Marijuana Rehab

Marijuana Rehab

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Do you really need marijuana rehab in order to quit smoking weed?  Is treatment really necessary for marijuana addiction?

Most people will instantly argue that it is not necessary, and that marijuana is not like other, “harder” drugs that actually produce physical withdrawal symptoms.  They will also be quick to point out that you can’t really overdose on marijuana, like you can with most other drugs.  Many people argue that marijuana is basically a harmless substance, and that anyone who wants to quit smoking it can simply walk away from it without consequence.  A real drug, they might argue, is one that you cannot stop using even when you really want to quit.  That is addiction, they argue.

This popular perception of marijuana not really being all that addictive is a big lie.  For the true drug addict, marijuana is very addictive, and quitting the drug can and does require rehab for certain people.  Now this is obviously not the case with everyone, as many, many people have tried smoking marijuana and did not experience even a hint of addiction with it.  But there are people who fall into a pattern of daily use with marijuana, and it comes to dominate their life.

People who are addicted to marijuana start to define all of their activities by it.  They have to smoke weed before they do just about anything, or they will not get the full benefit of the thing.  For example, simply going to the movies or a concert.  A marijuana addict will insist on being high for either of these events, or they will claim that it is not even worth doing.  This is a huge red flag for addiction, when you realize that you have to have the drug just to feel normal and have a normal, everyday experience with something.  If you have to get high in order to enjoy something, then you might want to consider the idea that you might be addicted.

Going to marijuana rehab is a powerful step if you are serious about quitting and changing your life.  If you do not really want things to change then it is most certainly a big waste of time and money.  On the other hand, if you have actually tried to quit on your own before and found that you could not do it, then you should consider going to treatment.  There is no shame in asking for help and you will find that your life will become empowered by your decision to stop smoking the stuff every day.  You will begin to experience a new freedom and a new enjoyment of the simple pleasures in life; something that most drug addicts believe is out of their reach initially.

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