Some Typical Signs of Marijuana Addiction

Some Typical Signs of Marijuana Addiction


What are some of the signs of marijuana addiction?  Well if you are talking about kids, then the biggest signs are when they are being evasive with their parents.  This is the bottom line and they might be:

– Hanging out with a different set of friends.

– Staying out later or different hours.

– Missing school because they are out smoking with friends.

And so on.  These are sort of the usual patterns you will see with any type of drug use when it comes to young people.

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But what about adults?  Maybe you have smoked marijuana for recreation or relaxation for a while and you think it might be becoming a problem for you.  What are the signs that you are becoming addicted?  Can you even become addicted to Marijuana?

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The answer is yes, you can become addicted.  I would go so far as to call it dependence.  Not necessarily physical dependence, because obviously anyone can quit marijuana cold turkey without suffering physical consequences.  But many people have both psychological dependence on the drug, as well as experiencing cravings for it.

So you will know that you are developing the signs of addiction based on a couple of red flags:

1) Obsessive thinking – if you think about marijuana all the time.  You are either smoking it, or you are thinking about smoking it, or you are thinking about where you are going to get more of it, and how much you will get, and how to get the money for that, and so on.  If you obsess over the drug mentally then that is a warning sign right there.

2) Compulsive action – if you smoke marijuana even when you said you would not, like in certain situations when you wanted to remain sober but you end up doing it anyway.  You can’t turn it down anymore, even though there are situations where you think you should.

3) Need it to have fun – if everything becomes more fun with marijuana.  You have to smoke it before you go to the movies.  You have to smoke it before or during a concert.  You can not longer have fun or really enjoy yourself without being high first.

4) Need it to cope – if you are having a bad day and you feel like you need to get high just to deal with it, then that is the beginning of addiction right there.  Needing to use the drug to self medicate is what sort of defines our addiction.  If you stress out and just have to get high because of it, then that is a warning sign.


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