Can You Experience Marijuana Withdrawal?

Can You Experience Marijuana Withdrawal?


Is it possible to withdrawal from marijuana?  Not really….at least not in a physical sense.  Not in the way that people withdrawal from alcohol or opiate based drugs or tranquilizers.

These other drugs, including alcohol, produce much more severe physical withdrawal symptoms when people stop taking them.  For example, if you are heavily addicted to painkillers or heroin, and you stop taking them suddenly, the body will go through a very noticeable detox process in which most people will have flu like symptoms.  This will include a variety of symptoms, such as an upset stomach, sweats and chills, anxiety, body aches and pain, and so on.  For some people, these symptoms will actually be more intense than a serious case of the flu, and can last for around 5 days or so.

The same thing can happen with alcohol withdrawal.  Someone who is seriously addicted to alcohol that suddenly stops drinking could go through a very serious and very dangerous physical withdrawal.  In severe cases, a person might have a seizure or even die….just from not taking a drink.  Continuing to drink alcohol would have prevented the seizure, would have prevented their death.  That is how serious and how severe alcohol withdrawal can be.

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So this withdrawal from opiate painkillers and from alcohol produce physical withdrawal symptoms.  Any drug that you withdrawal from can produce psychological withdrawal, but some drugs also carry with it a strong physical withdrawal.

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Marijuana is not like that. You do not get a strong physical withdrawal when stopping marijuana.  Now in some extreme cases, you may have someone who is so addicted to smoking marijuana every day, that they do have some slight physical withdrawal symptoms when they stop using the drug, but these are extremely mild and very rare.  For instance, they might be fatigued when they first quit smoking for a day or two.  This is harmless and nowhere near the physical aspect of withdrawal from other substances, not to mention the fact that even this symptom will be very rare.

So essentially, there is no threat of withdrawal when quitting marijuana.  Anyone can stop, cold turkey, at any time, without any threat of serious consequence to their health.  The only real withdrawal from marijuana is psychological in nature.  The marijuana addict will miss out on the aspect of being able to self medicate with their drug.  They will have to face reality and deal with normal, everyday life without the use of their crutch.  Thus they may feel that they are deprived.  But physical withdrawal?  Not so much….

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