot. BUT BUT BUT, on an emotional level, the guy who wrote this piece was RIGHT. It does cover up problems. I just started going to a therapist, and things that I didn’t think bothered me at all EVER, now when I talk about them I start to cry and realize there is pain there. So i think marijuana has just been a sort of “fog” over my feelings for the past 5 years, not letting me deal with them on my way. As this guy said, “self-medicating”…

    Thats my story though. I have found it easy to cut down on the pot, but hard to kick it completely. I think if you haven’t tried pot, your nuts. Try it. Experience, or how else can you judge? I also think pot is an amazing herb, not a drug, that can be used medicinally in so many ways. Its also very spiritual. BUT, like anything, watching too much tv, working out too much, doing anything TOO MUCH, isn’t good. We should be out there exploring all the different things we can, meeting all the different people we can. Even SEX too much isn’t good, it takes you away from other things in your life. So just watch the marijuana intake…

    -hope this helps some passionate, caring person, who needs a hand, with something not too serious to the body, but maybe to the soul.

  • Angel

    It’s sad I’ve been married 11 yrs but the last 5 yrs I can’t believe my husband has been self medicating himself I’m glad I found this artcile it helped me out alot I’m going to let him go I just can’t seem to find him anymore hes here but his brain isn’tand I can’t take the yelling when he runs out thank you

  • A very good listener

    What a very thoughtful person said about moderation. I went online to find some kind of answer in relation to how i should approach draw, as I’m, 17, and I don’t see myself quitting for good any time soon. That is the answer i’m looking for, as I’ll hear or read one thing saying weed is evil, and another saying it is beautiful, but it’s true, its definately will have positive effects on my life as long as I moderate it. Thanks

  • http://SmokeWeed?HereisTheRealBreakdown tessa

    what the hall

  • bearsinmywoods

    I am a 19 year old male who has smoked marijuana on and off since 8th grade. I grew up in an urban area so of course drug use is a known subject. I smoked for the first time in the winter of 8th grade year and my mind was blown. I was confused, intrigued, and ofcourse…HIGH! I smoked regularly for the summer after and slowed down throughout 9th grade(maybe once a month.) In 10th grade I didn’t smoke whatsoever because of this girl. Then in 11th grade I started smoking again. My friends in a different city started smoking so it was just another thing to do with them. Then my senior year came around. I’d say it was probably my best year of high school and I started smoking at an increasing rate. It wasn’t that I needed more but I just liked smoking different strands, I liked the ritual with my friends (blunt cruises, bike rides, sneaking out of my friends parent’s houses, etc etc), and plus it allows me to think without a judging mind. This all leads me up to saying this. I do not believe weed is harmful, period. It all depends on who is using it. Since february of this year I have smoked on an everyday basis. I do have depression and anxiety and have taken prescribed medicine but the meds disagree with me and are proven to be more harmful than marijuana. The med I took was celexa and its effects were absolutely terrible. I found myself having more panic attacks, mood swings out the ass, terrible dreams, a foggy mind, etc etc. The worst side effect of all was the inability to reach an orgasm. Why the hell would they prescribe that to anyone!?!? I don’t self medicate but I do smoke atleast once a day. I wish the us govt would see that marijuana can be used to treat many problems such as anxiety and depression without any harmful side effects besides munchies and increased drowsiness. However due to another girl I am seeing I have to say farewell to my FIRST true love and her name is mary jane. Spark up!!!!

  • tylar

    i think im ganna go get high

  • Timmy

    I’m fucking baked as right now, WEED is the bees fucking knees. Peace out fuckers.

  • The Truth

    I have been smoking pot for 3 years, i started when i was 13 and i am now 16… you can smoke weed and relax, you can smoke weed and forget your stress, or you can smoke and be lazy. People have been smoking weed for a LONG TIME, we have also been drinking alchol and using opiates for a long time, pot is just another drug, but it i a drug that allows much CLARITY and FOCUS. when you smoke pot, you may not be able to multitask but it gives you creativity and a different view of life, perhaps even a BETTER view of life.

    i started smoking pot occsionally until i was 15 when i smoked much more, and 16 i still smoke mostly everyday, and it has not interfered with ANYTHING i have done, my grades in fact got BETTER, i have even done a few tests while high, all of which i have done VERY well on, one of them i got 102 % it was math ( i got the bonus question right ). what i am saying is that WEED HAS MADE ME SMARTER, or perhaps just more perseverant and observant which has made me LEARN BETTER.

    Dont believe me? go smoke a bowl right now… but do not smoke it to get rid of stress, do not smoke it to go eat pizza and chips and watch tv. just go smoke a bowl and THINK! you will have many ideas most of which you will lose track of which is ok. go read or paint or draw something, the more your brain needs to think in a state of high the better it will be at it next time, after a while you will have no confusion even if you smoke ALOT, and when you become sober again you will realize everything you learned has stuck. you will learn that weed i a helpful drug and if used corectly has absolutely the most minor of side effects.

    now go, smoke a couple bowls.

  • Anonymous

    Just a comment regarding meditating emotions. What about Xanax, Prozac, or Haldol? All prescribed legally by a physician… And the effect on the economy?

  • B

    You start off your article with a complete fallacy – that cannabis is a gateway drug. It is NOT, and has NEVER been proven so. Stop spreading lies.

  • james

    i have been a everyda smoker since 10th grade and is now 21..i recently got arrested and put on probation, and have been clean for two months. being clean helped my mind clear and i felt more self confident. now 10 min ago i smoked again and it seems all the 2 month progress was a waist, i dont want more jail time.

  • hiero

    I smoke weed multiple times every day (usually directly after school and all day beginning the moment i get up on weekends)
    I have to admit your article is completely on point and matches what I have noticed myself.
    I cant imagine doing the things that are fun to me without getting high first and I guess I definitely medicate my feelings in a way.
    I think I mainly smoke out of boredom and out of habit.
    when I do the stuff I usually do (watching tv or chilling out with friends) when im sober, I quickly notice how boring it is and how little activities i actually engage in when I smoke.
    I guess weed makes you content with doing passive and usually quite boring things.
    I think I really should cut down sometime…

  • Liam

    Wow great article. Notice how many people have posted denial responses to this, some even trying to get others to smoke.

    Why? Because they are addicted. Weed is definitely a drug, no one denies that so why would you try to push it on people so hard? Just because you [think you] can smoke every day and it makes you smarter doesn’t mean it will for most people. I love weed but I have been really struggling for a while to quit and am finally making good progress. I think it is fine on occasion but the fact is once you become an every day smoker (me for 3 years, for the past year I started mixing tobacco which made it way worse) taking a day off is HARD. So for all the people who say it isn’t bad for you why the fuck is it so hard not to be high for a day? Do you think snoop would feel good if he went a day without getting high? No, he would have a shitty day. This is because you end up needing weed to be able to be normal., just like this article said.

    I got addicted because of my anxiety. Marijuana has some great medicinal properties and could be used to some people to combat depression and anxiety. But the fact is it has side effects. You get high. You are slower, can’t multi task, and short term memory does go.

    (I have com to believe that you get short term memory problems with weed because you just don’t pay much attention to trivial things in your life when you are high. It linked with why you can’t multitask well when high and why weed helps stimulate creativity. You can easily get engrossed in whatever task currently has your attention. But you instantly poor all your attention into that thought or task. The back of your mind isn’t cluttered with distracting unrealted thoughts. This helps ‘focus’ the mind and helps creativity but those background sub and pre conscious thoughts are important! Those are the processes that help form memories. You CAN learn school and do well at school if you are high (I still have a 78 avg after 3rd year uni, although down from 92 in highschool) but it is hard. You have to focus on what you want to learn, and forget stupid little things.

    If you are a daily smoker and like the affects weed has on you then I’m glad you’ve found your drug. But don’t keep living in denial: if you smoke weed daily it is essentially working as an antidepressant for you. Maybe the side effects aren’t too bad but would you want to go a day without the drug? If you are okay with the fact you are RELIANT on a drug to function optimally then that is ok. Many people take antidepressants their whole lives. But how dare you go around trying to convince other people to start taking your drug just because it works for you. Why don’t all ex-depressed people try to push their antidepressants on the rest of the world saying “look doing this every day isn’t bad, actually it is great you should too” because there are side effects and risks and …. i’m tired of ranting but seriously I think weed should be legal since it is less dangerous than alcohol. I also think drug awareness in school should NOT teach abstaining but should give real information. It is ok to smoke sometimes but there are risks. But fuck all these people in denial posting comments against this article. I think weed is good and should be legal but I also have lived all the stages mentioned in this article. I am getting better, atleast I’m out of the denial, but the fact is this is how the addiction develops for most people (who do develop problems with the drug). Some people will be able to smoke their whole lifes responsibly. Some will smoke in denial of the negative effects, or thinking the positive ones outway the negatives and that weed improves their lives but then it is just their version of an anti depressant because a day without weed is a day without an improved life.

  • wiz khalifa

    weed money,dope…leggo

  • terry s

    i have smoked weed every day a few times a day every since i was in the 6th grade and im 22 years old now still smoking large amounts of weed every day and iv just started to drink alcohol every night. i have alot of fun street racing and hanging out with friends going to partys working out and everything but when i sit back and look at it im not doing anything with my life but im having fun but i want more than this there has got to be more to life than this.

    also weed does cover your emotions, i dont even think about alot of stuff i just dont know how to deal with it any other way than to smoke weed and chill i even take xanex and klonapin sometimes with my alcohol just to get away from the world and zone out forget about everything its the perfect high

    but its time for me to quit smoking by choice
    i have been getting very suicidal, contimplating suicide every day. and just getting very depressed, i think if i quit smoking weed, and quit drinking and taking xanex and klonapins maybe i can deal with my problems and move foward in life, be successfull and have a family

    i have one problem tho, its where i live im surounded by the best weed (kush) and alcohol/pills etc and its so easy to get and so much of it people just give it to me for free and smoke with me and give me pills and take me to clubs and everything its hard to say no

    im gonna say no starting tomorrow im gonna quit smoking weed and cigarettes at the same time, ill work out, street race, read books, and make videos for youtube anything i can think of to keep me busy and keep my mind off stuff and im gonna see if i can change my life for the better and get out of the situation that im in, maybe ill move far away and start a new life

  • Alex

    What pot may give with one hand, it takes away with the other. It’s a zero sum game, in which the user always loses. There are no shortcuts in life – and pot convinces you otherwise, because of the effects it has on your brain – 6 years of smoking in my late twenties taught me that. Pot is the ultimate seduction – it convinces you there’s nothing to worry about, when in fact its just numbing you from the Truth. Life is meant to be a challenge & ever changing – nature teaches us that, and so as natural as pot may be – it takes one away from one’s nature. After quitting for 7 weeks, starting up again for a 6 due to an “emotional disturbance” (in reality it was just a normal everyday love life challenge), and now 8+ weeks sober again – I attest its possible. And it get’s BETTER! You do get your normal faculties back, but it takes work, as with anything worthwhile – keep pushing through it, it happens on its own after a while.

    It’s well worth it in the end, this precious existence of being human. Seize it, and master the moment – because that’s only where life takes place. I recommend mediation. A 10 day Vipassana course was a challenging yet well spent experience I recommend to anyone, pot smoker or not.

    Don’t forget, pot is a CRUTCH and any reason you come up with to justify using it … IS the work of pot itself. If it changes your nature, it’s not natural even if it grows out of mother nature.

  • allisonjane

    A Very Thoughtful Person: You’re pretty much dead on.
    But just as every other drug, weed affects people differently.

    And Timmy- You’re even more dead on ;)
    People self-medicate themselves everyday with advil, coffee, television and massive amounts of McDonalds. We all choose our own poison

    MODERATION, yes… But shits’ just better high!

  • eiowz

    how can someone that doesn’t smoke weed just read this article and take all these combined words for granted? You know…you can try to help people understand things all you want, some will take your words for granted, some will look at you with a WTF face, but in the end they will always try to find the truth for themselves. That is the only

  • sweet lou

    Here’s what both sides of the arguement are missing. It’s not for everyone – ill explain why. When the author says that it you “get high and avoid emotions” you are flat out wrong, with the exception being You. You (or someone you know) may have gotten high to avoid emotions. Its EXACTLY the opposite effect for myself. I smoke, very little at that, specifically to focus on what, if any, issues are (sub)consciously affecting me. What some people mistake as paranoia or anxiety is simply a rush of a collection of things that you should internalize and focus on – its simple self diagnosis. I find cannabis effectively dissolves (whatever is left of) my own Ego and I can objectively and subjectively form my own ideas, opinions, and logical solutions without any outside subliminal interference. Yes – the media, pop culture, government, other peoples influences are subconsciously written into your internal programming. This is probably the point in my response where people reading this are questioning what the heck I’m talking about and they will dismiss any insight I have provided. Cannabis, when harnessed, is a beautiful tool for personal mental growth. It’s humbling, sometimes provides humility, and at times feminizing.

    Don’t expect to hop into the basketball court and be Michael Jordan. That takes practice, experience, and understanding. Same thing with cannabis. It’s harmless, non-toxic, and severely misunderstood from being demonized. Do some people do stupid stuff while they are high? Yes, but that’s like blaming the Corvette when you wrap it around a tree speeding. If you’ve used cannabis a few times or only when you were young then you won’t understand. But like the first thing I said, its NOT for everybody. Some people don’t ask the correct questions while you are feeling the effects. And this is not just a pro cannabis response – I think young people under 21 have too much on their plate already to have to be dealing with things like alcohol and cannabis, let alone other substances. Growing into young adults is a hard enough task. It’s when you want to see things that you don’t even know what is bothering you or controlling certain decisions and feelings that cannabis can be the most fascinating tool we never have enough experience with and instantly dismiss because of predetermined judgements. Sometimes you have to go into the rabbit hole to find out what you might not want to face. And remember, if you are smoking pot and being unambitious and lazy then maybe you are using it for the wrong reasons.

  • Anonymous

    I will admit, I enjoyed smoking marijuana for about seven years. It’s pleasurable side affects may outweigh the negative side affects. It heightens the senses making everything seem absolutely wonderful whether your cleaning your home, watching a movie, or having sex ( just a few examples). The problem is that with chronic long-term users you tend to develop a physiological dependence; I will use myself as an example. I am trying to quit, and I am having a hard time. The only withdrawal symptom would be that I am depressed and bored, this really makes me want to smoke. I also enjoy the act of smoking weed… packing the bowl, rolling a joint… taking a hit. It is all very ceremonial to me. I am quitting because I have reason to suspect that this drug is creating havoc between me and my partner in crime. Cant say for sure until we both come clean for a while, but financially… its causing problems. Also, going without is like going without your A1 steak sauce!… anyways making weed runs sucks!! I don’t have time for it. I work full time, keep up the home, and take care of a child. I know what your thinking, but lets leave it alone. I realize that there may be more to life, but now that I’m at a level state I realize that I have no idea how to enjoy my life without it. I will try by replacing this habit of mine with something else equally enjoyable. I will make time for some physical activity, maybe get into a project of some sort, read a book… challenge myself. I simply cannot except one way of living for the rest of my life… I can experiment with a sober life.
    And occasionally, drink some poison every once in a while… if I can without drowning myself in it. Sad to say, I don’t believe that I can just smoke weed in moderation, tried it… look where it got me.

  • William Ortiz

    This article is nothing more than a piece of bologna. One can not judge others or condone others without any evidence and only accusations. You people should be shamed of yourselves for propagating the misguided youth. My indigenous grand parents use to cultivate marijuana in the early 1800’s because it was of a valuable resource in the world being used for rope, paper, clothing, and as a medicine. Are you telling me MY Ancestry was wrong for providing to MY Native People?!

  • Lucy

    … no they’re saying smoking it every day is damaging. I don’t think anything up there said weed is bad. Reading comprehension is important.

  • Anonymous

    What a pile of misinformation. Is this written by anyone who has actually smoked weed…ever?? Weed doesn’t help you escape anything and it certainly doesn’t help you cover up anything. It doeasn’t make awkward/bad/sad feelings go away. It makes you CONFRONT them head on. I had a friend who was big into amphetamines (which I’ve never touched, I don’t do drugs) and he would never touch weed because he knew it would make him think about what he was doing to himself. I have smoked weed for 20 years and have grown with it and have used it to sort out my issues too. I am happily married, I raise my 2 kids, hold down a job, make music. Yeah sometimes there are bad things and actually weed helps you so why don’t you stop posting this rubbish.

  • Mike

    Anonymous sounds like another self-righteous weed smoker in denial. He/she might be happily married and think life is OK, but I think the real test would be to talk to his/her kids, spouse, employer. I just had one of these discussions with my son who smokes pot. His girlfriend left town to get away from him (and now he needs money). He covers up his anger and anxiety when he’s on pot because when he doesn’t smoke it, he’s a nervous, angry wreck. But he won’t get medication instead because the pills will hurt his liver (but he drinks very heavily if he can’t get his weed), and because the government has created a consipiracy of misinformation about medications that can help. The job he “holds” is landscaping work that is full of off days if it doesn’t rain in the summer. So, we’ll just let him go on his own life (he won’t/can’t further his education for a better job) until he gets in more trouble (more than the 2 DUIs and pot possession he has). This article is not rubbish, it is right-on, and Anonymous doesn’t like it, just like any other addict.

  • Andy

    Nice article, very well stated. Good point that it is not very important whether weed is physically addicting or not. Another thing I noticed is that when I would smoke, I would catch myself frowning unintentionally, and more often, the longer I was “hooked.” I would get the rush, that “happy” buzz, but overall my baseline happiness level would go down continually, until it got so bad that I needed help.

    You also mentioned the link between communication and growth. One of the most difficult things in recovery, from what I have observed, is building new interpersonal skills. It might be hard, but it is worth the effort. “How To Win Friends and Influence People” is a great start. Socializing can turn into a positive and healthy “addiction.”

  • Anonymous

    Its very important to note that while this article is completely accurate, it only applies to people who become mentally addicted to weed. I say this because some people may not get that from the article itself. I was happy to see that they made the distinction between that and physical addiction, which as they said is impossible with weed. Some people, myself included, have used weed for all the reasons they detail, in mentally unhealthy ways. However, this does not make smoking weed inherently evil. There are people out there who manage to use it infrequently, just to have some fun, and never develop an addiction to it or any other drug(including alcohol, cigarettes and other legal drugs). That sort of use should not be demonized for the fact that others abuse it. Substance abuse can occur with practically anything, not just drugs. With weed, like with mostly everything else, there is a healthy approach and an unhealthy one.
    I am in no way attacking this article, because I think it is very accurate and informative. I simply am seeking to help those who might not understand that it is talking about the dangers of everyday use, abusing it, and not simply use of weed in general.

  • a hooded waif

    I think the last point (If you have to smoke weed in order to have a good time) is the only one that really applies to me. I’ve been smoking weed for about 4 years, almost every day. I’m finding it harder to have fun without smoking weed before or during my activities, so a lot of the time I end up doing nothing but contemplating whether I should smoke weed (to have fun). Well, today’s Thursday which means the last time I smoked was… yesterday, that makes for… 0.5 day(s) of sobriety. God I hate math. That’s one of the worst parts, the math. Second only to the indecision created by a great controversy in my mind regarding cannabis.

    “Should I smoke weed tonight?” A question that I ask myself often while driving home from school. Each time I smoke usually results in a wonderfully unique and novel experience, but still some part of me tries to resist smoking regularly. It’s gotten to the point where I’m feeling almost defined by cannabis, like I’ve lost part of my humanity and have become an avatar of this (holy, evil, awesome, deceptive, benevolent, poisonous, frustrating…) plant. Perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit, but pot has a peculiar power on humans comparable to that of religion. In today’s society, pot has perhaps become some kind of mini Jesus Christ. Wait, let me think on that.

    Some people practically worship cannabis, while others condemn it as the devil in a green skirt. Somewhat similar to what different religions have to say about other religions. “Your truth cannot co-exist with mine. Yours must be a lie. You lying scumbag!” Interactions like these are shrouded around public cannabis discussions on the internet. People telling people that cannabis will destroy your soul, people telling people that it will give you super powers, people debating the definition of the word “drug,” all to no avail. Two people with greatly contrasting beliefs about cannabis seem to ultimately have equally great differences in their entire worldviews. I can’t say with any certainty this is true, it just appears that way from what I’ve noticed. Humanity is very passionate about cannabis (whether in allegiance or opposition), close to the level of religious belief. A little scary.

    In the end, cannabis is a life form. Like us, it wants to, needs to, is made to survive, and so far it has done a brilliant job in its co-evolution with humans, whether in deceiving or enlightening us. Probably a bit of both. Interestingly, humans are at a point where all other beings on this planet must be subservient or risk annihilation. I can’t imagine what will happen in the future, but for tonight, I think I’ll smoke a bowl. Well, maybe I shouldn’t. Then again, maybe I should. No, I’m quitting for a week! Smoke weed every day. Kill it with fire! BLASPHEMY! SACRILEGE! PANIC!

    It would be cool if in the future, cannabis and/or humans evolved to a point where this kind of confusion no longer exists, and there would be TV shows called “Pot Poker.” A man can dream…

  • Mike

    It’s your call. You know the legal risks. The best judgement would come from the totally honest opinions of those closest to you, including those at your work. And you have to listen completely. I have a son who glorifies pot and denigrates society’s legal system when he smokes. When he’s sober he has a much more negative opinion of pot–if he’s being honest. I know my son self-medicates with pot for his troublesome anxiety. I’ll bet that you self-medicate for some reason also. There are good legal medications, and counseling out there. But maybe the honest opinions of those around you will say you are just fine smoking pot. Find out for yourself.

  • Bipps

    Why does it matter what someone does to their own body, You mind your bussiness and ill mind mine end of story. That how i look at it

  • seek

    I think its good info because not being in touch with reailty ended my marriage i got high to escape my naggin wife when really she was trying to talk to me about how she was feeling

  • biru

    This is kind of misleading, friend. I notice I tend to cry and react far more when I am fairly high from havin a smoke, and I do not feel I am “removed from reality” when I smoke- I am simply changing my perspective on it. To say you remove yourself from reality suggests there is only one definite reality- soo far from anything I have ever learned. We all see time/space uniquely and through our own filters and perspectives, as do probably all different animals and plants, and planets for that matter. To change your perspective temporarily is to broaden it.
    also- marijuana helps your brain create synapses quicker than usual,
    and alcohol is a poison (you read correctly,) Marijuana is an herb.

  • Anonymous

    i didn’t start smoking pot until i was 21 and since then my has changed for the better, before i smoked my life was miserable. i hate drinking, i don’t take any pills of any kind. i workout, do cardio and eat healthy everyday and i am 40 yrs old. im not on any medication, like blood pressure crap and things like that. i smoke everyday a few to several times a day, actually i vaporize. if weed is sooo bad for you then where are the lung or organ pictures of weed smokers? there are none because it’s effect are not harmful like we were coerced into believing. i have always had trouble with making decisions before i smoked now i don’t. i have also always had a cloudy head, had nightmares and since i turned 14 have been in depression until i started smoking pot. my days are clear and bright. it’s also good for eyesight! i have read tons of self-help books in these past 20 yrs and that has helped alot but if i stop smoking, those books are not clear anymore to me because life starts sucking again. i am a mother of two teenage daughters. i also smoked the whole time i was pregnant with the first one (she is in honors, a varsity cheerleader in high school and volunteers when possible, among other accomplishments). i didn’t smoke much with my younger daughter (she can sit on the couch for hours and days, she does get good grades but does not really pay attention, she is also a cheerleader and a singer and they both play clarinet in band). so yeah i too wish that people who haven’t smoked pot would quit writing stupid arcticles about something they no nothing about!

  • Chris

    I just wanted to say that some great points were made here. I have noticed these six years I have been smoking, things aren’t as enjoyable sober. And lately it’s been making me lack the determination I’ve been trying to build. I’ve had this feeling when trying to quit I’ll always have that urge to smoke and nothing will be as fun again. For instance, watching my favorite anime. This is where I realize it’s a problem in my life, maybe not others, but my own. This post gives me hope that I can start to enjoy things even more so without this”crutch.”

  • Justin

    it definitely messed me up, do not do it!!

  • jim

    each to their own


    Such bullshit. Get educated about marijuana. It is people who write about the detriments of weed that are idiots. There is not one negative detriment to marijuana, people get the false idea that there are negatives because they are ignorant and believe everything they read.

  • itstrue

    Im not someone who smokes weed but into a year of dating the best man I’ve ever met he fell into the old habit. When we started dating he knew I was not a fan and he had quit a year back..however he had some old stuff hidden away and decided to just use. since he does it daily. we cant go anywhere without him being high. from the movies to the grocery store. he’s different. he’s withdrawn and our relationship suffers. he even sells it now. Im not against people doing what makes them happy but from experience i can tell u it changed him and us. He doesnt communicate but medicates. I know not everyone experiences this but it happens. i lost my best friend because of it.

  • G

    Lets make some things clear. Cannabis expands your Consciousness, it does not numb it nor does it numb reality.

    When I’m high, i tend to have a better grasp of other people’s feelings and tend to be a lot more considerate and compassionate. One of the side effects from weed is that it’ll get you paranoid, generally leading to one confronting problems that one would normally overlook or ignore when sober. When I’m high, I’m actually more in tune with reality because my attention span is expanded to whatever I’m focused in on. But I don’t rely on being high all the time to have some fun.

    There’s no doubt that doing something fun on a regular basis is a result of addictioness. Moderation is the key of life.

    You can abuse anything ranging from Tylenol PM, to fast foods to coffee. That doesn’t mean that these products should be outlawed either.


  • sarah

    after ten yrs of been with partner many ups and downs he got into weed heavily. I noticed about 3wks after starting to use he completely shut his emotions off. i dont smoke it and aftr 10mnths off him goin to mates to smoke with others users, he told me we are over. He said he loves me will do anything for me, still attracted to me loves our 2 kids but doesnt love me like that. Instead he has started seeing a girl who smokes weed and is very immature. Wen i tried to talk to him he says i cant talk about this now im stoned. Its like he has mistaken her immaturity as an ability to make him laugh while they are both high, and confused this as a true and honest relationship.

  • alyson

    I think the article is totally true. My husband has to smoke everyday to be normal now. If he runs out he is a total jerk and he treats me and our kids like shit. He is a totally different person when he is high. When he runs out he tells me that i am the reason he smokes so he doesnt have to deal with me. Everything he has been holding in comes out at once and he yells and screams at me. Calls me names and tells me everyone hates me, and throws his wedding ring at me. I cant do anything right, everything I say and do is stupid or pisses him off. I am too the point where I cant take it anymore. He doesn’t see the problem and blames it all on me. When he is not high he has look on his face like he doesnt care about anything and he really doesnt. and we can be eating dinner at the table and he will be rolling his eyes even though nobody said anything. I dont even want to say anything in front of him anymore. He is a very scary person when he is not high.

  • anderson

    What if I don’t smoke weed on a daily basis or to get over an emtoion? How would weed be harmful

  • Smanatha

    I like the points made in this article.. But many commented that its bullshit and they’ve been smoking for this many years and everything is fine? I’d like to know how is from the point of view of their family members or spouse.
    Weed does put you in a state of mind where you just don’t need to care about anything, I have a friend who smokes on the weekends and by the end of the week he is raging because he wants his weed. I’m really worried for him because a he’s a smart guy but hasn’t been making smart choices.

  • anonoymous

    Still holding onto the stigma and the bogus propaganda our government throws out there. People can be addicted to anything and to say weed is psychologically addictive is really only an educated opinion. Where are the facts, the proof that marijuna is psycholigcally addicting? There isn’t any okay. There may be articles and studies out there that suggest that it might be, but it’s not proven. Mainly because our government doesn’t fund studies. This is simply an opinionated article with some sources that aren’t even listed…You can become psychologically and physically addicted to the natural adrenaline your body releases during extreme sports. Have an open mind people, look into this stuff yourself. You don’t need to be a cannabis user, but just open your mind and see the good it does for millions of people. It doesn’t do good for everybody who tries it or smokes it, but the positives far out reach the negative impacts. I’m definitely both physically and psychologically addicted to coffee. Caffeine kills a few hundred or few thousand a year. Lets not get started on all the other drugs that we use to “escape” from reality in which most can kill you over time or instantly. A father would also like to see his son use legal prescription drugs to cope with anxiety which he can be addicted to the moment he takes them, and having a bunch of negative side affects? What is up with that? Take a look at yourself and open your mind to your sons choices and see his side instead of thinking his life is going to go to shit because he likes to smoke cannabis. Cannabis doesn’t make YOUR life got to shit, YOU make your OWN life go to shit. Come on, I my be a self righteous “weed smoker” but I don’t sting on anybody who chooses not to. Open your mind people, it’s been aound for thousnds of years, our ancestors before us used it, grew it, ate it, and for heavens sake it could potentially save this planet if we let it. Anybody who wants to see the history and the benefits and the negative aspect to marijuana (good luck finding a legit one.” then check out the documentary – The Union: The business behind getting high and If we Grow This is What We Can Do. It’s neither physically or psychologically addictive. Ahhhh I’m a 22 year old Senior college student graduating in May and I’ve been smoking since I was 16. The past year I’ve picked it up on a regular basis mainly in the evenings to help get a good night rest. I’ll smoke before the movies, I’ll smoke before I got to dinner, I’ll smoke before I do something sometimes. It’s like having a few beers and goin to the bars or goin to the movies after a couple of drinks. Cannabis opens your mind on a subconcious level people. It enhances creativity and deep thinking. You don’t lose emotions and marriages don’t fail simply because your significant other smokes too much pot. Think about it. Bless you all

  • JL

    I smoked weed everyday for years and years when I was in the army, quit to get in, then started again due to all the stress and pressure and it literally saved my life. Paxil, effexor, and remeron made me feel odd when I was working for a Sargent that abused his authority to single me out, but weed was the only thing that helped. After I left the army last march I smoked to relieve intense nausea and pain from my gerd(stomach issue). Now I was feeling better and didn’t want to feel like I HAVE to smoke to be “normal”, so I decided I’d quit for the 6 weeks of lent. It IS habit forming but no more so than coffee like someone else said. During the time I smoked I performed well in 6 years of duty, I raised my 1st daughter well and have allways treated her and my wife well, she’s a stay at home mom, she got pregnant when we were 19 and I stuck around and supported her being a stay at home mom. She used to smoke but quit a while back when she was tired of it but never judged me for it because I treat her well, help around the house when I can, and never wake up, go to bed, walk in or out of the house without kissing her and telling her I love her with all my heart and soul. I don’t think weed makes people act badly, but their stress that is making them act badly can make them use weed to help cope. But as one person said it is introspective and if your not happy with what you see in the mirror then it won’t help you. I learned that and dealt with my issues before I even stopped. I’m on day 6 sober and I only think about having a j a few tomes a day, I had actually cut back my daily dose while still smoking daily before I stopped. I stopped not because it hurt me, but as a way of proving to myself that I don’t need it to be happy, and to give up my favorite vice in honor of the 40 days our lord and savior was tormented by the devil in the desert. After Easter I will smoke again but less often so as not to build a tolerance. A good joint or 2 every Friday and Saturday will buzz better and be more appreciated if it’s not my everyday baseline state. If I ever have to deal with injury like when I crashed my dirtbike in ’09, I’ll smoke everyday instead of taking opiates as it’s healthier for me. I don’t drink more than 2 drinks EVER due to my gerd will make me sick long before I’d get drunk so weed is the only vice that works for me. But for me doing it everyday made it lose it’s magic it had when I was a teen. Moral of the story, smoking everyday CAN be ok for some people or for certain mental or physical illness, but that doesn’t mean once you get healthy like I did that you can’t take a break and re-evaluate it’s place in your life without giving it up for good. I will smoke weed till the die I die, but it doesn’t mean I need to smoke it EVERY day of my life either. Life is about balance everybody, hope that makes sence. Good night and god bless you all.

  • adrian

    It does destroy relationships for sure. And why do stoners always pick non stoners as their partners. I just hated the lies. Lies on top of lies. Why? Because he didn’t want me to think he smoked as much. Just be honest, but stoners can not. I just walked away.from the madness. But Mary J will not keep hik warm in the Winter.

  • OP

    I smoke weed and I agree with some of it

  • Khakilac

    Well well….. Weed/Marijuana is prescribed by many doctors & legal in states now so all of you against it can just accept it….. Those of you against it also get high in your own way shape of form. We all have a way to get a rush. Marijuana has never killed any babies while speeding down the highway or running a red light & causing liver cancer like the legal stuff/alcohol so just shut that shit up…….

  • Tammi

    I have nothing against smoking pot even though I’ve never smoked it. I don’t think it is worse than drinking. I think you’re missing the point of the article – if you have to do it EVERYDAY to feel like you can function in this world, you are an addict. People are addicted to many many things – this would be one of them if a day doesn’t go by where you are unhappy off the stuff. You sound a little touchy.

  • jayson

    All of this makes sense, because this is exactly what i’m dealing with now. I don’t really have a problem with not smoking weed per se. I smoke every now and then, once or twice a month, depending on the occasion but I used to smoke everyday for a little less than a year and it was getting to the point where I would be saying to myself “Man, I hate being high” as I took a hit anyways. I saw this as something that just wasn’t normal and so I decided to seriously cut back on my marijuana smoking habits. When I first decided to stop, I had a bit of psychological addiction to it and I found myself wanting to get high before I did anything, I just needed that mental stimulation and things just “didn’t feel right” without being high. Also, I felt it was so difficult to socialize with others and when something would happen, like if we went to a local show with my favorite bands playing, or a movie, I would crave being high so much that I didn’t even enjoy any of it because I was too busy being disappointed by the fact that I wasn’t high for it. That just wasn’t right at all. Because of weed, my emotions we’re dulled out and it was almost impossible to elicit an emotional response from me. I’m still that way. Just understand that marijuana is a great drug to use in MODERATION, as it is up to you to know how much is too much. Just decide that quickly before long term effects start to kick in.

    I just felt like sharing my situation with everyone hopefully someone will get something out of this, Id hate for someone to feel (or not feel) like I do because of weed.

  • Loso Angeleso

    All these people are light weights! I smoke weed nightly before bed and I am a 4.0 college student. People need to relax, everybody is so casual about drinking booze which is a non natural horrible drug but when a man or woman ingest a natural herb that has so many benefits people freak out. Get a clue….Then you have people saying that it will make you stupid….well maybe you shouldn’t smoke during study time or during a test….I’ll admit that if you are a LIGHT WEIGHT, then you should be careful but if you have goals and know where you are headed and don’t let society hold you back then who the hell cares if you smoke or not……Just take care of yur SH&T and MAN THE FU&K UP FOR GOD SAKES! stop blaming weed for your boyfriend being an asshole! Maybe he is an asshole because you wont stop BITCHING at him while he is trying to relax. Maybe he just wants to chill the FU*K out and not have to listen to you Nagging all the time…..To all you women out there that complain about weed smoking boyfriends……GO MARRY A SOFT, CONFUSED, PERVERTED, SANDAL WEARING, SPIKY HAIR, CHURCH GUY WHO HIDES EVERYTHING AND LIES. SO SAD

  • tanis

    Everything you percieve is composed of the patterns of thought that you’ve come to agree with through your “experiences”. Smoking pot is a very powerful thing. Im trying to quit. Its having its tolls on my meditation. But hey about the patterns, Think of this! . root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, “throat-word-vibrations” the heaven, and the father. The pineal, and the petulitary. God is love, see yourself literally as everyone you percieve.and you will do amazing things. Look not at who you are in the mirrior but find yourself through the reflection of others.

  • stoonj

    i’m a daily smoker and i think some are true but some are also exaggerated and was articulated in a negative way.. in my opinion

  • tom

    This article has created such an awesome thing. Which is the union of smokers and non smokers sharing their experiences and opinions on the matter.Often you find either a collaboration of negative views over cannabis or a forum of stoners in which each one thinks weed is their gift from god.
    Ive been smoking solidly for 3 years now (everyday), im 19 and this is my rather different view on it. I completely agree with the article as weed defiantly offers the illusion that one is escaping reality, to only realize that they have merely been prolonging the date in which they will have to face reality. All of this creates an embedded fear of reality and a reliance on the drug.
    However to say weed is evil,to say that weed inst positive and to say it is damaging is our own fault. As a society we have created a false happiness in my opinion. We have developed a need to constantly be doing, a culture in which worrying about trivial things is a must and a world were acting fake and impressing others is accepted. I look at weed as an ancient plant that will have catalyzed the development of our ancestors. I see my great (x100) grandfather sitting on a hill with friends smoking the drug looking over rolling vibrant green hills, talking, enjoying,reminiscing happiness and not worrying. Glazed eyes, red cheeks these people wouldn’t have been judged by peers, they wouldn’t see it as illegal, they wouldn’t even classify it as a drug or as being negative. They would have smoked it felt the effects and known what it was about.
    Comparing that to the world we live in now, we have stupid things to worry about, “oh no my passport expired need to get that sorted.” “dam i failed my maths GCSE, what will i do now i wont get into college” “dam my cars number plate light isnt working, better get that fixed before the police pull me over” all of this worries, may seem to many as things that just must be done and must be done quickly. Look at this openmindly and see the significance of these things on a wider scale. It is all bullshit, and stoners are taken away from the real world and made to realize a different importance, an importance of empathy and mindfulness. These two contrasting realitys do not work in unison. You cant smoke weed every day of your life and do all the stupid little things you gotta do on top of having a job in which you earn a pile of paper which you spend on objects you deem will make you happy to then wake up the next day and find it could all be worth nothing.
    For all you housewives that are out their saying ” i talk to my husband when hes stoned and he just doesnt care” bla bla bla. The chances are your nagging him, you probs want him to do something or to do something with him. Hes not interested in that because he stoned hes not into your reality because hes stoned, he doesnt give a fuck about what your saying because its all so trivial in his mind and there is no need to worry about it.
    Im a living example of the negative effects of weed but in my eyes and many others they are positive effect but in terms of overall health they are negative. This is why, I used to be very social mainly through joking around, banter towards others was the sure way to go, i would act differently around different people and from this i had loads of friends and got laid i was definatly happy doing what everyone else was doing and i guess i was fitting in and it worked. I started smoking and slowly became less social started getting laid less, started talking to less of my old friends and that because weed taught me some really important things: 1. treat everyone with the same amount of respect regardless of there flaws as their flaws a defined by your opinion. 2. Understand that no matter how much your prepare for the future happiness wont change from what you experience today. 3. the most pleasurable things in life are the simplest and most overlooked.
    To finish this dissertation i would like to compare a stoner and non stoner me coming home from work. Non stoner me walks through the door shout to mum a cocky sentence thinking hes cool. Straight on Facebook, engaging myself in my friends problems discussions etc, ring someone talk to them for like 3 hours on the phone about people we like people we dont like things that happened today. Stoner me walks in through the door, instantly notice my dogs give them loads of attention distributing it evenly so no single dog feels left out (i have 3), think about what its like the be them the smile on their face when having their stomach tickled, whats it like to be a dog i wonder. Get up go into my room open my laptop, my answerer, my oracle, i can find endless answers to my never ending list of questions when im stoned so many interesting things to learn about.
    The fact is that society wouldn’t be as developed as it is now with everyone as stoners. Which is good but is society happy? i don’t know i mean it seems like we spend an awful lot of time on trivial things that don’t make us happy or give us the illusion that we are happy. I know for a fact weed makes you more mindful and i think it takes us back reminding us of things that over 1000 of years remained important and crucial in a humans overall happiness, i think weed creates a instinctive happiness, more of a unity with nature.
    I think its society’s fault weed is so negative to some people, i think there would be no negative effects of smoking weed daily if you where a caveman. I think society has outgrown cannabis, but i think to deem it as evil or as illegal or harmful or unhealthy is very wrong because it is a plant that has been part of nature for so long and to deem nature as wrong? its your determination of what right and wrong that is wrong in that case. You can merely accept it, like it dislike it, look at it as something beyond yourself something that has been developing for millions of years something that can only provide the effects it provides whether these effects are wrong or right is merely a matter of how well this effects fit within society. But at the end of the day its a happy plant that in the right situation can cause happiness and union even when regularly smoked.

  • Christine Ruback

    I like that, see yourself as everyone else you perceive & “find yourself through the reflection of others”. I think we just have to look around, pay more attention to others around us and once in a while put ourselves in their shoes. Helps us to relate better to other people, but we don’t have to make THEIR problems OUR problems, just be more understanding. I need to learn how to meditate. I am 47 and found out a few years ago that I have ADHD, ADD, whatever. Today’s world is so counter productive and difficult ( distracting ) to cope with when someone has my problem. I cannot afford a medicine now that I tried a few years back for the ADD which worked quite well to help me stay focused. In your opinion, or anyone else on here if they want to comment as well, would marijuana use help someone like me if I used it on occasion when my brain just can slow down – or might it make me too spacy anyway to get a few things done? Does anyone else on this page know if MJ will help or has no real good effect for hyperactive people?

  • Herbologist

    Well I am certainly no md, but I was one of the new wave drug specimens that got the short end of the stick in the 90’s. For my adhd, they put me on everything from concerta to riddalin ( both are psychostimulants) in very heavy doses, and by heavy i mean the equivalent of giving a baby a horse pill. By the time I was 13 years old I was ingesting a solid 90mg of concerta to my 175 lbs and I felt like a space cadet. I would zone into what I was doing, I would literally yell at people who tried to pry me from what I was doing. It became so bad, by the time I was 15 I was heavily depressed and worried my life was going to be a failure of a life. Prior to me being 15 at around my 14th birthday, I tried marijuana for the first time, but I had adverse reactions because I was still on the stimulants so for the longest time I hated pot, I thought it was aweful and I wanted it to die, until one magic weekend, when I hadn’t taken my medication for a rough month because it was Christmas vacation i ended up smoking with a buddy. It was literally MIND BLOWING, i was able to focus afterward but still maintain a calm demeanor and level head, I worked productively, and I turned my life around. The once angry and anti social teenager became a social monarch and beat back all of the dogs of depression with his bare hands. I went on to college and I studied at a prestigious university, im now 24, I have a girlfriend, my own house and I SMOKE MOST EVERYDAY, it helps me relax, and I especially use it when I need to really zone in on something that needs doing. it helps me relax and concentrate like no other medication could, in a happy, productive non-reclusive way that really brightens my life, thats just my two cents so take it as it is from a fellow adhd’er : the people who push pills know just as much about what they are pushing as the people who push pot ( little to nothing), so you have to just go with what works for you, try different things and settle for what helps you.

    Love and Prosperity,

  • robert

    As a person who uses marijuana every day all day i can tell you that alot of this is false, you arent sent to some sort of parallel universe when you’re high, in fact i feel more connected to reality when im high aside from when im not, yes there are times when people use it, it can be harmful like you stated, but that number is alot smaller then you think. now i will say that smoking weed every day is bad for physical lung health, it will make you more susceptible to shortness of breath and respritory problems but! if you dont smoke, instead take a small edible some days and smoke others you suddenly drop it massively because the edible doesnt damage your body like smoking ANYTHING can, and for those of you who disagree with that, you’re idiots.

  • Ed Mitchell Innes

    I agree entirely here. I am married to a daily long term weed smoker who won’t stop, and when she’s in ‘withdrawal’ or between smokes, she turns into an angry, negative, blaming controlling monster, angry and humourless, lashing out at the most insignificant thing. She will saddle no responsibility for her behaviour however – in fact she’ll use anger to control and block any discussion. She’ll then smoke and apologise some time after, but at any time soon the cycle continues all over again. As the person on the end of this, it’s super hard to deal with – it’s as though the best place to put yourself is far away, as being close guarantees you’ll get hurt. I don’t want to leave her, but this is such an unequal situation.

  • Paris

    Well people smoke in high school and college, and everything is fun.. might even have a 4.0 GPA, but then you get to some point that shit gets real and you can’t afford to just sit around and smoke pot. By affording I don’t mean financially, it’s when you have goals in your life and you can’t just sit down and be lost in your own head.. when you want to keep your relationships and people around you (other than potheads) and need to come back on earth. I’ve never seen chronic smokers to say weed helped them to be more successful or make more money (unless they’re musician or in Hollywood).. all it does it calms down your nerves and makes you feel everything is perfect, which is fine until you hit into a problem in your life, like getting laid off, and you need to man up and work so hard to keep your life together, but instead you start smoking more and more and look like a pussy more and more… And closest people to you stop relying on you..

  • Shumica Selph


  • Leucadlover

    Here is the point… why do you want to be stoned? Why don’t you feel better being sober? I just broke up with the love of my life because I don’t understand why someone would drink alcohol everyday combined with smoking cigarettes, and smoking pot non-stop whenever he gets his hands on it. In the end, it was a huge turn-off. I loved the sober man, not the altered man. ugh.

  • On_my_iphone

    The simple fact is:
    It enhances everything in ur life..
    – if u are creative, u become more creative through the use of marajuanna.
    – if u are unaware of ur creativeness but it’s there though, it will be enhanced. For example musical thoughts, drawing, seeing pictures that are infact there but you would have never noticed it while sober..
    If u like specific type of food then it will taste 20 times better.
    – If u are “LAZY” then u would become even more lazy.
    – if u are antisocial and u think weed helps it, u will become even more antisocial when sober.
    – if u are a strong minded person who knows where u wanna go in life u will still do so and not let weed do anything to negatively affect that.

  • jebwa sabony


  • In touch with life

    Yep, a lot of people in denial here. No, weed doesn’t make you smarter. you just THINK it does, nobody else does though. Ask the people closest to you if you seem more intelligent and clear minded when you’re baked outta your mind. go ahead, ask them. Sure it’s fun at first, but so is drinking alcohol, then it becomes a habit that you just do without thinking about it, because it becomes the ONLY way you can funtion. I live with 6 pot heads, and I was a daily smoker for 5 years, til 8 days ago, and I cant even begin to express how much more I’m doing without weed!!!! I thought every realization I had on pot was a genius idea too. But in actuality it lowers your IQ by at least 7 points, that’s a fact. It also causes heart problems, and super paranoid anxiety. You start thinking that people are plotting against you when theyre not. Basically, marijuana is a crutch, exactly like the article says. People who really need pain relief deal with the negative effects because they don’t wanna take prescription pills, and I totally get that. The pharmaceutical companies are not helping anyone, theyre creating more DRUGS that people get dependent on, which makes their profits go up. So if youre using weed for medical reasons, no shame there. I was using it to escape reality. Every pothead here has a hundred reasons why weed is GOD and people who don’t agree with them are supposedly trying to demonize it. But again, that’s just your addiction speaking for you to protect a false sense of comfort. If you need to get high every single day, then don’t tell me its not addictive. Remember the days when you didn’t need anything to enjoy life, you just found fun and interesting things to do to fill your time. Now youre relying on a chemical reaction to get you through the day, and MAYBE have fun. man up or woman up to your LIFE, deal with it, and then you will realize you never needed weed in the first place!!!

  • Franco

    You are very naïve.

  • Brendan

    I know I haven’t read all the comments to see if anyone has stated yet, but the effects aren’t all social or phychological, while most points here are valid, I’ve been smoking a long time and it definitely effects my mild asthma, obviously can’t be good for the lungs, plus after a hard deep hit your heart rate speeds up and I would get a pretty intense head rush most times, which I believe has led to burst capillaries on the skin around my eyes, had them zapped off only to return.
    I started around 15/16 and also believe it could , key word there, could have attributed to hormonal imbalances leading to gynocemastia, which I had removed at 25, and before told myself I wouldn’t touch it again because surgery is not fun, especially after a hematomer resulting in me nearly blacking out after visiting to see how it went afterwards.
    Told myself I wouldn’t want to do anything to land back on the table, but ended up smoking again…wtf

    I’m not knocking it because I like/d doing it and I hate hypocritical people, I’ve had some damn introspective moments on it, I’m an artist also and does help creatively, but get demotivated if I don’t have pot whilst and hate feeling dependant on it for my art.
    A persons personality definitely effects the outcome of using it, I’m pretty introverted at times so socially I go way into my shell If I were to be stoned.
    Quitting is pretty boring, I’ve only been off it for a few days now and I am mighty irritable, working retail doesn’t help, we had a formal complaint about there being no service at the checkouts while a man was having a heart attack while we had to hold sheets up to stop the public from crowding around while CPR was being given, sorry, unrelated I know but I and alot of people were angry and upset about that, and I definitely sparked up that night.

    Anyway, i have stopped before, I am looking forward to having sharper sober thoughts, and lungs.

    I have no real conclusion here, I probably won’t see any replies because I’m just reading random threads and this one was a good read, I felt like typing this up because I don’t talk about this stuff with anyone really, everyone seems to be a gossip machine these days and/or don’t understand the situation.

  • brittney

    I smoke weed all day if my husbamds around to roll up every hour or 2 but when my husband is at work I tell myself I can cut myself down and I sometimes dont even smoke anything all day and im just extremely angry and have negative hateful mean thoughts all day towards ppl I truly love. I’m so upset with myself that I let it get this far :( I only started smoking because I suffered from extreme morning sickness that lasted all day during my entire 1st pregnancy and really believed I could quit after I had her but realized how evil I had become. Is there any hope for me? I want to quit but if I even try im scred im gona kill somebody. It’s that bad :/

  • BV

    lets see where your life is like after 20 years of daily smoking. i guarantee you will not be where you thought you would be.

  • BV

    Alex, I too was/am a regular user and your post is the first opinion on pot that speaks to exactly how i feel about it. It has an effect like the mythological siren.

    What inspires me to leave it for good is this thought – i remember when i was a little boy/young teenager. I was very happy, very productive (as productive as kids can be), and i was very well adjusted. I didn’t drink or smoke weed – and i was happy. I was living as clean as possible, but it wasn’t out of choice, it was because i was an innocent, regular kid. I yearn to feel that purity again, that clear thought, energy and enthusiasm, and weed only stifles those feelings.
    When i was a kid I didn’t need anything to feel this way – adult life is complex and stressful for sure, but we should always source help from within and not seek external crutches to get through things. Like you say ‘ no shortcuts’. Learn to manage your brain, don’t look for the crutch.

  • BV

    As for the creative benefit thing you profess – I jam with a bunch of guys every week. Up until the point they smoke up, we are solid and focused. For the first 10 minutes after they smoke up, we are doing even better, then it drops off a cliff. The interesting part is, after i feel we’ve fallen off the cliff, the stoned members think every song we just finished was “the best one yet”, where i notice our drummer is a little slow, the singer forgets words in a verse he’s sang a thousand times, and the bass player sits on a chair in the corner in his own world.

  • Dave Michaels

    Steve Jobs smoked weed and said that it changed him. What if he never sparked that bowl and had crazy ideas?
    – Name one person in history who is proud of beign a drunk, and said that by him passing out, vomiting, and blurry vision made them a better person?
    – same for cigarettes… so bro, u have no idea how weed has helped me and others.

  • Dave Michaels

    Funny, last time I checked alcohol and cig’s combine kill so many people.
    Weed: 0
    for last 10,000 years or ever since god put bud on this earth.

  • Mephistopheles

    Steve Jobs was an anomaly and had a superhuman ambition (read his biography if you haven’t already). He also did LSD and went to India to study with a spiritual master, which likely contributed to his “crazy ideas” far more than the pot did. He even quit getting stoned after he started Apple because it impeded his work ethic. Ideas are a dime a dozen and a million potheads are sitting around with heads full of great ideas (I know, I was one of them), but only one in a billion will execute on them to the degree that Steve Jobs did while under the influence. I won’t get into the whole pro/con argument–I was a serious proponent for many years until I realized that my behavior on weed was subtly fucking up my life and destroying all of my relationships around me. I thought I could be the next Steve Jobs and actually had an amazing career before my addiction to substance blind sided me. Of course, it’s a personal choice but don’t shoot the messengers who are speaking from experience when we say that having lasting and meaningful relationships without substances is way more fulfilling than sitting around getting baked thinking you’re the next Steve Jobs.

  • Mephistopheles

    Well said, and I hope you continue to find enlightenment without the weed. I’m not sure if I could do it living with six other people who smoke so kudos to you for breaking free from the trap. It’s funny and sad at the same time to read all of the naivete here about how wonderful it is (especially because this is a recovery site). When I first sparked up seven years ago I thought I had discovered the nectar of the gods and even had a website promoting its benefits. I had no idea that seven years later I’d be jobless, friendless, girl friendless and living in my dad’s spare bedroom. Why? Because I fell into a vicious trap where I believed that I would be able to rely on my “creativity” to get me by in life. Suddenly getting high was more important than eating breakfast, going to work or talking to my family. I don’t believe weed itself is inherently bad but for people like me (chronic users) it does a great job of hiding the fact that your world is deteriorating around you. Yah music sounds better and flowers look prettier when you’re stoned but that’s a hefty price to pay for a life of presence and awareness. Good luck in your quest to stay weed free!

  • Mephistopheles

    It’s funny and sad at the same time to see all of the people in denial in the comments section. Sad and funny because this is supposedly a recovery site and one can only wonder why this site attracts so many passionate potheads. Why are you here anyway? Shouldn’t you be out talking shit about dank buds on the High Times forums or something? One of the main themes you will see with people who are trying to debunk this article is their very apparent anger (i.e. “weed relaxes me and puts me in a good mood you piece of shit so fuck off before I kill you”). You’ll also notice their selfishness (i.e. “I’m high right now bitches and my baby’s in the bathtub yo”). I guarantee if you asked the people around them (if there are any) they would have a different version of the “weed is great” story. You’ll also notice the paranoia (i.e. “this article is just government propaganda trying to take my rights away, bitches”). You’ll also notice arrogance (i.e. “I smoke a pound a dank a day, yo, and I be like totally smart, yo”). This article, as I read it, is in no way trying to criminalize herb or take peoples’ rights away, it is merely highlighting some of the psychological dangers of chronic marijuana usage, which seem to be well exemplified in many of the comments. The bottom line is…chronic weed usage makes people dumb, selfish, angry and arrogant. Just read through the comments for proof.

  • Alex Oakley

    He didn’t smoke weed everyday for years.
    I dont think this article is saying weed is necessarily bad, its just warning of what happens when you abuse it.

  • BV

    He said what changed him was experimental use of acid in his 20’s. he didn’t smoke weed or drop acid everyday for his adult life.

  • BV

    I agree with you bro – being a pothead is healthier than being addicted to alcohol or cigarettes – if you are choosing a poison out of those 3 then you’ve done well! However, weed is still a drug that limits potential. I know because i have been there. it is a crutch, and it does mess up your potential.

  • nikki777

    I’m sorry but you could not be more wrong. There is plenty of research ; the inconclusivness is related to the drugs illegal status and people’s reluctance to be open about their use ( judgement stigma law etc) what is not negotiable is the direct link between mental illness and sometimes even limited mj use. It can destroy a life , and that is usually an under 25 group. I’ve seen people recover, go out , use and have hallucinations ( often frightening ones), false beliefs loosing touch with any kind of reality.After 2 or 3 episodes there us no return to notmality and the illness is life long. The sad thing is this myth that cannabis is natural… but then so is tobacco and so is digitalis. Natural is not always safe!.Long term use causes memory deficits and there is some evidence that because it causes an increased heart rate, it may cause heart problems including MI. Best thing the government could do is legalise tax then research properly. It seems to be a combination of drug and genes but who knows at 18 what his dna may reveal?

  • nikki777

    Silly question but what is wrong with living in the real world and not rely on getting high to be happy? Is it not like a teenager get drunk to boost his confidence? Surely the answer is to learn to enjoy life and deal with whatever it throws at us so that we become wiser and avoid making the same mistakes too many times? If we Bury our head in a bottle or a bong how to we learn, how to we grow ?

  • nikki777

    I hear that one… ‘ this is how I’m going to be a creative human being’. I’m sure senses are high tended but it’s not because of your intuition or understanding, your perception or appreciation of things wonderful it’s because of a chemical and it’s effect on your brain. Bit like running a race on steroids!!!

  • nikki777

    So sad

  • nikki777

    No ! The drug is creative not you ! If you were creative you wouldn’t need the drug numbnuts!

  • nikki777

    Weed has some properties that are beneficial in exactly the same way digitalis does. Legalise tax research and prescribe

  • nikki777

    I guess it’s personal BUT no man is an island. We live with others.

  • On_my_iphone

    What I mean is it brings out your inner self when it comes to creativeness.. It will enhance your creativity

  • nikki777

    I know and im sure it does but you have got to ask yourself; is this creativity really mine? If it was I should be able to access it without any performance enhancing drug?

  • On_my_iphone

    Incorrect.. We as humans have the most creative minds of our own.. And I mean individually, so if it were the drug then we would all have the same creative thoughts.. But through the use of Mary J, some people become musically creative, artistic, inventions. and tbh we wouldn’t have nothing near the amount of hit songs throughout all te years if it weren’t for Mary J allowing them to become more creative, same with art or any other crazy ideas and inventions people come up with when they’re high..

  • nikki777

    And if it wasn’t for steroids Lance Armstrong wouldn’t have won the Tour de France . It’s cheating! Yes I agree the state of being stoned has produced some amazing music but my admiration is for those whose creativity comes naturally. That is the test of a true creative mind. There are enough wonderfully talented people in this planet to produce music at literature without any drug enhancements.

  • nikki777

    The justification for using a drug can not come simply from its comparison with other drugs, it must be compared to a drug free life. It is true that alcohol is more destructive than weed but it is also true that being completely drug free is the healthiest and safest option for all. My question once again has to be’ why is it necessary to live your life through any drug? Why not just live your life? I’m not saying that every know and again the experience may be enhancing but when it’s every day it’s dependence and you are just fending off life, growth any any true emotional contact with the real world. Bottom line; you are hooked. Your neurotransmitters exist for cannabis. The natural sense of equilibrium is replaced and until you stop using weed it can not return to normal. You may not like it, and you will find lots of stones who will back you up but theses are the facts. Natural maybe; in the garden not your body. As a medication it is no different to any other medication and you way up the pros and cons before you prescribe. Same as digitalis. Its natural; it can safe your life and it can kill you.

  • nikki777

    Self justification!

  • nikki777

    And attack is always the best for of defence. I note the repeated comments about weed’ not being as bad as other drugs so it should be your drug of choice’ life without a drug is inconceivable. It is sad

  • nikki777

    Not true. It causes increased heart rate and is suspected of causing MI, may contribute to throat and lung cancer, causes mental health issues leading to suicidal ideation and intent. I’m sure there is more but that will do for starters. And just check your testosterone levels, you may get a shock!

  • nikki777

    Just find support and stop . It will hurt and be scary and you may have a few blips but don’t give up- it will be worth it and you are definitelying worth it.

  • nikki777

    Why the need to say ‘ anyone who disagrees ; you’re idiots’?

  • nikki777

    Probably fine ; general rule -3 days a week max and only evening or morning depending on how you work. Don’t smoke and drive; it’s illegal and dangerous

  • nikki777

    Some mistakes in this theory.

  • Mephistopheles

    Yah, I didn’t think it was possible either until my 40s and now I wouldn’t trade my mental and physical clarity for anything. I do believe everyone has to go through their journey and learn what they need to learn through their own trials and tribulations. The important thing is that we can have an open, humane conversation about these things without criticizing each other for our decisions (whether that decision is to be sober or stoned). I will say that sober living is a lot easier when you have nice, supportive people around you. If I was surrounded by negativity all the time I know I wouldn’t have the strength to live sober. And I agree, weed is definitely a safer drug physically but you’re right, it’s not a good reason to abuse it.

  • nikki777

    I admire your courage. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how many times he wheels fall off the wagon. It is not about morality or the law, it’s about you, your family and your relationship with the world and with yourself. When you habitually use any drug that changes that relationship it will take over your life and you will let it. The fear of taking control back, of being responsible for your emotions, your happiness and the reality that is your life can be overwhelming. The lack of sleep , the fear that you may actually be a horrible person, the fact that you don’t know who you are . Your first introduction to ‘you’ is in withdrawal ( a phenomenon not physical attribute) and you meet and angry, agitated, grumpy , attacking depressed person . Scary and so easy to relapse. You are a brave person.

  • Mephistopheles

    Thanks for your encouragement and wisdom. Very well said. I definitely didn’t like “me” in the first few months of withdrawal and it definitely takes time to get to know ourselves, have patience with the process and relearn everything, including how to love genuinely (ourselves and others). Much of that time is spent wanting to jump right back into the frying pan but with time it gets easier, and again is so worth it. Keep fighting the good fight!

  • nikki777

    How did you manage those first few weeks? What kind of support is helpful?

  • Paul

    Frustrating is an understatement. I am married to a woman who smokes from the second she wakes up until she crashes at night. When we were first together she would wake up in the middle of the night to pee and smoke herself back to sleep. She has her roadie kit so she can smoke in the car on the way to and from work and so she can take breaks at work. Here is what is frustrating. She is functional as she calls it. She has her own business and works her ass off. The o ly times we have had issues is when she didn’t have money for things around the house but could come up with her $100 for weed every other week or so. It is frustrating because I see positive sides of it. I go through periods of insomnia and if I smoke a little before bed I sleep like a baby. But that use may only be once every few months. It is frustrating because all of her friends tell me to lighten up because it is only pot and it is not that big a deal. I am frustrated now because I went through a very painful and expensive surgery that left me with 6 months of recovery so we could have a baby together to have her tell me her pot was her priority. Those were not her words but we’re her actions. She said when I had surgery she would quit. A week in everything was blamed on her quitting, her weight gain, her lack of energy, her lack of motivation, her depression. Within a week she was smoking again. Fine because I was still recovering. After 6 months of constant pain I got the first note from my doctor saying we were all systems go and I was finally pain free. She said she would quit now that we could try. Magically a very large bag of weed showed up at our house. I will quit when this is gone. She smoked it all and went a day or two but then was sneaking around and smoking. When I was out of town she smoked and when I asked her she lied to me. I was gone again the next week and the same thing. I didn’t smoke while you were gone. OK well maybe just. One hit on Tuesday night, then when confronted with what I knew she admitted to more. With the addiction comes the lies. And again her friends support her 100% in this and encourage her to smoke… I feel because that is their main connection to her. They don’t go workout with us, or do healthy things. Only smoke pot together. So I am frustrated and confused as to why after I confronted her about lying did my world crash. When I said you have two choices, we can have a family but the weed has to go, or it can be just us was her response in action to obtain diet pills from a friend and then smoke week all day every day while I was out of town and lie to me. Why am I in this alone? Why is everyone telling me that this is my problem? Why are there no definitive medical studies to prove or disprove the myths of pot? Why do I feel so frustrated about this?

  • Samara

    I am in exactly the same situation with my man. When we first got together he would come round with some grass and I thought he was just smoking as a sociable thing. (I don’t smoke). Now, after we’ve been together for about 7 months, I can see he has some kind of dependency on it. If he doesn’t have access to grass he
    becomes snappy, irritable and very argumentative. I mentioned that I thought it might be possible that he has a dependency and he abruptly insisted that he didn’t and he could give up whenever he wanted. Last night he rolled a joint and I asked him why he was making it. He said it doesn’t only relax him but it helps him sleep. This is absurd. He’s one of those people who is out the minute his head touches the pillow. I mentioned this to him and he jumped up from the chair, threw the joint in the box and said “I feel like throwing all this stuff out the window!” I calmly said “ok. Go ahead”. He just looked at me, speechless, for about 20 seconds. With that we went to bed. Just as we were getting ready to go to sleep I asked if he wanted me to search the internet for something which he’d been asking me to do during the day. With that, for absolutely no reason, he threw back the quilt, stormed out the bed, went back in the kitchen and stayed there for about 10 minutes. When I got up today I looked in the box and the joint had gone. I’m worried about his moods and his denial. It’s quite clear he cannot give up. He had a break from pot for 3 weeks because he couldn’t get any. But during that time he was snappy and verbally aggressive. He does his best to convince me he is in control of his smoking. But his persistence in convincing me is so very childish. I’m listening to a 41 year old man who is sounding like a child. And as much as he claims to love me I cannot believe he is allowing this to destroy what once was a beautiful relationship.

  • Samara

    Hi Ed. I felt like you were talking on my life! If you read my post above you’ll be able to relate to it!

  • Samara

    It’s just as well that your life is so empty right now. How else would you find the time to experience this euphoria?!

  • scott lawrence

    Here we see the an anonymous, eyeless man wearing bizarre sunglasses, claiming some unknown credentials, lecturing condescendingly in a smug, self-satisfied, self-reverential, pompous, punitive sort of way. One shudders to think of the damage to the psyche such a priggish, prudish propagandist might inflict in the course of his sucking money from desperate people through his “spiritual” “treatment” and “transformation”!

  • John Grant

    I heard it negatively affects your spelling.

  • Cristina4Jesus

    Research shows pot causes a big drop in brain IQ. That is why most pot smokers are liberals. Liberal thought processes are not complete (ie they do not see the long term consequences of socialism or immoral behavior) and thus pot damages not only individual brains but whole countries eventually.

  • Someone

    People that are against it have probably never tried it themselves and have no idea what they’re talking about. I smoke it every once in a while. I’m one of the smartest people I know. I graduated college with a B.S. And a decent GPA. I know three languages, one of which is Japanese, the other Spanish. I can read and write excellently in Japanese, which is considered one of the hardest written languages in the world. I probably know at least 5-6 thousand characters. So when people say it’s bad for your memory, I can’t help but laugh. How many white people know an Asian language proficiently? How many Americans who aren’t Asian can read and write Chinese or Japanese. Very damn few. And no weed is not addictive. I have never experienced any withdrawal whatsoever in the times that I quit temporarily. Quitting is not difficult. Last time I quit was a three month break to look for a job. No problem, got the job, making good money. All you ignorant people need to try it. And maybe it’ll remove that stick out of your a**.

  • About that..

    Read quite literally all these comments,naturally some of it I can relate to and some of it makes me laugh. To EVERYONE having relationship problems concerning pot : the problem is only a problem for as long as you make it one :/ that’s the main reason stoners and the rest of society will never get along or see eye to eye. Stoners dont have a problem with pot,everyone else does. Deny it,go ahead,say you’re fine,but let’s see you date a stoner =) then it becomes a problem no? I could make many points for and against pot,but the point I want to share is this – when I found this site I wasn’t looking for rehab,or help. I wanted insight,I wanted to know if smoking weed makes me as bad as I was taught it would. I came to the conclusion that if you let yourself be mind-fucked by this controversy surrounding pot you’ll never be okay. I quote something someone in one of these posts said : “if it works for you go for it”. Got a long,sad story as to why I smoke but honestly the past defines who you are today but the decisions you make defines who you are tomorrow yeah? So really does it matter what you use to make the pain go away? Saying pot is bad for you in this article the way they did is equivalent to outlawing cars before a speed limit was invented because it was certain that EVERYONE is going to exceed the speed limit and die by wrapping themselves and their car around a tree. Only SOME people are stupid enough to do that,and in the same sense only some people are ignorant enough to cast a blind eye to the addiction. I came here looking for answers,and I found them,not in any single post but in the collection of the whole.

  • About

    On record – I didn’t have a bong before I posted this because I felt guilty about it. I’m about to and I feel fine about it cz I found my answers ^_^

  • Christine Ruback

    Oh Michael, thanks for your input! It really helps. Funny but I can relate to the getting frustrated (blowing up at ) with people even being around me when I am trying to get a project or a paper done. When I was taking some online classes with Argosy university, I would purposely put off doing my homework until everyone else was asleep because I couldn’t STAND being interrupted. But doing papers and research late into the morning hours was not the greatest thing for me anyway. I had to drink coffee like water and that was giving me mild chest pains into some of the next days. (LOL – I have MVP – Mitral Valve Prolapse) Anyway, I really do think it will help me focus and it might help my asthma too, if I take it in a vaporizer or ingest it in stead of smoking it. We have medical MJ approved here in Michigan, now I just have to get brave enough to broach the subject with my Doctor. Thanks for your helpful feedback – I should have checked my e-mail better/sooner?– but it was probably one of those days where I just deleted scads of it cause the stuff gets overwhelming. Sounds like you have a great life :) Peace out!

  • Dave

    just turned 39…been clean for a year.

    I was chronic for years from 89-1998. I gave it up for more than a decade as I was convinced that MJ was bad for you spiritually.

    About 5 years ago, I had a major re-think about pot and that it might actually be a good thing after all.

    I talked my wife into allowing me to re-start for “life’s stresses, sore back, yadda yadda”. My wife didn’t smoke but had no problems with the idea of smoking pot and we both believed the bible did not forbid the use.

    Long story short, 5 years of pot use almost destroyed everything in my life, including my marriage. I saw the effects of pot, this time as an older man; I even got involved with a grow operation, I was so enthusiastically back into weed! I noted, though, its effect on my brain, the haze, the irritability when I had to go without and the excuses that I made that I see on this board…excuses addicts make trying to say that MJ addiction is not real, or for only weak minded people, or I’m better smoking pot.

    I noticed too, that my wife (she even took the occational toke) was less and enthused about my getting back into weed. This grew steadily worse of the 5 years and she began to become disgusted with my friends and their lives that were spent in a haze and were usually financially falling apart in one way or another. Hiding pot usage from your kids and our friends kids really looked bad…it was funny at the time, but to an outsider and in hindsight, it is totally immature! I watched my friend’s legal grow opp get taken over by Hell’s Angels, watched his life fall to pieces and watched, as I say, the never ending bad news of other potheads never getting their acts together, even into their 40’s. A very close couple to us, Christian ever, the wife suddenly up and left the husband because she wanted to get into “swinging”! The few Christians that we encountered in the pot community, again, had lives that were immature for the most part and our pot fueled conversations about God many times took strange and eerie turns. I was starting to get some bad trips as well…when I actually was able to get stoned, I smoked so much.

    The worst part, though, was the day my wife told me that she was going to leave me. She had had enough of my double life. She had watched her kind, loving husband turn into and desire only to hang out with loser potheads. Her words snapped me out of my coma, “Every single person that you know that smokes pot are losers! Their lives are falling apart! I do not respect you any longer! I know that you will not give weed up to save our marriage!”

    She left and to my utter horror, the blinders came off. I suddenly saw what she was saying was true! All of my pothead friends, immature, unreliable…just like I had become! I realized that I could not do anything without being high. Everything was boring if not stoned. I spent so much time getting weed, smoking weed, talking about weed! It had become my idol.

    I quit on the spot and threw a quarter ounce of BC bud into the toilet. I begged my wife to give me one last chance. She did, reluctantly as she knew my love for pot was so great. I began several days of sleepless nights, nightmares, sweats, utter boredom and great fear that I would use again. It got so bad that my wife actually said that I should go get some weed as I was acting so miserable.

    What made this worse, though, was that I felt as if I was giving up a harmless, non-addictive…thing. Something that my wife did not understand, I did love the use of and in the midst of my quitting misery, realized that I still longed for!

    Something happened, though. I went on an addiction board specifically for marijuana. I had never done this as up to the point of quitting a few days earlier, I had always considered Marijuana addiction to be a myth. It was no myth, now…I was really suffering and going through actual withdrawls!!

    Suddenly, on this addiction (not this one, but another…there are LOTS!) board I discovered, not one or a few…but literally hundreds of threads with literally thousands of testimonies ALL LIKE MINE from all over the world. There were young people, middle aged like me and old people. All suffering with marijuana addiction and going through what I was going through. It was hell and these people were suffering JUST LIKE I WAS!

    What struck me was their stories. Most were avid pot connoisseurs, pot advocates, would become arouse at the sight of a picture of a bud in High Times. People that suddenly found that the people in their lives were sick and tired of being married to a pothead, or had realized that pot had cost them so much, or that they realized that they could not give up pot! And also the very sad stories of non-using spouses of potheads that were in such deep sorrow over their loved ones being lying, addicted potheads.

    I am not joking. Literally thousands of stories. I was shocked and spent hours reading the testimonies. I wept at several of them. The stories gave me hope though. One thing that was clear about those that quit and stayed quit…they got their mojo for life back. I really needed to hear that as I felt as though I was in a deep, pit of boredom and depression.

    About the 5 day mark (just to go on a bit further), I noticed something HAD changed. Stuff started getting really pretty and interesting. I noticed leaves on a walk with my kids. I couldn’t shut up! I was actually HIGH ON LIFE!! Seriously! bugs, dirt, dew on the leaves?! I was tripping, but not stoned! I had so much fun and I was having it sober and clear with my kids! I was not bored by my kids!

    Aside from some amazing things being sober has brought, not to mention dreaming again, feeling comfortable in my own skin again…something even more wonderful happened. My wife told me that she was so proud of me and that she felt respect for me again. I could tell in her eyes as well. She looked at me with love again and was not ashamed of her pothead husband anymore.

    I just passed the one year mark. Screw weed! If you are sick, use it as a medicine. Just like Opium is used for sick people! Recreational use of pot once in a blue moon may be alright for some folks, but for the literally thousands I read on this addiction board, the cost of pot usage is so very high…and the varying demographic of types of people that were slobbering pot addicts (like me!) would be strong warning against playing with this fire!

    Take heart anyone that wants to quit! You can enjoy life sober! And that enjoyment, if you give up the foolish love for that plant, will be like getting higher than you ever imagined!

  • Laura Prewitt

    OK, so as someone who does not smoke pot, I would like to give my perspective on how it has affected me. I don’t agree with it. I don’t have a problem with it being legalized, but I am a Christian and don’t think it is something anyone should touch because of the subtlety of it how it affects you. I believe that is how evil works. It’s subtle. My husband have been together 2 1/2 years. He is a laid back kind of guy already and while I love that he is that way for me, he is too laid back. He smokes weed everyday and has for many years even up to 3 to 5 times a day I’ve seen him smoke it. He’s unmotivated to do things that need to get done. He has mocked me and laughed when there was something that I cared about and fuel gets added to the flame when he’s sitting with his buddy smoking this stuff. You can say “well that’s not me,” but if it’s affecting your relationship with someone, you’d better think twice about what you are doing.

  • Gem

    I need advice!!
    I have never smoked weed or even so much as gotten drunk so I have no clue on this type of thing but my husband I think is smoking. He used to have a bad problem with it and got help for it and cleaned up for a couple years until now. We’ve been together for a little over a year and have a 5 month old baby and got married not even 2 months ago. But he got drunk and we had a fight and he went to stay with family for a couple days. He didn’t call for 3 days so I tried callin him and he didn’t answer or txt back all day. I tried the same the next day and still nothing so I went to his work after he got off but his friend said he already left so I found out who he left with and where they live and went to find him and I did. I had a hard time finding the place cuz it’s a place that’s not for me but I went for him. I had to ask people on the street where this dude lives and one guy told me but I kept missing it. Long story short, I let him get in the car to show me, which it was just a couple houses down. So as I went by, I seen my husband in the back of a car with two guys from work. I was worried he would start back pot when he was with them and it looked like it. But he got mad because of the guy in the car which is understandable. But he still didn’t seem as mad as I figured he would be. He just kinda blew me off and pushed me away and told the guy to start the car. I asked if a divorce is what he wanted and he said yes. So we went our separate way. Then he finally calls at 3:30 in the morning on a work day (said he just woke up) and he said he didn’t want a divorce and he wanted to make it work and loved me. He wanted me to come over and/or pick him up from work in the morning and even asked if I wanted him to come home now but I said I needed a little more time because he hurt me. So he said ok and that he’d call after work. He never called so I called him and he actually answered but said he had went to get his dirt bike from my dads and he was going with a friend (I’ve never heard about) he said his friend didn’t drink or anything. I had planned on seeing him so I asked if he’d chose to talk to me and work things out but he kept saying he was going (regardless of me begging and crying) he said he needed to blow off steam and that he loves me and he’d call me that night. So I waited and he didn’t call. I txtd and askes if I could see him after and he never texted back or answered my calls. He had told me to pick him up the next day and we’d spend the weekend together and he had something nice planned for me and he was gonna work everything out. Well, like I said, he never called. So today I txtd and asked if I was supposed to come and he didn’t answer but I didn’t know if he got it so I went ahead and brought our baby and waited for him. He txtd and said don’t bother picking him up and I said I was already there waiting with our baby. Then he said that he thinks we should go our separate ways and so I called and he wouldn’t have any of it. He was dead set on getting a divorce and he would not even come outside until I left. He said he didn’t love me anymore but he loved me when we got married 1 1/2 months ago? He told me to find someone else and he would and to not bother him anymore. And WE’RE MARRIED! With a baby! And been living together for over a year! Things weren’t that bad. He just wasn’t free to do all that he’s getting to do now. But I don’t understand how that’s more important then his family! He said he didn’t want but one marriage either. And now this??? Is this from weed or any other kind of drug? He’s been drinking a lot too

  • http://idk stefan lebrasseur

    Id like to point out how uneducated most of the worlds citizens have become, there are plenty of healthy ways to consume marijuana without becoming addicted. take for example a vaporizer if one were to smoke a vaporizer they would not feel these negative side affects of weed such as laziness and inability to function in society. On one hand you could smoke out of a joint and inhale many other ingredients besides thc and cbd or one could use vaporizers to eliminate many of the harmful chemicals and plant matter that make up cannabis. Education can be a useful tool when making decisions about health if one chooses to use a drug irresponsibly it shouldn’t mean that those using it responsibly are deemed drug addicts. Also I believe its a matter of self control and it takes time to master self control with cannabis, but after many mistakes and natural consequences I have learned the time and place to consume and while in a car or at work is not the time nor the place. Thank you

  • jhov bacq

    fuck you guys

  • jhov bacq

    this shit was too long for me to read. Like for real. If I wanted to know more about pot, I would have taken the time to ask my dog…

  • Anna

    Fuck that.
    Thats only gonna be a prolbem once Im out of weed,and Im not,so fuck that.

  • Brandon

    I only been smoking for two, going on three years. I admit it does hold down my emotions but not fully suppress. It mainly keep me calmer about it especially when I need to calm down. Since I started smoking, I had less freak outs from my anxiety. I can do everything I need to do. I sometimes get a little spacey but I am an artist and when I smoke, I dig deeper in creativity. I get my best ideas and draw out my best artwork while high. I’m more focused and patient

  • knn

    honestly, as i smoker, theyre are some people that make me want to smoke more, like my parents, because i can’t be myself around them. They irritate me and i don’t want to hurt their feelings by getting angry so i smoke to calm down and look past it, and its gotten to the point where if I don’t smoke all that resentment returns and overwhelms me. But it not weed’s fault….maybe your husband has a lot of issues with your relationship that he doesn’t want to deal with, but its a real underlying emotional problem, weed isn’t causing him to be an a-hole.

  • John

    I wonder how you feel about it now 7 months later … Weed can be both
    good and bad depending on the person and the circumstances … like any
    drug legal or not you have to weigh the benefits vs cost. You stated
    you were 8 days off in this comment, the weed wasn’t out of your system
    yet which is why I asked how you feel now 7 months later. I use to
    smoke weed after suffering debilitating depression and anxiety. I went
    from suicidal thoughts, no life, and lonliness to getting 2 degrees, a
    girlfriend, and active life. When I stopped I went back to misery and
    eventually on an antidepressant that made me suicidal again and into the
    hospital. I have followed this pattern for 20 plus years, yes it sucks,
    the psych drugs either zombied me out, made me super anxious or sleep
    all day. After years of not being motivated or being able to get a life
    together I went back to weed and life was joyous again and more
    productive but not without the negatives of weed such as expense and
    legality. It is definately addictive, more psychological than physical,
    you definately can get withdrawals, paranoia, and anger from it. It
    can also be a great medicine for depression and anxiety as well as a
    host of other illnesses. It is no worse than the pharmaceuticals, since
    being on the psych drugs, almost all of them, I am now on disability
    and haven’t been able to function in 8 years, the only way i have been
    able to withdraw off those drugs and out of treatment is with weed, but
    that is no cure but at least I am functional and somewhat happy. I
    usually stop cause of the problems associated with acquiring it and not
    wanting to be dependent only to go back to the pharmaceuticals to be
    dependent on them, a vicious cycle. There is a lot of truth in the
    article and in the comments on both sides. So my question is, is it
    better to be disabled and non functional without or better to be
    addicted and functional?? Currently I am not smoking and haven’t in 5
    months …. I have also spent 30,000 in medicare money since i stopped
    and been on another 5 drugs only to come off cause of adverse feeling
    and effects. Currently on Wellbutrin which makes me irritable,
    fatigued, depressed, and angry with no joy and continuing to rack up
    medical bills. I want to return to marijuana not because i want to get
    high but because I want to stop the misery of my existence and get
    productive again … it seems a lose lose either way, what would you
    do??? and yes I thought of jumping off a bridge too, so save that
    answer for the wise guys out there, LOL

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  • AJL

    I, luckily, am not married. I have developed a regular drinking habitual process to help me deal with the stoner I live with. He is a full-blown, roll seven spliffs for the following day type. He needs to get up and smoke first thing. He needs to finish that and maybe start another on his 45 minute drive to work. He must top up at lunch and will smoke the rest of the lunch joint or a new one on his return journey home. He blames our relationship faults on my drinking, but I found him so intolerable that to stop myself from despising the stoned him and his nonsense bore of conversation topics, I drank – to be more welcoming to him. I couldn’t connect with him unless I was on a level of some sort of my own. However, I have a problem (apparently) and it is a bad thing. His little ISSUE is, of course, not an addiction at all and he would be a lot worse without it. Well, I remember our first holiday together (and perhaps one other time) when his creative side came out, making plans for the future – he had so many ideas and was positive and excited. He managed to source something to smoke on that first holiday, thus returning home those ideas were long forgotten. He has a short temper and generally acts moody about everything, all people frustrate him – he says he’d be a lot worse without weed. I think it must be having the opposite effect. He is so tired all the time, he wakes up in a foul mood because he is zonked from smoking all day and specifically right up until his departure from the coach up the stairs. He gets woken up either too early because of his job, or on weekends due to the pets. I can sleep through the pets hassling us, but I think because his ‘high’ has worn off (or he hasn’t had that steady ingest of ‘ERB that his body is used to during his waking hours) he is awake and feels the need to skin up. Every time I try to address our failing partnership, he is very quick to point the blame at me. Any time I confide in him about something, he’ll suddenly (conveniently) use that as the reason for our couple downfalls. Blind to himself. Blind to any thinking other than his. Will not accept opinion that he doesn’t agree with, definitely no problem with anything he does and/or has been doing for years. Here is my point, by having being that way for years has surely made the issue worse. However, he thinks because it’s been like that for years, then it’s fine. I’ve tried distancing myself, I’ve tried confronting it/him/us – got me nowhere. I know he doesn’t like my drinking of an evening, however we seem to be on a level of mutual pleasantries. I don’t think either of us are really happy when it comes down to it, but we still have some sort of connection and bond, deep down – it surfaces now and then and keeps me going on what feels like a pointless journey/battle. We were madly in love once (it didn’t last long) and we do seem right for each other – I am not afraid to admit that not many would put up with my standard avant-garde/unpredictable, typically (annoyingly so) female crazy bitch side – I am also not ashamed to state that hardly any self-respecting woman, who deserves more respect and a little less being taken for granted would not hang around to be treated, or live in conditions like this. There was something there between us, there can be a bit of a thing there still now and again and considering what twats we both must be, perhaps we’re perfect for each other. I’ve not been in a partnership this long, so I’m still coming to terms with the compromise part. I like being independent and had got to grips with being single for ever. Then I met him. Now sometimes I wish I hadn’t. We wanted kids before, but I know I will not let him father my children the way he is. I’m fine with that, but if he wants this perfect life ticking all the boxes, etc. – he (and I) cannot go on this way.

  • Makomva Naome

    My name is Naome!!I was married for five years without any child,because of this my husband start acting very strange at home,coming home lately and not spending time with me any more. and because of this my husband divorce me. So i became very sad and lost in life because my doctor told me there is no way for me to get pregnant this really make life so hard for me and my friend told me about Dr.OMOADONA from the Internet,how he has helped people with this similar problems that i am going through so i contacted him and explain to him.he cast a reunite spell to stop my husband for smoking and drinking alchoholic and it was a miracle three days later my husband apologize for all he has done and told me he is fully ready to support me in any thing i want,few month later i got pregnant and gave birth to twins (boys) we are happy with ourselves. Thanks to Dr.omoadona for saving my relationship and for also saving others too. continue your good work, If you are interested to contact him and testify this blessings like me, the great spell caster email address is: or or tel: +2347067154021 in did,you are god sent to bring back lost one and make people happy.

  • Matt Thack

    You must be high and missing the point here. Re read the article and you will see that… The person is talking about chronically using for everything. All day everyday…. I’ve been there as well, and yes it does numb you from the reality of the real world. Occasional use and not abusing it seems to be totally fine. Yes, weed is better for you then alcohol… Don’t be all offended now. I also find that many of the things that people make excuses to chronically use to drug for are in your head. The human mind and body is a very special thing, I think we have the ability to overcome these things if we put our mind to it. But I guess everyone is different…

  • marie

    I have been personally living with others drug/alcohol for years. there is NO good that ever comes out of it. there is constant abuse,communication issues and bottled anger that becomes explosive at any given time. unless one wants to change and have a normal daily life there is no talking,nagging or love that will change the individual. I have read most all these stories and everyone has different experiences. me , personally, wish I had stopped the cycle of it when I left home because of a alcoholic parent. I have spent many years confused ,hurt and angry and realise I have to move on , find the peace and happiness I deserve in this short lifetime. if you continue to live that way then don’t allow another person who don’t do it to be a part of your life. they will always want you to be straight and have a healthy lifestyle. don’t give false hope everyone just gets hurt at the end of the day. drugs/alcohol will destroy in the and always does!

  • marie

    I understand what your saying. I like to smoke weed too occasionally to relax or join in the party. I have on occasions smoked a little and went for a exciting bike ride. But everyday? No. depends on what your doing and what you use it for. I once had a pychiatrist tell me when I was depressed to try it occasionally it would help me sort thru things.and he was right! I am not totally against it …but everyday from what I have seen over the years just destroys relationships!

  • dsadas

    You dont have a better grasp of life, you only have blocked that which stops you from seeing it, the concept of a social world that was implemented in your head since you were taken to your first day at school.

  • will smith

    Ok, the only thing I really have to say here is that smoking weed doesn’t drown your emotions like alcohol will and emotions definaly do not become suppressed feelings. At least for me they don’t. After I smoke and get nice and high it’s like everything is cranked up to high volume as my mind wonders through random thoughts and feelings, Especially feelings. Ushally if i’m feeling strong emotions whether they be anger, sadness, regret, or anything besides happiness, I just choose not to smoke. I chose not to because I know how weed makes me recall and relive these emotions in a much more intense way. Even if I’m smoking just to relax before I lie down for bed, there will be times I recall an episode from earlier in the day, or the week, or the month and I think about what I should have or shouldn’t have done to change the outcome. I get stuck thinking about this episode until I finally stop myself and say “hey listen, you’re just high, alright? Don’t think about it too hard, ok buddy?” I know it sounds funny but it’s how I usually get out of my high trances. Call me a lightweight, whatever. The way I see it, it’s just less weed I got to buy. Anyways my point being, Weed does NOT drown your feelings like alcohol does.

  • Bigger Picture

    That may be what you perceive as your ideal world but G and myself see it as the ideal world for us that we’ve perceived for many positive reasons.

    I feel very strongly that marajuwana as a drug/addiction of choice can help people to live a more positive and happy life through its moderated use significantly than other drugs/addictions of choice in moderation that make people feel good or happy based on the people ive knew throughout my life’s experiences so far.

    People that smoke marajuwana are are commonly perceived as easy going relaxed people while people using alcohol, coffee, cigarettes ive found make people on edge and lacking in energy mentally and physically.

    They lack motivation more for things because especially for smokers they consistently want to have a smoke when it clearly is not doing any good for their health which they ignore, among other things. Based on this I support respectful use of marajuwana to improve life quality and expanding conciousness. Additionally there’s other benefits for cannabis use such as its effectiveness in helping people with many mental disorders and pain with very little side effects when compared to the effects of prescription drugs.

  • Florence Reynolds

    My dear guy is so addicted that if he runs out we all suffer .He is 71 and now as he had retired the smoking is more than 4 times a day .

  • Florence Reynolds

    you are lucky all of that ceased ,mine smokes 4 or 5 times a day and he thinks that nothing is wrong .But he is a grouch if he is out .

  • Tom Fitzgerald

    Wow, you are right on the money here. Thanks for taking the time to lay it down.

  • David Fields

    Would you say the same thing to a person diagnosed with bipolar and who takes lithium? I don’t believe you would. Yet both substances, cannabis and lithium, are two completely natural compounds that have varying effects on the people who take them. So until you can actually be a completely different person, you cannot say with any certainty that someones experience is not that which they describe.

  • David Fields

    I understand what I’m about to give you is unsolicited advice, and I sincerely apologize if I say something that offends you.

    I think if he is at the point where he gets upset when he is out is definitely bad. That said, if your husband is normal, or even better, while he is using cannabis, then you should entertain the idea that it isn’t all bad.

    What I suggest is approaching him in a way that is understanding of his desire to smoke, and ask that he begin to moderate his smoking. Explain to him how it affects you when he acts the way he does when he’s out. Offer your support, and be prepared that he may not react well at first.

    Try not to do the following if it is something you sometimes do:
    1. Get upset
    2. Raise your voice
    3. Make assumptions as to why he does it (it’s probably because he likes to)
    4. Don’t make threats
    5. Don’t give ultimatums

    The above actions are sure to start an argument, leading to things being said that you probably don’t mean. I say don’t give ultimatums because you don’t want to give the impression that it’s you or the weed. Like I said before, your goal is moderation so he isn’t so upset when he’s not using. The all or nothing approach rarely works in real life scenarios (ask almost anyone who’s been to AA for real alcoholism and had a slip if they just had one drink and then walked away).

  • David Fields

    This is not a weed related issue. You probably need to figure out what’s really wrong with your relationship. Especially if he tells you he smokes to escape you. Why is that hard to understand?

  • David Fields

    This is not a weed related issue. You probably need to figure out what’s really wrong with your relationship. Especially if he tells you he smokes to escape you. I still don’t see why it is that hard to understand?

    And in both of these comments, the point is not that the weed isn’t making them angry. It is definitely having some negative impact on them, but there is a deeper issue in both situations.

  • David Fields

    Yes, a thousand times. Confront the demons in your relationship.

  • SmokewoodBlues

    Nonsense – I’m 45 and have smoked daily since 1985. That’s 30 years. I have a good job in the tech field (where everybody smokes pot), a wife and family, a play guitar pretty good, love video games , and in general i’m a happy person.

    Do I get burnt out from time to time, sure. When that happens I take a week off and boom, i’m right back in there.

    I will admit that I don’t smoke all day every day, that’s just a waste of good weed…

  • SmokewoodBlues

    Nonsense, these are just your opinions. Where is it written that life is “meant to be a challenge”, this is just part of your world view.

    Here’s mine. The meaning of life is to find joy and happiness, everything else is a waste of time.

  • SmokewoodBlues

    We have a lot in common. Before I started smoking at age 15 I was a terrible student who was lucky to earn a C on any project or test. Once I started smoking I then brought home straight As. Why? Because I was happy. I felt good about myself and gained a lot of confidence.

  • SmokewoodBlues

    No one is saying you are smarter when you are high, that’s stupid. What we are saying is that by smoking regularly we have gained benefits that allow us to live up to our potential. I’m not going to do anything while i’m high but play video games or my guitar, or watch a funny movie, however when I’m not stoned I am more productive because I took some time for just me and smoked the night before… see the difference? Have I made myself clear?