Should You Consider Marijuana Addiction Treatment?

Should You Consider Marijuana Addiction Treatment?


Anyone who has been struggling to quit smoking pot for years should consider marijuana addiction treatment.  In a lot of cases, marijuana addicts block themselves from this possibility because they think that marijuana is not really addictive or that it does not justify treatment.  They know that there is not much physical withdrawal from the drug so they convince themselves that they do not really need help in order to stop using it.  But of course marijuana is addictive and people do need help sometimes in order to quit.

Why should someone seek treatment for marijuana addiction anyway?  If the drug is harmless, why stop  using it?  Well basically because it is not harmless.  The drug actually does a great deal of damage, but it does so in a very passive way.  It is not as visible as with some drugs, such as alcohol, where the destruction is a lot easier to see in some cases.

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What marijuana does is it stops people from growing emotionally. This might not seem like a big deal, but once a marijuana addict quits smoking and gets into recovery, they can look back and see how they were basically “wasting their life” due to their marijuana addiction.  Now it is not so much the case that it is a waste of life to actually smoke the stuff because you could be doing other things–that is not it at all.  The reason that it is a waste of life is because you stop growing personally when you smoke every day.  Instead of learning and growing as a person and actually facing your emotions and struggling through real life issues, you are medicating all of that stuff away, day after day, and basically avoiding reality.  It is actually a very immature way to live your life because you are not dealing with reality like a growth oriented person.  Instead, every uncomfortable feeling or issue that comes up simply gets medicated away by the drug.

So if you are interested in growing emotionally then you need to break your addiction to marijuana and start living a real life again. This is a scary move and so there is no reason to avoid treatment if you think that you need help to make this transition.  Some people can just stop using  a drug on their own with no problem, and that is just fine.  We would say that such people are not addicts.  The rest of us will need help in order to change our life and that means getting some form of treatment in most cases.

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There is huge debate about whether or not a weed addiction actually requires formal treatment.  The bottom line is this: if you want to stop using weed and you cannot do it on your own, then you need treatment.  There is really no magic or mystery involved with the decision.  Either quit on your own or seek help in order to get clean.  If you cannot do it alone then consider the idea that treatment might be necessary for you.

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