Is it Necessary to Go through Marijuana Detox?

Is it Necessary to Go through Marijuana Detox?


Marijuana detox is not really the same as most other drugs, because the drug is not all that physically addicting.  If anything it is more psychologically addicting, so any detox symptoms that a person might feel when coming off of marijuana are more likely to be psychological in nature.  But this does not mean they are imaginary symptoms, they still can exist.  It just means that they are being created by the mind and not by the body.  However, this does mean that any detox symptoms from this drug are going to be less intense and less serious than symptoms from other drugs, such as alcohol.

For example, detoxing from alcohol or pills such as Valium can cause life threatening withdrawal symptoms such as seizures.  This is not really a risk when detoxing from marijuana so in that sense, there really is no actual detox.  It is really just a psychological withdrawal.

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Extremely heavy smokers of marijuana are more likely to experience some form of physical withdrawal when quitting, but even this is probably mostly psychological in nature.

Now if you want to actually get your system cleaned out from marijuana, you can help to flush it out of your system much faster than if you just let it metabolize at a regular rate.  Because THC is stored in your fat cells, it tends to stay there a lot longer than most other drugs which are water soluble.  But you can still flush it out a lot faster by drinking lots of fluids, especially cranberry juice.  If your mind is still fogging after quitting and you want to restore your body back to its natural state much quicker, then you might consider drinking lots of cranberry juice to help with this process.

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The real challenge in marijuana withdrawal is to win the psychological battle and avoid returning to the drug. If you are serious about quitting then you might need to do some things in order to avoid relapse.  It is very easy to go back to our drug of choice and if you do not have a good support system in place then this can happen almost without warning.

Some people will go to a 12 step program such as NA.  Other people might simply find a way of life that works better for them in terms of living drug free.  Either way you should embrace a life of personal growth after you quit smoking, because then you will build the self esteem necessary to avoid a relapse.

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